Bake Away Bristol - Best Bakeries in Bristol

12 best bakeries in Bristol

It’s well known I love cakes, but pastries come a close second, or maybe they’re even first. It really depends on the day. Needless to say, I’ve made it my mission to hunt down the best pastries in Bristol. Only freshly baked does it, so this also doubles as a list of the best bakeries … Read more

Things to do in Manchester with kids

16 unmissable things to do in Manchester with kids

As part of our series on the best things to do with kids in cities around the world, here’s our kids’ guide to Manchester, one of the UK’s most fun cities (especially if you’re into football). From taking a tour of the big teams’ stadiums to going behind the scenes at CBBC, there are tons … Read more

Bet Bristol Hotels - 38 Clifton

Bristol hotel edit: 8 best hotels in Bristol

I’m clearly biased, but I reckon Bristol is one of the best weekend getaways in the UK. From the grandeur of its Georgian terraces and the suspension bridge, to its creative vibes and famous street art, there’s no end of things to discover in Bristol. Add to that some of the best restaurants in the … Read more

Edinburgh International Book Festival

26 unmissable things to do in Edinburgh with kids

Edinburgh is an enchanting place to visit for all ages, overlooked by a Edinburgh castle and conjuring the magic that inspired Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling wrote the books while there!). Harry Potter fans will be rapt, but Edinburgh is also great for younger kids too. From Edinburgh zoo to activity parks, there’s plenty of Edinburgh … Read more

Frome Hardware

Best independent shops in Frome

Frome is one of my favourite places to go shopping – it has the best selection of indy shops with barely a chain in sight. And the whole town is a pleasure to walk around with charming architecture and friendly vibes. Give me that over a shopping centre any day. This is our guide to … Read more

Rye Bakery Frome

13 best Frome restaurants, cafes and bars

Frome is famous for its independent spirit and has a bountiful selection of indy restaurants, cafes and bars. Sustainability and locally sourced goods are often at the forefront of Frome businesses and this is reflected in the food and drinks on offer. It’s a place to get feel-good food in every sense of the word, … Read more

Cheap Street - Things to do in Frome

Things to do in Frome, Somerset: Your ultimate weekend guide

Frome is one of those rare little English towns where independence and creativity has triumphed over chains and cookie cutter high streets. It’s an historic market town, famous for the Frome Independent (a huge monthly market) and with a strong counter-culture history. Riots in Frome date back to the 18th century and it was a … Read more

London with toddlers itinerary

How to spend seven days in London with toddlers

I’ve known the joys of London since I moved there at 19, but going there with Otis and Arlo woke me up to a whole different side of the city. It turns out London for toddlers is a wonderland. From seeing the sights though a child’s eyes to discovering some of London’s best playgrounds and … Read more

Top tips for visiting the Science Museum for toddlers

12 essential tips for visiting the Science Museum with a toddler

The Science Museum was a big highlight of Otis’ first proper trip to London – he was hyped about it for weeks in advance has been asking to go back ever since. If you have a similarly space and science obsessed toddler – the kind who watches Maddie’s Do you know? on repeat – then … Read more

Best Scotland road trips

The 13 Best Road Trips in Scotland: Epic Scotland Road Trip Guide

Scotland is one of the most epic road trip destinations in the world. It’s the perfect place to sit behind the wheel, whizzing along rugged coastline, past mountainous land, windswept isles and stopping for whisky along the way. This is a guide to the best Scotland road trip itineraries. I got together with other top … Read more