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32 epic bucket list family vacation ideas

We love all sorts of family travel – from annual holidays in classic seaside towns to epic bucket list trips that broaden everyone’s horizons. For this post, we’re focussing on the latter. We asked expert family travel bloggers to help us put together an ultimate round-up of bucket list family vacation ideas. From African safaris … Read more

Plan a trip to New Zealand - Lake Brunner

Campervan New Zealand: What You Need to Know

Hiring a campervan and road tripping around New Zealand is one of the most classic traveller things to do. From gap year adventurers to retirees and digital nomads, it’s something that appeals across the board. Steve and I spent two months in New Zealand and around five weeks of that time was spent in a … Read more

Plan a trip to New Zealand - Hobbiton

New Zealand’s North Island: a storybook itinerary

I’ve already posted a storybook version of our itinerary for New Zealand’s South Island, so here’s one for the North Island. For more details, have a look at the huge post I wrote with every last detail of our whole one-month New Zealand road trip, including what we did, where we stayed and how much … Read more

New Zealand’s South Island: a storybook itinerary

I’ve posted two huge articles with all the details of our one-month road trip in New Zealand – including our route, where we stayed, what we did, and how much it all cost – one post for the South Island and one for the North Island. It is most definitely one of the best trips … Read more

Stay in a yurt, New Zealand

Sampling the paleo lifestyle in a New Zealand yurt

High in the hills of Motueka, just a short drive from the magnificent Abel Tasman National Park is an idyllic little eco-village, home to a community of people who have made the wilderness their home. We went to visit for a night, staying in a yurt that one of the families rents out. It was … Read more

Plan a trip to New Zealand - Bay of Islands

The Ultimate New Zealand Road Trip: North Island Itinerary

This is the second part of our back-to-nature New Zealand road trip itinerary. The first part focussed on the South Island, and this part details our New Zealand North Island itinerary. In the first post, I also explained all the logistics of our road trip in New Zealand: how much we spent, the kinds of places … Read more

One month New Zealand road trip Arthurs Pass

The Ultimate New Zealand Road Trip Itinerary

Our New Zealand road trip was one of the best things we’ve ever done. It was partly due to how unexpected the trip was, but most of all it was down to the sheer magnificence of New Zealand itself. For such a small country, the abundance of natural diversity is extraordinary. From snow-capped mountains to glowworm … Read more

Special Stay: A treehouse in the Coromandel Peninsula

I’m a little obsessed with what I call “tree seas” – a stretch of forest where you can gaze across the treetops and get lost in the expanse of green. It was a scene like that which inspired my trip to Brazil, and I was reminded of it again in New Zealand in the hills of Coromandel. In … Read more

Glowing Adventures Waitomo

Surfing panic and dealing with claustrophobia

Somewhere between New Plymouth and Waitomo I lost my shit. I was looking up the directions for our boat trip into some caves when I saw the line “No need to bring anything, we provide all the necessary gear”. Gear? I thought I was headed to a leisurely boat ride into a cave filled with … Read more

Planning a New Zealand road trip - Queenstown

Feeling pretty #yolo – how we made it to New Zealand

“Oh my , is there anywhere in the world where it’s summer right now and there’s no chance of Zika?!” “Erm, maybe New Zealand?” “But can we….?” It had been about a week since we decided we couldn’t go to San Pancho and we were no closer to deciding what to do instead. At first, … Read more