The Ultimate New Zealand Road Trip: North Island Itinerary

Last updated on March 6, 2024

New Zealand Road Trip: North Island Itinerary

This is the second part of our back-to-nature New Zealand road trip itinerary. The first part focussed on the South Island, and this part details our New Zealand North Island itinerary.

In the first post, I also explained all the logistics of our road trip in New Zealand: how much we spent, the kinds of places we stayed, and the experiences we were looking for. I suggest reading the South Island itinerary post first then delving into this one for all the New Zealand North Island road trip details.

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What to include in your New Zealand North Island Itinerary?

The South Island tends to get a lot of the glory, but New Zealand’s North Island is equally as special, with some of the country’s most beautiful beaches, as well as magnificent mountains, forests and lakes. It’s also the place to go for epic geothermal sights, from geysers to volcanoes and multi-coloured hot springs – there’s even a beach where you can dig your own natural hot tub!

As with all of New Zealand, North Island is a hotbed of outdoor activities and you can do everything from skiing to kayaking to hiking and surfing. For a slice of city life, you have Auckland, the country’s biggest and most populous city, as well as Wellington, the tiny but charming capital. And the New Zealand’s North Island is also the place to go to experience Maori culture.

We think doing a road trip is the best way to travel North Island, New Zealand.

Highlights of the North Island

These are some of the highlights of a trip around New Zealand’s North Island.

  • Wellington – New Zealand’s cool but tiny capital city with a rich cultural and food scene, and no shortage of hipster coffee and craft beer.
  • Lake Taupo – the North Island’s answer to Queenstown, packed with adventure activities and spectacular scenery.
  • Tongariro National Park – home to three volcanoes and epic scenery, Tongariro is perfect for hiking.
  • Hobbitton – the world famous and charming movie set for Lord of the Rings.
  • Rotorua – the place to go for geothermal sights and to learn about Maori culture. Don’t miss the epic Wai-o-Tapu geothermal wonderland, and make sure to visit a spa.
  • Coromandel Peninsula – a land of deep forests and unspoiled coastline, home to the stunning Cathedral Cove and Hot Water Beach.
  • Northland and the Bay of Islands – a paradise land of idyllic bays and one of our favourite places in New Zealand.
  • Waipoua forest – home to the tallest kauri tree in New Zealand, the magnificent Tane Mahuta
  • Waitomo Caves – a labyrinth of underground rivers, most famous for its magical glowworm-filled caves
  • Raglan – a popular hippy surf town where you can spend days living that laidback surf life.
  • Surf Highway 45 – an 105km paradise for surfers on the west coast.
  • Taranaki – home to the mountain of the same name and the Whanganui River, which has been legally granted the same rights as a person.
  • Hawke’s Bay – the North Island’s wine region and home to Napier, a city famous for its Art Deco architecture.
  • Bay of Plenty – a popular beach spot for Kiwi holidaymakers and a centre of Maori culture.
  • Auckland – New Zealands biggest city, often ranked one of the world’s best for quality of life.
  • Waiheke Island – just a short ferry ride from Auckland and home to vineyards and white sandy beaches.

How to adapt this two-week New Zealand North Island itinerary

In this post, I’ve outlined a roughly two-week itinerary for New Zealand’s North island, starting in Wellington and ending in Raglan/Auckland. You can easily adapt it to suit your tastes, preferences and timescale. Just pick and choose the places that sound most appealing to you and spend more or less time in each one depending on your priorities.

The Bay of Islands and Raglan are detours, so would be obvious ones to miss, which would make our itinerary nine days. However, for us, the Bay of Islands was a highlight, so it’s really down to your own tastes.

Some areas we didn’t include on our trip, which you might like to consider are: Hawke’s Bay, which is famous for its wineries and Art Deco design; the Bay of Plenty, a popular spot for Kiwi holidaymakers and a centre of Maori culture; and the Surf Highway 45, which is a 105km paradise for surfers.

We also went to New Plymouth, but that was purely to go to the Womad Festival, so I haven’t included it in our main itinerary below. I have, however, included a short section about it at the end, in case your trip also coincides with the festival or you want to explore the National Park area around Mount Taranaki, the Whanganui River and the surf highway.

