12 best bakeries in Bristol

Last updated on November 14, 2022

Best bakeries in Bristol - Bake Away

It’s well known I love cakes, but pastries come a close second, or maybe they’re even first. It really depends on the day.

Needless to say, I’ve made it my mission to hunt down the best pastries in Bristol. Only freshly baked does it, so this also doubles as a list of the best bakeries in Bristol where you know you’ll find incredible bread too.

So here’s a guide to the best pastries and bakeries in Bristol, filled with delectable morning (or any time of day) treats of both the sweet and savoury kind. Mmmmmmmm, you’re welcome!

Bristol bakery guide: 12 best bakeries in Bristol

1. Farro

Farro Bakery, Bristol

Farro started off as a market stall on Whiteladies Road that achieved a cult-like status. You had to be there super early to be sure you’d get something before it all ran out. Luckily, they now also have a shop on Brunswick Square.

Everything is amazing, from the custard tarts to the babkas. But where they really stand out is with their creative inventions, such as yellow peach, vanilla cream and demerara craqulin, or puff pastry filled with poached rhubard and white chocolate custard.

2. Hart’s Bakery

Harts Bakery, Bristol

The best thing about going anywhere from Bristol Temple Meads train station is getting a pastry from Harts Bakery en route. The artisan bakery under the railway arches specialises in sourdough and handmade pastries.

I’m a huge fan of the classic pain au chocolat (I struggle to stray from that order, it’s so good), but they also do many temping danishes and donuts. Plus the filled croissants are an indulgent masterpiece.

3. Bristol Loaf

Bristol Loaf cafe in Bedminster

The Bristol Loaf started as little shop in Redfield, and now has a big branch in Bedminster, plus another in the Bristol Beacon. With its exceptional baking, success like this was guaranteed. The bread and pastries are sublime, featuring classics alongside creative bakes, such as a blood orange, saffron, almond and poppy seed danishes or quince and tonka diplomat choux buns.

The café in Bedminster is particularly attractive, also housing Hugo’s Greengrocer, Two-Belly Cheesemonger and The Bristol Vine, and serving an excellent brunch and lunch menu.

4. Bake Away

Bake Away Bristol Bakery

Bake Away is run by Kerem and Ece from Istanbul and brings a taste of Turkey to Chandos Road. The agma (a Turkish take on a pain au chocolat) is amazing. And the fluffy potcha buns, filled with things like black olives or cheese are amazing.

The focaccia and sourdough also comes highly rated (I’m yet to try it).

And the café is also a lovely place to be, with plenty of regulars and a friendly, community vibe.

5. Assembly Bakery

The Assembly Bakery has long been selling top class pastries in Old Market and now has a shop in Wapping Wharf too. Expect lots of sweet and savoury options, including spinach, feta and almond turnovers and sausage rolls.

They do good vegan options, including a signature tourbillon with a dairy-free chocolate chip pastry.

6. Bakehouse / Bakesmiths

Bakehouse Bristol - Best Bakeries in Bristol

Old favourite Bakesmiths on Whiteladies Road now has a sister restaurant, Bakehouse in Totterdown. They’re also responsible for Cakesmiths whose cakes you’ll find around other Bristol cafes.

Bakehouse is the baking HQ where you can see the bakers at work, creating a stream of sourdough, pastries and cakes.

The breakfast rolls in both cafes are excellent.

7. Fed

Fed - Best Bakeries in Bristol

To be honest, for me, Fed is more about the cakes than the pastries, but that’s purely because the cakes are so flipping amazing. They also do an excellent yet smaller selection of pastries alongside the mountain of cakes.

One in particular – the cheese, egg and nduja swirl – always looks amazing, but there’s sadly no veggie option, so I can only trust the accolades of my friends who adore it. I can, however, vouch for the babka, which is pure indulgent deliciousness.

8. Fika

Fika doesn’t have a bricks and mortar shop, but you can find baker at Elin at markets in Bristol, or order treats for home delivery. She makes Swedish bakes, including biscuits, cakes, and, my favourite, traditional cardamon and cinnamon buns.

It’s a real treat to have an authentic Swedish bakery in Bristol, and I can promise you won’t be disappointed. The cholate toffee biscuits are also incredible.

These are particularly perfect treats to indulge in during Christmastime in Bristol.

9. Mark’s Bread

Marks Bread Bakery in Bristol

Mark’s Bread is an Easton institution serving some of the best bread in the city, including an excellent challah bread. There’s often a queue outside.

The original team moved on in 2021, but the new owners are upholding the previous standards.

10. Mokoko

Mokoko - Best Bakeries Bristol

Mokoko does a gorgeous array of freshly baked pastries that fill the windows of its open-plan bakery in Wapping Wharf. The danishes are particularly good (strawberry and crème pat is my favourite). They also have branches in Bath and Portishead.

11. East Bristol Bakery

East Bristol Bakery

The East Bristol Bakery was a delight I discovered during lockdown when you could pre-order pastries. The hot cross buns at Easter were an absolute delight and brought a lot of joy to those old, locked-down days.

It’s a popular spot in Easton at any time, popular for its excellent bread and delicious pastries. The cheese swirl is a highlight.

12. Pinkmans Bakery

Things to do in Bristol - Pinkmans Doughnuts

Pinkmans is famous for its sourdough doughnuts, and also does an excellent line of pastries and patisserie treats. To be honest, if you’re only going there once or even twice, then you *must* have a doughnut, but don’t overlook the pastries on subsequent visits.

More Bristol tips

I’m going to be writing a whole separate post about the best cakes in Bristol soon (because if this was a post about cakes, you know Ahh Toots would be on it!), and here’s a guide to Bristol’s best cafes.

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