How to get the most out of EPCOT with toddlers and little kids

Last updated on May 24, 2024

Victoria and kids at EPCOT.

I had EPCOT pegged as the most grown-up, and dare I say boring, of the Disney World parks. But while it does have lots for adults (especially food and drinks), it’s also great for kids. And it’s certainly not boring. In fact, it might just be my favourite park (depending which day you ask – I have things I love about all of them!). 

This post is a guide to how to visit EPCOT with toddlers and little kids, including the best rides, shows, food and places to play – plus practical advice on how to make the most of your day. 

Some of the best EPCOT rides for toddlers and kids are also the most popular in all of Disney World (Frozen and Ratatouille, I’m looking at you), so it pays to have a good strategy in place. And this post has you covered. I’ve been deep into all the details of a planning a Disney trip, so these tips will help save you time and get the best out of your time at EPCOT. 

Our guide to Disney World with toddlers and little kids

I’ve also written a detailed guide to getting the most out of Disney World with toddlers and little kids, which covers things like the best time to go, how to choose which parks to visit, how to avoid the queues (including a guide to using Genie+), and how best to navigate the humungous Disney property. I suggest reading that as well to cover all the basics. 

Also see our individual park guides to Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom.

What is EPCOT?

EPCOT was one of the main parts of Walt Disney’s vision for Disney World. It stands for the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow and was envisaged as a place to explore the future of life on earth. It was originally split into two areas: Future World and the World Showcase, but has recently undergone a huge, years-long transformation. Future World no longer exists, and has instead been split into: World Discovery, World Celebration and World Nature, all celebrating science, space, technology and the natural world. It’s in these areas that you’ll find the bulk of the rides.

The World Showcase, on the other hand, is an impressive celebration of international culture. There are 11 pavilions cantered around the lake, representing different countries around the world. All have architecture, cultural displays and dining from their native lands. It was funny for us being in the UK pavilion where you could visit a pub and eat fish and chips! It’s uncanny and all very Disney – but nonetheless charming and fun to explore.

EPCOT is also known for its festivals, which it hosts throughout the year (you’re more likely to be at EPCOT when a festival is happening than not). We were there for the Flower & Garden Festival, which was gorgeous and had loads of excellent food stalls (the best food we had in all of Disney).

Is EPCOT good for toddlers and little kids?

All the Disney World parks are good for toddlers and little kids – the larger than life theming and chance to meet favourite characters is an easy win with small children. 

And while Magic Kingdom has the most attractions for toddlers and little kids, EPCOT has some big hitters that mean it’s sometimes a kid’s favourite park. 

EPCOT is also good in that it’s as much about the extra attractions, like the spectacle of the World Showcase, as it is the rides. This means you can change pace from doing rides to simply wandering around, which makes it more relaxing. 

The setting is gorgeous with manicured gardens and a big lake. If you go during the garden festival, it’s especially beautiful and fun for kids with all the Disney-themed topiaries.

How to navigate EPCOT with toddler and little kids

EPCOT view with monorail.

EPCOT has two main areas: the World Showcase and the area that used to be Future World (now made up of World Celebration, World Nature and World Discovery). The World Showcase is centred around the lake in a big loop. Because of the lake and loop layout, it’s not a park you can easily zig zag around, so bear this in mind when planning how to get around the park, and the order you’d like to do things.

How to get to Epcot

There are two entrances to EPCOT: International Gateway and World Celebration. The World Celebration entrance is the biggest and where you’ll enter if you’re arriving by the monorail, bus or car. It’s where the iconic EPCOT ‘golf ball’ is. We used this entrance when staying at a non-Disney hotel and arriving by bus. It’s especially convenient for when you want to rope drop Test Track.

The International Gateway is sometimes referred to as the ‘back door entrance’ and is located between England and France in the World Showcase. This is where you’ll go if you’re arriving by the Skyliner, Friendship Boat or walking the Boardwalk.

This entrance is quieter than World Celebration and has the advantage of being right next to Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, and not far from Frozen Ever After. We loved getting to EPCOT from our Disney hotel, Art of Animation, via the Skyliner. It felt so much more convenient (and fun) than a bus.