Our North Island New Zealand itinerary at a glance

You can do this as a standalone New Zealand North Island itinerary from Wellington to Auckland. Or if you want to explore the whole country, combine it with our South Island road trip itinerary.

Days 1-3: Wellington

Stay in a Wellington Airbnb

Days 3-4: Tongariro National Park

Stay at Adventure Lodge and Motel

Days 4-5: Lake Taupo

Stay at Tiki Lodge Backpackers

Days 5-6: Rotorua

Stay at AirBnB apartment in the Redwoods 

Days 6-8: Hobbiton / Coromandel

Stay at Coromandel treehouse

Days 8-9: Auckland

Stay at Aimee’s Airbnb

Day 9: Whananaki

Pick up Spaceship campervan and stay at DOC campsite, Otamure Bay

Days 10-13: Bay of Islands / Waipoua Forest

Stay at Bay of Islands holiday park

Days 13-14 : Auckland

Stay at Aimee’s Airbnb

Days 14-16: Raglan / Waitomo

Stay at Solscape

New Zealand Road trip itinerary, including costs and advice.

Top tips for planning a road trip in New Zealand’s North Island

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See our travel resources page for all our best travel tips, including how to save money with the best cards, what insurance to choose, and all our favourite tools and tricks. They’ll help you to plan the perfect North Island New Zealand road trip.

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Road trip New Zealand: North Island itinerary

New Zealand road trip Wellington


Days 1-3

Our time in the North Island began in Wellington, which was named one of “the world’s coolest small capitals” by Lonely Planet. After almost a whole month in nature, it was a bit of a shock to be back in a city environment and we didn’t love Wellington as much as we thought we would.

That said we were biased because of our mood and I think the city has a lot to offer. There were lots of excellent restaurants and cafes and we enjoyed the city’s creative vibe. The botanical gardens are also beautiful. For more info on Wellington, I recommend reading Liz’s post as she lived there for a while and loved it.

Accommodation in Wellington

We did a home exchange in Wellington, using the website Home Exchange. Read our full guide here.

Travel to Wellington

We got to Wellington by taking the Interislander ferry from Picton. The first half of the three-hour journey is beautiful, taking you through the magnificent Marlborough Sounds. After that, you’re on the open sea, which was pretty rocky. I felt very sea sick, which didn’t mix well with all the wine from the day before! 

While in Wellington, we walked everywhere.

New Zealand road trip Tongariiro

Tongariro National Park

Days 3-4

We had grand plans for Tongariro and really want to do the one-day Tongariro Alpine Crossing hike, but we both injured ourselves so had to pull out. The Wanderlusters have written a guide to the hike here. As we couldn’t do it, we opted for a shorter walk from up near the Whakapapa Apline Chairlift. The chairlift itself wasn’t in use but we walked around the area and got a great view of Mount Ngauruhoe, which was Mount Doom in Lord of the Rings.

Accommodation in Tongariro

We stayed at the Adventure Lodge and Motel, which was clean but basic and run by a rather unfriendly woman. But she was really knowledgeable about the area, and this would be a fine place to stay if you’re doing the hike (they give lifts to the start of the hike in the morning). It cost NZ$110 (£55) for a double room.

Travel in Tongariro

We hired a car in Wellington, which we kept for the next five days before collecting a camper van in Auckland. We used Omega Rentals again.

The journey from Wellington to Tongariro was meant to take four hours, but we hit traffic, which made it more like five.

New Zealand road trip lake taupo

Lake Taupo

Days 4-5

Lake Taupo is the North Island’s answer to Queenstown, filled with lots of adventure activities and gorgeous nature to explore. It’s a laid-back little town that you could easily spend a few days in.

We were there for just one night and used that time to walk along the lakeshore, visit the magnificent Huka Falls, and relax at the amazing Wairakei Terraces, a little complex of thermal pools, fed by the mineral-laden Wairakei geothermal steamfield, and surrounded by beautiful gardens. It’s one of the most beautiful thermal spas I’ve ever been to, and spending the evening there bathing in the pools as the sun went down was magical.

You can take a self-guided tour of a re-created Maori village, including an artificial geyser, or book a tour with a dinner buffet.

Accommodation in Taupo

We stayed in a double room at a friendly hostel called Tiki Lodge Backpackers, which cost NZ$80 (£40) for a double room. It’s within easy walking distance of the town.

