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17 thoughts on “Contact us”

  1. Just wanted to let you guys know that the articles you have posted are great, along with an amazing website layout. I found you from the article on twenty-somthingtravel.com I look forward to your future posts! 🙂

  2. Awesome blog! I’ve been roaming around the travel circles to find people that like sharing their trips and itineraries.

    I work for a travel tech start up called Find My Itin. We’re currently doing some research on how travelers plan trips and created a survey. The survey should be pretty quick to fill out and we’re sure that you’ll have some valuable feedback.

    If you’re interested, we would welcome your expertise.

    Survey link:

    Many thanks,

  3. I recently started following you both and would love to post some of your writing on my own blog site (with cites and link-backs, of course). Please take a look at my site and tell me if that would be okay. It’s not for profit, just a site to host my writing and feature some personal development essays/quotes/art, etc. – it’s a happy place to explore the human experience and express myself… About me:

  4. Hi Victoria!

    Nice to e-meet another Victoria! I found your blog because my boyfriend and I are currently doing a mini-version of what it sounds like you are doing. We are about to wrap up 2.5 months in Buenos Aires and are now heading to Europe! (I have used your cafe recommendations for BsAs many times–thank you!) However, we will return to South America in June for some more traveling and my question was two-fold. How did you keep up a yoga practice while traveling around to different countries–did you try to find classes in each location or did you just practice on your own? And two, I am very interested in doing some sort of yoga retreat, mostly just to deepen my own practice, but I suppose you never know where that will lead to! Did you research a lot of other yoga teacher trainings before choosing Drishti? Any advice/insight you have on your process for choosing a yoga retreat/training would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks and best of luck with your continued travels! I love reading your blog!
    Tory (Victoria) K.

  5. A great website, with nice layout. You have a very much inspiring experience, hope one day I can travel like this way from one coast to another just with a backpack and full of gadgets. Photography, music and of course the real adventure living like crazye with locals, maybe with animals. Lets see and just waiting for the moment to grab the chance to explore out of Nepal. Anyway, if some day you are planning to land in the international airfield, please drop me a line I will be there for you as a your travel partner with full of guiding and offering the local adventure.

    Lets Keep In touch…:)
    Stay Blessed…!

  6. Hi Victoria,

    My girl and I are coming to San Pancho in the beginning of November. I’ve read the part about asking around town for possible monthly rentals. I’m worried, however, about it being the high season and nothing being available. I’m going to rent out a room for a couple of nights for when we first arrive just to be safe. Is there any way of getting in touch with possible monthly rental homes? I feel kind of desperate! Lol!!!

    Thank you for your beautiful site and info!
    Joshua Ash

    • Hi Joshua, I’m afraid I can’t be of much use here. I don’t have any rental contacts. The best and cheapest way is to simply ask around once you get there. You could also contact San Pancho Life, but they deal more with holiday rentals https://sanpancholife.com/
      Good luck and have a wonderful time!

  7. Dear Victoria,

    my name is Ana, I am a former student of Sarah and Carri at Drishti Yoga Teacher Training and I follow your blog since last year. I just want to tell you that thanks to many coincidences and following you in your Facebook I got a job for Expedia for traveling around Spain for a year:
    Just wanted to say thank you for sharing and hope to meet you one day somewhere, talk about yoga, travel, blogging… you are most welcome in Valencia, Spain!!


  8. Hi,

    I just finished putting together an epic, 17000-word post about budget world travel. Thought you’d get a kick out of it:

    If you think it’s cool, would you share it with the bridgesandballoons.com audience?


  9. Hey there! I’m so glad you stumbled on my site recently! I actually found yours about a year ago, when I started (obsessively) reading travel blogs for a time. Glad to have you back on my radar 🙂 Oh, and your “about” page? Whiskey cocktails, hipster coffee shops, vegetarian brunch, yoga, street food markets, cakes, festivals, beaches, independent bookshops and cosmic wonder?? I couldn’t have made a better list of my life-loves if I tried 😉

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  11. Hi!
    Just wanted to let you know we came across your blog on Kerala and almost did the same itinerary as you guys. It was just amazing, thanks a lot!


  12. Hi!
    I am Ali from Pakistan and tour coordinator. Visit Pakistan to explore the natural beauty.
    Pakistan is a land blessed with enormously rich historical heritage, diverse culture, high adventure, and unmatched natural beauty. From the relics of famous Civilizations of Gandhara and Indus to gigantic icy peaks, lush green valleys, meadows and lakes of crystal clear waters, we offer a unique and contrasted destination to behold the caravan of mankind across ages and precious beauties of nature, to the tourists of the world.

  13. Hi Victoria
    I have just signed up to receive your newsletter – I am from Australia and next year, my trip to Europe will include a self-guided walking tour in Slovenia so it was great to read your blog about vegetarian options in that country. The food looks amazing!

    I’ll look for your on instagram.




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