Here’s a quick reference guide for how to get to EPCOT from the other Disney parks:

Magic Kingdom: EPCOT Monorail (changing at the TTC)

Hollywood Studios: Disney Skyliner or Friendship boat

Animal Kingdom: Bus

You can hire strollers and mobility devices at both entrances. In our main Disney World post, we explain that strollers are handy at Disney World, even for slightly older kids as the days are long and little legs can get tired quickly. The same goes for mobility scooters for adults if you have any issues walking long distances.

How to plan your time at EPCOT with toddlers and little kids

Steve, Arlo and Otis at EPCOT shop.

We have general tips on how to plan a Disney World trip with kids in our main Disney post. This includes advice on prioritising rides, being flexible, thinking about naps/break times, and choosing your first ride wisely. At EPCOT, it’s especially important to think about the layout of the park and your best route around it.

Plan in a loop of the World Showcase

The World Showcase is laid out as a loop around the lake, so not somewhere you can easily dip in and out of. For example, it takes around 20 minutes to get from the American pavilion to the World Celebration entrance (and that’s not taking into account dawdling kids).  

I recommend planning in at least one loop of the World Showcase during your day where you’re not trying to fit lots in. It’s a nice chance to leisurely stroll around, taking in some of the shows, trying the different foods and doing Kidcot activities.

If you’re entering via International Gateway, you could do it as two half loops, exploring one side on your way in, and the other on your way out. 

How to reduce your wait times at EPCOT

Rope drop crowds at Test Track
Waiting for the rope to drop for Test Track!

See our main Disney World post for general tips on how to reduce wait times at Disney – including using Genie+, individual lightening lanes, single rider lanes, and doing rope drop – but here are some specific tips for EPCOT.

Which is the best first ride to choose at EPCOT?

The most popular rides at EPCOT are: Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind; Frozen Ever After; Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure; and Test Track. To ride Cosmic Rewind, you currently need to join the virtual queue or buy a lightening lane, so this isn’t an option for rope drop. This leaves the other three.

In my experience, Frozen and Remy’s are busier than Test Track and their Genie+ lightening lanes sell out quickly, so I would advise choosing one of these for rope drop and the other for your first Genie+ selection. If you’re not using Genie+, rope drop whichever one is your biggest priority.  

That said, sometimes the rope drop line is longer than the line later in the day. But that’s a gamble and to be on the safe side, I’d rope drop one of the popular rides, eating breakfast while you wait.

Is Genie+ worth it at EPCOT with toddlers and little kids?

There’s no black and white answer when it comes to saying if Genie+ is worth it at EPCOT with kids. It’s partly down to the crowds and how many rides you want to do. If Remy’s Ratatouille, Frozen Ever After and Test Track are all on your “must-do” list then having Genie+ will save you time and mean you can likely do all three.

However, if you only have one of these on your “must-do” list, then you could do that at rope drop and then fit in the other less popular rides throughout the day. This is especially true if your kids only want to do the most gentle rides. That said, Genie+ will almost certainly save you time, and we recommend it with little kids as they tend to have a low tolerance for queues (ours certainly do)!

I also recommend it when the crowds are at their peak as even the less popular rides can get long lines then.

Which rides have Genie+ at EPCOT?

Practically all the rides at EPCOT are included in Genie+, and the ones that aren’t (apart from Cosmic Rewind) never have long lines. Unlike at some of the other parks, there are no character meet and greets included in Genie+, but these tend to have shorter wait times at EPCOT anyway ( see the section on meeting characters at EPCOT below).

Here’s a full list of the Genie+ attractions at EPCOT in alphabetical order. Remember this is subject to change at any time, so do check the website/app on the day.

  • Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival
  • Frozen Ever After
  • Journey Into Imagination With Figment
  • Living With The Land
  • Mission: SPACE (Orange and Green)
  • Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure
  • The Seas With Nemo & Friends
  • Soarin’
  • Spaceship Earth
  • Test Track
  • Turtle Talk With Crush

How to ride Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind isn’t included in Genie+. The only way to ride this is through buying an individual lightening lane or joining the virtual queue. The virtual queue opens at 7am for Disney resort guests and 9am for everyone else. And then they have a second opening around midday. If successful, you’re given an hour time slot to join the standby line for the ride.

The virtual queue tends to sell out very quickly, so I’d suggest buying an individual lightening lane if you definitely want to ride it. Also, the lightening lane is still quicker than the standby line that you join through the virtual queue.

Our Genie+ strategy for EPCOT with little kids

Elsa and Ana at EPCOT.