Travel to Taupo

The drive from Tongariro to Lake Taupo took one hour. It’s a beautiful drive with some pretty viewpoints along the way, where we stopped for a picnic.

New Zealand road trip - Rotorua


Days 5-6

Rotorua is the place to go to see New Zealand’s thermal activity and learn about Maori life. Nicknamed ‘Sulphur City’ it’s the North Island’s most smelly destination, home to steaming hot springs, impressive geysers and bubbling mud pools. Thirty five percent of the population is Maori and there are a couple of centres you can visit to learn more about Maori life.

A few years ago, there was a rift within the main Maori tourist attraction, which resulted in it being split in two. On one side is Te Puia and on the other side is Whakarewarewa Village.

We chose to go to Whakarewarewa as this is a little village where Maori people still live today, and we felt that it would be more interesting. The villagers show you around and tell you about their way of life and the significance of all the thermal activity.

We also tried some sweetcorn that was cooked in one of the mineral pools! We can’t really comment on which one is best as we didn’t go to Te Puia, but we were happy with our choice. At Te Puia, you can see kiwi birds as well as Pohutu, a geyser which erupts up to 20 times a day. You can also see Pohutu in the distance from Whakarewarewa.

NZ road trip wai o tapu

While in Rotorua, we also visited Wai-o-Tapu, the geothermal wonderland. Some people find this place too touristy, but I still thought it was pretty amazing with all the incredible naturally coloured waters and minerals. There’s a geyser that is made to spout at 10:15 am every morning. They use organic soap to trigger it, which is also how it was discovered when prisoners were washing clothes in the water!

Finally, while in Rotorua we couldn’t resist going for some treatments in the mineral-rich mud and water. We opted for a mud bath at the QE Health Spa, and a visit to the Polynesian Spa where you can bath in spa pools while overlooking the lake. We highly recommend both.

One thing we didn’t have time to do is go on the Skyline Rotorua Luge. It’s run by the same company as the one in Queenstown and we loved that so I’m sure it’d be great fun!

Accommodation in Rotorua

We stayed at a lovely Airbnb apartment, which was a short 5-10 minute drive from the centre. The nicely decorated apartment in a residential area was a self-contained studio loft in the owners’ garden – we loved it. It cost NZ$100 for one night. 

Travel to Rotorua

The drive from Taupo to Rotorua is just one hour. Wai-O-Tapu is on the way so we stopped there first in time to see the Lady Knox geyser erupt. We managed to see all we wanted to in Rotorua within that one day.

New Zealand North island - Hobbiton

Hobbiton / Coromandel

Day 6-8

From Rotorua, we drove to Matamata, home of one of New Zealand’s best tourist attractions, the Hobbiton movie set! I’m not a diehard Lord of the Rings fan, but I absolutely loved visiting the set. It’s such an incredible place and I found the amount of work and detail that went into building it fascinating.

The whole set has been left intact since the filming of The Hobbit, and you feel as though you’ve stepped into some sort of real-life magical land. You have to do a tour and it isn’t cheap, but I do think it’s worth it.

After Hobbiton, we headed to the Coromandel Peninsula, which was recommended to us time and time again by New Zealanders themselves. It’s a gorgeous part of the country with deep forests and a mostly unspoiled rugged coastline. We stayed for two nights in an amazing treehouse in the forest.

While there, we visited two of the Coromandel’s main tourist attractions – Cathedral Cove and Hot Water Beach. They’re both busy places, but very much worth visiting – Cathedral Cove for its beauty, and the Hot Water Beach for the novelty. Thermal waters run beneath one section of the sand, so you can dig your own hot pool. Be careful though, as some parts of the beach produce scalding water. It’ll inevitably be busy, so take notice of the areas that other people are avoiding!

Accommodation in the Coromandel Peninsula

We stayed at an incredible treehouse near Whitianga. I’ve written a full review of the Coromandel treehouse here. One night at the treehouse costs NZ$270. It’s definitely worth it!

Travel to the Coromandel Peninsula

The drive to Hobbiton takes one hour from Rotorua. We got a little lost and stopped at the Matamata iSite to get directions. You can see a map of where Hobbiton is here.

From Hobbiton, we drove up to Whitianga, which took about three hours. The final part of the drive, once you hit the Coromandel Peninsula, is particularly beautiful, along forest-lined coastal roads. There are tons of farms along the way where you can buy fresh avocados and other produce.