If you want to ride Test Track, Remy’s Ratatouille, Cosmic Rewind and Frozen Ever After, this is the rough strategy we’d suggest for visiting EPCOT with little kids. We’re presuming you have early entry. If you don’t, move the 7am selections to 9am (or whenever the park opens).

7am: Book Genie+ Lightening Lane for Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and individual lightening lane for Guardian’s of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Park opening time: Rope drop Frozen Ever After

11am (or once you’ve ridden Remy’s Ratatouille): Book Genie+ lightening lane for Test Track 

After this, it can be more flexible and will be somewhat dictated by the timings of the lightening lanes you booked for Cosmic Rewind and Remy’s Ratatouille. Plus your priorities for the day. For example, Soarin’ is one of our kids’ favourite rides, so we prioritised that.

Keep an eye on the wait times in the app, and between lightening lane slots, jump in the line for rides with the shortest wait times. Or take that opportunity to do a lap of the World Showcase. 

Which EPCOT rides have rider switch?

Rider switch is a service that’s useful if you’re in a group where not everyone wants to/can ride a certain attraction. It means that once one part of the party has finished riding the ride, the second part can jump directly to the lightening lane rather than waiting in the normal queue.

You have to register for rider switch at the entrance to the ride, swiping everyone’s passes so they know who to let on next. It’s useful when you’re in a family group of four where two adults want to ride the ride but only one child can.

Not all rides have rider switch. The ones that currently allow it in EPCOT are:

  • Frozen Ever After
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind
  • Mission: SPACE
  • Soarin’
  • Test Track

Quick guide to the best rides for toddlers and little kids at EPCOT

Arriving at EPCOT World Celebration.

This is a handy list of the best EPCOT rides for toddlers, broken down into three categories. They are fairly broad strokes as it depends on what your kids are comfortable with. For example, Soarin’ is only frightening if you’re afraid of heights. I’ve included in brackets if the rides have height restrictions.

The most gentle rides for toddlers and little kids at EPCOT

None of these rides have height restrictions.

  • Frozen Ever After
  • Journey into Imagination with Figment
  • Living with the Land
  • The Seas with Nemo and Friends
  • Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros
  • Moana’s Journey of Water
  • Turtle Talk with Crush
  • Spaceship Earth

EPCOT rides that might be scary for nervous/very little riders

  • Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure
  • Soarin’ (40in/102cm)
  • Mission Space – Green (40in/102cm)

EPCOT rides for more confident and older children

  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind (42in/107cm)
  • Test Track (40in/102cm)
  • Mission Space – Orange (40in/102cm)

Descriptions of all the best EPCOT rides

World Showcase Rides

The World Showcase doesn’t have many rides, but the ones it does have are two of the most popular rides at EPCOT. Plus, as well as rides, there are lots of short films on show in the different pavilions, which can be a nice way to take a break inside. I have more info on those in the ‘Epcot shows’ section.

Frozen Ever After

One of the most popular Disney rides for kids, Frozen Ever After, is a gentle boat ride that takes guests on a journey through scenes from the popular film. The enchanting ride will be a big hit with little Frozen fans, and its gentle pace makes it suitable for all ages.

Bear in mind, this ride is very popular, so you might want to rope drop it or select it as your first Genie+ . When we booked a lightening lane for it at 9am, the next available slot was 5:30pm! Find it in the Norway pavilion in the World Showcase.

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

Queue for Remys Rattouille at rope drop

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure is one of Disney’s trackless rides, shrinking you to the size of a rat and taking you on a 4D journey through Gusteau’s restaurant in Paris. Like with other trackless rides, such as Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railroad, the movement is pretty frenetic, which is fun for mini thrillseekers, but can be a bit scary for some little ones.

Our littlest son (age 3) hated Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railroad, so we didn’t try him on this one. And even our 6-year-old was pretty scared as the ride is very immersive and features a few sudden frights and loud noises along the way. That said, braver kids will likely enjoy it, and the theming is excellent.

Gran Fiesta Tour starring the Three Caballeros

Three Caballeros Ride at EPCOT.

This is a very cute ride, taking you on a little boat ride and musical journey through Mexico. Both our kids love Donald Duck and the Three Caballeros, so this was a big hit with them. It’s a very gentle ride that even babies could enjoy.

World Discovery Rides

Test Track

Otis at an interactive space in EPCOT.

Test Track allows guests to design their own virtual concept vehicle and then board a “SIM Car” to test its performance on the track. The ride features various tests, including acceleration, braking, and speed, culminating in a super high-speed loop around the exterior of the pavilion.

Our kids saw a YouTube video of Test Track before visiting Disney and were desperate to ride it – but they did find the reality a bit scary. Our 6-year-old was pleased he’d done it, but the 3-year-old hated it. The height requirement is 40 inches.

If your kids aren’t tall enough or you think they’ll be too scared, but they’re really into cars. head to the ride exit where there are lots of cars to explore (the ride is sponsored by Chevrolet).

Guardian’s of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Guardians of the Galaxy ride.

Guardian’s of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is one of the most fun roller coasters I’ve ever been on, although it spins a lot, so did make me a little nauseous. That said, even with the nausea, I loved it! It’s an indoor coaster with spinning carts and a backwards launch, and it takes you on a fun journey through the galaxy with characters from the Guardians films and a soundtrack of 80s classics. It’s as fun as the movies themselves.

You have to be at least 42 inches (107cm) to ride it, and even then, it might be too scary for kids who aren’t into rollercoasters or who are afraid of the dark. Neither of our boys (ages 3 and 6) were up for it.

Mission: SPACE

Space 220 restaurant

Mission: SPACE offers two intensity levels (Orange and Green) for a simulated space mission. The Orange Mission includes a centrifuge that creates intense G-forces, simulating a rocket launch and space travel. The Green Mission offers a less intense experience without the centrifuge.

You have to be 40 inches (102cm) to ride either of the missions, and even the green one might be a little scary for some kids. The Orange Mission is very intense and even some adults find it uncomfortable. This is one I’d try by yourself first and then judge if you think your kid will like it.

World Nature rides and attractions

The Seas with Nemo and Friends

Nemo ride at EPCOT.

The Seas with Nemo and Friends is a cute ride where you ride on clam-mobiles, following Nemo through the ocean. There’s even a view of EPCOT’s real aquarium at the end. To be honest, I thought this ride was a little underwhelming in comparison to similar Disney rides – I’d definitely choose the Little Mermaid rat magic Kingdom over this. That said, it’s a good one for toddlers and little kids as it’s super colourful, slow and non-threatening.

At the end you can explore the aquariums in the World Nature pavilion.

Living with the Land

Living with the land Epcot.

Living with the Land is another of EPCOT’s original rides. It’s a slow-paced boat ride that takes you on a tour of EPCOT’s greenhouses and fish farms, showing the innovative growing techniques that Disney horticulturalists are exploring.

While some kids might find it a little dull in comparison to the movie-themed rides, we all really enjoyed the little behind-the-scenes journey. And our 6-year-old, especially, seemed to learn from it too.

There’s rarely a line longer than 10 minutes for Living with the Land, so it’s a nice one to jump on when waiting for a lightening lane, or if you want a break from the sun.

Soarin’ Around the World

We and our eldest son fell in love with Soarin’ when riding it at Disney California Adventure, so we were excited to ride EPCOT’s version – this time with our 3-year-old too (he wasn’t tall enough when in California). The flight simulator lifts you high in the air to experience a hang gliding tour of famous world landmarks, like the Eiffel Tour, the Sahara desert and Niagara Falls. Scents and wind effects add to the immersive experience.

You have to be 40 inches (102cm) to ride Soarin’ and while it’s a gentle ride, some kids might find it scary if they’re afraid of heights.

World Celebration rides

Journey into Imagination with Figment

Journey into imagination with Figment.

Journey into Imagination with Figment was one of the surprise hits for us at EPCOT. The kids loved the character of Figment, a mischievous little purple dragon who persistently interrupts a tour of the Imagination Institute. You learn about all five senses while Figment creates havoc on the colourful, madcap journey.

You ride along in a little train and it’s very slow paced, colourful and playful, so suitable for all ages. Bear in mind, it’s a fairly old ride, so a little dated in comparison to the newer ones.

There’s an interactive play area at the ride exit where you can also get the chance to meet Figment.

Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth was one of the first rides at EPCOT and as such it’s a bit dated and many consider it a bit dull, but it’s one to consider for the nostalgia factor. Plus, it’s educational for school-age children (it’ll likely be a bit much for toddlers/preschoolers), and little ones might enjoy the novelty of simply being on a ride.