Days 8-9 and 25-26

Wellington is New Zealand’s capital, but Auckland is the country’s biggest city and up to 25% of the population live there. As I’ve said before, we were prioritising nature in New Zealand so we were only in Auckland for two nights, one on the way up to the Bay of Islands and another on the way back. It felt like a very liveable city, with a relaxed vibe and a great seaside location.

Oddly, the only thing Steve and I did there, aside from eat out, was go to two different escape rooms. We recently discovered these and love them so decided to try out the two different companies in Auckland. Both were good, but out of the two, we preferred Escapade NZ where we did the Bach room.

If we’d had more time, I’d have loved to visit Waiheke Island, which is just a 40-minute ferry ride from Auckland, and home to beautiful beaches, vineyards and olive groves.

If you’re on a budget, here’s a guide to some of the Auckland’s best cheap eats.

Accommodation in Auckland

We stayed at a lovely woman named Aimee’s AirBnB in the pretty Grey Lynn area of the city, which is a residential area, close to the more vibrant and hip Kingsland and Ponsonby. It was a great location with lovely hosts. Highly recommended, but sadly now closed. I’m sure you can find similar ones in the same area.

Travel to Auckland

The journey from Whitianga to Auckland take 2.5 hours, but expect to add a bit more once you get to the city as you’re likely to hit traffic. It took us an extra 40 minutes. We were able to park at the AirBnB for free.

New Zealand road trip - Whakatane


Day 9

This marked the first day for us in camper van on the North Island. We picked up our Spaceship camper van in Auckland and made our way up to the Bay of Islands, stopping at Whananaki along the way, mainly to break up the ride, and also because we wanted to experience a peaceful spot along the coast.

The Otamure Bay DOC campsite didn’t disappoint and we enjoyed spending the evening there, listening to the sound of the waves and taking a stroll along the seafront. In the morning, we saw people stand-up paddle boarding, which would have been fun if we had the equipment.

Accommodation in Whananaki

We stayed at a DOC campsite called Otamure Bay, which is a peaceful spot on the beachfront run by a friendly family with about eight children.

New Zealand road trip - spaceships dreamsleeper

Travel to Whananaki

We picked up our camper van in Auckland and drove up to Otamure Bay. The journey was supposed to take three hours, but traffic made it four. There are some great real fruit ice cream stalls along the way!

New Zealand road trip - Bay of islands

Bay of Islands / Waipoua Forest

Days 10-13

The Bay of Islands was one of our favourite places in New Zealand. It reminded us of an exotic version of England, a little like Cornwall but with warmer water and sunnier skies. We did two boat trips while we were there and loved both of them.

The first was a full day sailing on the R Tucker Thompson, an incredible tall ship that doubles as a teaching vessel during the off-season. All the profits from the tourist sales go towards providing youth development voyages for 13-18 year olds where they learn about teamwork and leadership skills.

Aside from the charity angle, which of course adds to its charms, the tall ship is worth going out on anyway for a beautiful day sailing around the islands. It was one of the highlights of our entire time in New Zealand. We especially enjoyed climbing the rigging and sitting on the bow. Tea and scones are served in the morning, as well as a lunch later on, and even champagne if you want it!

New Zealand road trip - dolphins at Bay of islands

The second cruise we took was the Cream Trip with Fullers Great Sights, which follows the old delivery route around the Bay of Islands from Paihia. This was a very different experience to R Tucker Thompson one – less personal and on a big catamaran with more people. But it also meant we ventured further, plus there was the added bonus that this trip included the opportunity to swim with dolphins.

Unfortunately, we were unable to swim with the ones we saw because the dolphins had babies with them, which is against the rules for swimming. We did, however, spend a magical 30 minutes sailing alongside the dolphins as they playfully danced and interacted with the boat.

Other highlights of the trip included spotting penguins, sailing through the hole in the rock and visiting Otehei Bay, where we went for a walk up over the hills for a beautiful view across the islands. We also had fun trying the boom netting, where you hold onto the net as it pulls you alongside the boat!

While in the Bay of Islands, we also went tandem parasailing, which involved being pulled around the island 1200ft in the air from the back of a boat. It was somewhat nerve-wracking, but the views were spectacular.