It takes guests on a slow-moving journey through the history of human communication, showcasing significant milestones from prehistoric times to the present. It’s inside the Epcot ‘golf ball’.

How to meet characters at EPCOT

Meeting Winnie the Pooh at Disney.

We found it much easier to meet characters at EPCOT than the other Disney Parks. The queues were shorter, but we may have just been lucky. For example, the line to see Winnie the Pooh at Magic Kingdom was around an hour, but we only waited for 10 minutes at Epcot.

There are some characters who have specific stations in the parks (e.g Alice in Wonderland in the United Kingdom and Snow White in Germany), and others who appear on an ad-hoc basis. Keep an eye on the app/website to see who is where and when.

Characters who were there when we went included: Elsa and Anna, Snow White, Asha, Belle, Princess Jasmine and Mulan.

Character dining at EPCOT

There are currently two character dining opportunities at EPCOT

Best shows for toddlers and kids at EPCOT

EPCOT has lots shows, including street entertainers, indoor theatre shows and live performances. And of course, the epic fireworks. All of these are a good way to recharge and have a change of pace between rides. These are some of the highlights:

Turtle talk with Crush

Located in The Seas with Nemo & Friends pavilion, this interactive show features the cool sea turtle Crush from Disney-Pixar’s “Finding Nemo.” Using innovative technology, Crush interacts with the audience in real-time, answering questions and sharing ocean facts. Kids and adults of all ages love it.

Beauty and the Beast Sing Along

Sing along with your favourite songs from Beauty and the Beast while watching a shortened version of the story. It’s only 15 minutes long, so great for little kids, especially if they’re familiar with the songs.

Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival

The Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival features a rotating program of three popular Disney and Pixar short films, all presented in 4D. Special effects like wind and water enhance the experience. It lasts for 18 minutes.

Street performances

There are some cool street performances at EPCOT that little kids can enjoy. A couple we liked were The Voices of Liberty acapella group and the JaMMitors drummers. The Disney app lists all the shows happening that day and where to find them. 

Cinema shows

Some of the country pavillions within the International Showcase have theatres that show short films with atmospheric scenes from their native lands. These include: Reflections of China (12 minutes); Impressions de France (18 minutes); and Canada Far and Wide (12 minutes). The Canada and China shows are in a 360-degree cinema and especially suitable for kids. 

Fireworks and light show

EPCOT always has an epic firework show, and the version when we went was the incredible Luminous, the Symphony of Us. We couldn’t believe how long the fireworks went on for – it blew the boys’ minds! 

These shows are on late, normally around 8 or 9pm, depending on the time of year. If you’ve already had a long day, or need to get up early the next day, the late start time can be prohibitive for smaller children. We compromised by watching it from our hotel balcony at the Dolphin Resort, which meant the kids could already be in pyjamas and then jump straight into bed afterwards. 

Another show at EPCOT is the American Adventure show, but I wouldn’t recommend this one with young kids as they may struggle to pay attention. It’s an animatronic show, telling the history of America. School-age kids may enjoy the educational content.

Other ways to have fun at EPCOT with toddlers and little kids

Moana’s Journey of Water

Te Fiti Moana journey of water.

Moana’s Journey of Water is one of the newest attractions at EPCOT, and as a family of Moana fans, we loved it! It’s an interactive outdoor trail, full of cool water features, like fountains that respond to you raising and lowering you hand. I think Otis could have stayed there all day, and it would be a particularly good option on days when the temperature is high.

The whole area is also beautifully landscaped, including a big model of the sacred mountain Te Fiti.


A fun way to keep kids engaged in the World Showcase is by taking part in Kidcot, a kids activity programme. There are Kidcot Fun Stops in all 11 of the World Showcase Pavilions, and children can collect cards at each one to adds to their ‘passport’. The Fun Stops also have activities, like colouring-in. And you pick up the starter activity kit at any of the stops.

Explore the World Showcase

Even without Kidcot, the World Showcase is still a fun place for kids to explore and learn about the world. Our eldest son loved trying to guess which country was being represented. And all of the areas have fun little details, like a miniature train in Germany.

The 11 country pavilions in the World Showcase are: Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, the United States, Japan, Morocco, France, the United Kingdom, and Canada.


Playground at EPCOT.

EPCOT doesn’t have a big showstopper playground like the Boneyard in Animal Kingdom, but there are a couple of little ones. There’s a classic playground just outside the big Creations shop, opposite the Test Track pavilion. And I’d also class Moana’s Jourey of Water as a water playground.