On our final day, on the way back to Auckland, we drove to Waipoua forest, home to the tallest kauri tree in New Zealand, the magnificent Tane Mahuta. We also stopped to see Te Matua Ngahere, another ancient kauri tree that isn’t as tall, but is wider and older than Tane Mahuta. Both were beautiful and certainly worth seeing.

If we’d had more time, we’d have travelled further north to Cape Reinga along the gorgeous Twin Coast Highway.

Accommodation in the Bay of Islands

We stayed just outside Paihia in the Bay of Islands holiday park. It was one of the nicest campsites we stayed at, set within a pretty woodland garden and bordering a river. A powered pitch cost NZ$32 per night.

North Island NZ - giant tree

Travel to the Bay of Islands

From Whananaki to Pahia takes around one hour by car, but we chose to drive via Russell and get the ferry to Pahia from there. That allowed us to see the quiet little town that was once described as the hell hole of the Pacific.

New Zealand road trip - Raglan

Raglan / Waitomo

Days 14-16

We’d heard great things about Raglan, a popular surf town on the North Island and we weren’t disappointed. We loved the town’s laid-back vibe, great cafes, and magnificent coastline. It’s the kind of place we could imagine returning to for longer to learn to surf or simply relax by the sea.

On the way there, we also stopped at the Waitomo caves, where we went on a caving adventure to see the glowworms. I get claustrophobic so the whole thing was pretty challenging, but definitely worth it – I’ve written about the experience here.  The company we went with was a small family-run business called Glowing Adventures who I can’t recommend enough.

From Raglan, you could also take a trip to Hamilton, a pretty inland city.

New Zealand road trip - Britz Action pod

Accommodation in Raglan

In Raglan, we stayed in two different places as our first choice, Solscape was fully booked the first night. Solscape is a gorgeous eco retreat with a wide range of accommodation from campsites to eco cabins. The common area has an incredible view of the sea and is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy some wholesome food. We both had an excellent massage there.

The other place we stayed was a simple holiday camp right on the coastline. It certainly lacked the character of Solscape, but had direct access to the beach and town, which was a bonus. A powered site cost NZ$20 at both places. Book your stay now.

Travel to Raglan

In reality, we drove to Raglan from New Plymouth because we made a detour from Auckland for the WOMAD festival. However, as your trip is unlikely to coincide with the festival too, I haven’t included that in the itinerary.

The journey from Auckland to Raglan is about two hours (although do allow extra time for the traffic around Auckland). I would recommend driving to Raglan via Waitomo to visit the caves. Waitomo is also two hours from Auckland and then another 1.5 hours from Raglan. Or you could also visit Waitomo as a day trip from Raglan.

An optional extra – WOMAD Festival and New Plymouth

New Zealand road trip - WOMAD

New Plymouth

After the Bay of Islands, we spent one night in Auckland where we switched camper vans, before heading down the west coast to New Plymouth before heading up to Raglan. We might not have included this in our itinerary had it not been for the fact that we had tickets for the WOMAD festival that was taking place down there.

Our entire time in New Plymouth was taken up with the festival (which was amazing!), so we don’t have many tips on the area. But I would say that the journey down there was spectacular and some of the most stunning scenery I saw on the North Island, especially along the coast between Mokau and New Plymouth, and thought the forest valley between Mokau and Piopio.

New Plymouth is close to Mount Taranaki, Egmont National Park and the Whanganui River, so is ideal for hiking and adventure sports. The Pouakai Crossing is a particularly popular 19-kilometre trail that takes in Egmont National Park.

New Plymouth is also just north of the Surf Highway, so a good spot to follow on from Raglan if you’re into surfing. From here, you could easily loop back down to Wellington ot head back to Auckland.

Accommodation in New Plymouth

In New Plymouth, we stayed in our Britz Action Pod at the WOMAD campsite. It was one of the most civilised festival camping experiences we’ve ever had. They had proper showers and toilets, which is generally unheard of at British festivals!

You could also stay in one of these New Plymouth Airbnbs or if you have a van, stay at one of these campsites.

New Zealand road trip New Plymouth road

Find the best deals on car hire

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  1. Wow this is a fantastic itinerary – you’ve got it covered! I’ve lived in New Zealand most of my 30 years and am yet to tick off all these places.

  2. Glad you guys made it to the Coromandel, it is one of my favourite spots in New Zealand and I have been going since I was a kid. You don’t see a lot of tourists there but that has been steadily changing the last few years. It’s a shame you didn’t make it to Waiheke Island, the East Coast or to the Bay of Plenty but I think you covered some pretty awesome spots 🙂

  3. Awesome itinerary and photos. It got me very excited for our trip to NZ in a few weeks. How do you like the Britz ActionPod? We are contemplating renting a campervan, but can not find a lot of information on this vehicle. I am trying to figure out if it’ll be comfortable to drive around in for 2 weeks. Also trying to see if there are space to fit our luggage. I keep reading that it’ll only fit soft luggage. Do you find it safe to leave our belonging in the van while we go off hiking?

    • Hi, there’s plenty of room in the ActionPod, definitely enough to fit luggage. I’m afraid I can’t vouch for the safety of leaving your things in the car, but we never had a problem. Have a great time!

  4. Great blog! I will be traveling to New Zealand in January and had a couple questions. Our plan is to do a camper van for 3 weeks for our stay there for both north and south islands. Do you think it is necessary to do the camper van or are there parts where you would recommend a car be fine because of costs? How much did you end up spending in gas? Any info on the ferry and if you should take your vehicle across or rent when get to the other side? Thanks for all your help!

    • Hi Diana. It’s really a matter of choice when it comes to the campervan. I would recommend getting one for at least part of the time as it’s a great experience. We had a car for our journey from Wellington up to Auckland, which also worked well. Regarding the ferry, we decided to drop off our car in Picton and get a new one in Wellington. This was because we didn’t need a car for our first couple of days in Wellington. You can take cars across on the ferry though, so it depends what works better for you. Perhaps you could get a campervan for one of the islands and then get a car for the other. Hope that helps a little! Good luck with your trip! Victoria

  5. What a lovely post. It’s very evident that you guys had a wonderful time touring the North Island! It’s such a beautiful place with so much to offer. The diversity in landscape is actually phenomenal! I found that while self-driven trips around the North Island gave me a wonderful sense of freedom, it also kept me very busy. I chose to do half of my trip by car, and the other half I enjoyed from a seat in the Northern Explorer railway. It gave me time to sit back and enjoy my surroundings in all their glory, particularly when I went through Tongariro National Park!

  6. Hey your blog is just great. I really like your blog and the way you explain all the things. Everything looks so beautiful in your photos. thanks for writing this good blog. 🙂

  7. Having come back from my 24-day tour 6 months ago (Really?! That long ago already?!?!), I was just nodding my head all the way through. I loved every minute of my trip, and think Haka is a great outfit! I actually kept a blog during my trip

  8. No one talks about the East Coast from Auckland down to Wellington. In your opinion East Coast Drive or West Coast which you stated is the best scenery in NZ? We are 2 South African retiree’s doing our first trip to NZ-1 Week North and 2 Weeks South.

    • Hi Willy, the reason why most sites don’t talk about the East Coast (and West Coast, for that matter) on the North Island is, because most people don’t have enough time to go there. The “highlights” are lined up through the middle of the North Island (Tongariro, Taupo, Rotorua). Going either East or West is amazing, too, especially White Island, Napier (East) and Taranaki and the Forgotten World Highway (West). It’s just usually treated as somewhere to go the second time you visit.
      Hope this helped and it’s not too late 😉

  9. Amazing photos Victoria. What a great blog you have. These breathtaking images show how beautiful New Zealand really is. The Lake Taupo water looks really blue, does it look like that in real life?.
    I will add this to my list of places to travel to. I am a nature lover!

  10. Great Blog. You have shared a great experience!
    I am also looking to go for a trip to North Island NZ soon and searching for a perfect itinerary to have a better experience.
    This blog has helped me a lot to choose for the locations as well as accommodation to stay over there.
    Thank you for sharing your valuable tips!

  11. Amazing photos ! I’m heading to the North Island this week and your blog has some great idea’s that I will be checking out (hoping to make it to the Bay of Islands) . Thanks for the great info 🙂 .

  12. Great job on this itinerary! My wife and I are planning a trip in March 2023 and we’re using your information as our starting point. Thank you for all the detail you put into this itinerary.


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