I also read that there’s a small play area in the Nemo pavilion, but I’m afraid I didn’t notice this, so can’t confirm for sure. As well as these playgrounds, there are also some interactive spaces where kids can play (see the next point).

Explore the interactive spaces

EPCOT has always had an educational element, and there are still lots of interactive spaces – a bit like mini science museums – where kids can play and learn about the world. You can find these interactive spaces in the following places:

  • Project Tomorrow at the exit to Spaceship Earth
  • ImageWorks at the exit of Journey into Imagination with Figment
  • Advanced Training Lab at exit to Mision:SPACE
  • And there’s an aquarium in The Seas With Nemo and Friends pavilion where you can also do a scavenger hunt.
  • If your kids are into cars, the Test Track pavilion has a car display at the exit (you can even buy one!) 

Spot all the Disney sculptures

There are lots of bronze sculptures of favourite Disney characters all around the EPCOT grounds. When the garden festival is on, they’re a little overshadowed by all the topiaries, but we still loved seeing them. And the kids loved trying to spot all their favourite characters.

Where to eat in EPCOT with toddlers and little kids

EPCOT has some great dining options, from reservation-only, sit-down restaurants to fast food and festival food stalls. Because of the festival food stalls, I’d say EPCOT has the best food and drinks of all the Disney parks. There’s a different selection for each festival and the stalls are themed to the pavilions they are close to (e.g. tacos and margaritas in Mexico, mezze near Morocco, and so on). 

The festival menus are so anticipated and celebrated that some people do snack and drink crawls around the World Showcase, stopping for a drink or snack in each “country”. While I love the idea of doing this, an elevated bar crawl wasn’t a good plan with kids – but I did have a fantastic lychee margarita. 

So where is the best place to eat at EPCOT with kids? Probably not the food stalls as lots of these meals are pretty inventive (although Otis did love trying a lavender lemonade, and the sweet treats will also be appealing for kids). 

Of the permanent restaurants, these are our top picks:

Connections – a quick service restaurant near the World Celebration has lots of fast food favourites that can be ordered in advance on the mobile app. This is super convenient with kids, meaning you don’t have to wait around.

Space 220 – The Space 220 restaurant is a hot ticket at EPCOT and reservations fill up quickly. It’s made to feel like you’re dining in space, sitting in a spaceship with views of the Earth. I missed my chance to get a reservation, so if you’re keen make sure to take advantage of you booking window as soon as it opens (Disney resort guests get priority booking). Sign up to Mouse Dining for notifications about when tables become available.

Les Halles Boulangerie – for French pastries, go to Less Halles in the French section of the World Showcase. I’ve read people rave about how authentic it is, but I’m afraid I don’t agree! So don’t get your hopes up, but I still enjoyed the pastries.

Best places to stay near EPCOT with kids

Art of Animation Little Mermaid hotel.

When choosing where to stay for your trip to EPCOT, the key thing to consider is how you’ll get to and from the park each day. 

The most convenient options are the Disney resorts that have access to EPCOT via the Skyliner, Friendship Boat, Boardwalk and Disney Monorail. 

We stayed at the Art of Animation Disney resort, which meant we could get the Skyliner to EPCOT. This was really convenient and the kids loved it (Arlo still calls it one of his favourite “rides” in all of Disney World!). 

This is a value resort at Disney World, meaning it’s a little more expensive than the Disney motels, but not nearly as expensive as the moderate or deluxe levels. Pop century is another value resort right next to Art of Animation. Both have amazing theming, but Art of Animation is particularly good for kids with Lion King, Cars, Nemo and Little Mermaid themed rooms. Our kids adored it and say it’s the best hotel they’ve ever stayed in.

The hotels on the Disney Boardwalk, including the Swan and Dolphin Hotels, are also great options as you can either walk or get the Friendship Boat to the International Gateway entrance of the park.

We also stayed off site during our time at Disney World at the Drury Plaza Hotel, one of the select hotels near Disney World that are granted early admission to the parks. We got to EPCOT on the bus from here, which took around 30 minutes. This is a brilliant budget option (they even give you breakfast and dinner every day).

Buy your Disney World tickets now

Check the Disney website (USA and UK), as well as Undercover Tourist and Get Away Today for the latest deals on Disney tickets.

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