Year two on the road in photos

Last updated on August 22, 2019

Year on Road collage

“How long are you off for?” “Maybe 2-5 years, who knows?” said Steve 730 days ago at our party to say goodbye. It was an answer said half-jokingly. We had no idea what this journey would look like or how long it would last for. We still don’t know where it’s going, but we do know where it’s been, and this post is a celebration of the past year gone by. You can see the first year in photos here. It’s really been quite the journey! Thank you for following along.

Sunset at San Pancho

We celebrated our one-year travel anniversary in San Pancho, the Mexican beach town that stole our hearts.

Steve and I at Selva Azul, San pancho

We loved it so much we almost set down roots, bought some land and built a retreat centre. But the call of the world still sounded and we realized we needed to explore some more – not just the planet but also our place within it.

Veg and sunflower at Sayulita organic market

Saying goodbye was hard. We’d made some wonderful friends and had a beautiful life there, teaching yoga and spending plenty of time in great company and in awesome nature, next to the beach, ocean and jungle.

Detail from Man at the Crossroads

En-route back to the UK, we stopped off in Mexico City to taste the world of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, two of our favourite artists.

Tulum beach

We celebrated my birthday in Tulum, right next to the Caribbean Sea.

egetarian English Breakfast

Next was a whistle-stop tour of the various places we call home in England – London, Bristol, Aldershot and Redhill ­– a time filled with family, friends and food.

San Gimignano

We took a trip to Tuscany with Steve’s family, eating as much gelato as we could find.

Walking towards Arc de Trimof BCN

And then followed that with a visit to Barcelona to see some friends and fulfill a lifetime dream.

Balloon face off

Yes, 2013 was the year we went in a hot air balloon!

Bali offering in Ubud

Come June it was time to head off on our next long-term adventure. We were off to Bali for five months.

Victoria walking in Penastanan

We’d chosen Ubud because we’d heard it was filled with great food, yoga, a beautiful climate, wonderful people, and plenty of digital nomads just like us.

Us on Scoopy

It had all those things and we lived a wonderful life there, scooting around town, visiting spas and enjoying our beautiful villa.

Monkey in Ubud

Ubud also had monkeys, making 2013 the year we were also taken hostage by monkeys in our own home!

Steve and Pecha Kucha

After that, anything seemed possible and Steve faced his fear of public speaking by talking about Planetary Collective at the monthly Pecha Kucha night. By the end of the year, his film Overview would have been viewed more than 5 millon times on Vimeo!


I interviewed one of my most admired authors, Lionel Shriver, at the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, as well as Lydia Cacho, and Tony Wheeler, founder of Lonely Planet. I was excited to say the least.

Children at The Green School

While in Ubud, we visited what is perhaps the best school in the world. It’s easy to see why many parents decide to move there.

Notice board in Ubud, bali

After becoming a little infuriated with the “Eat-Pray-Lovers” of Ubud I decided to explore the esoteric side of the town and the myriad therapies it had to offer, from crystal-light-bed healing to Ayurveda and ecstatic dance. It was a string of experiences I still haven’t quite processed, taking me from great highs to horrible lows and every shade of emotion in between. I came out the other side more skeptical than I began, but still open to the idea of magic. It was certainly fascinating, and I intend to write more on my experiences soon.

Tom and Steve watching the sunset on Gili Air

In-between these guinea pig activities, we also explored a little more of Bali. Some friends came to visit and we went to the Gili Islands.

Gate on Bali road trip

Steve and I took a road trip into the mountains, staying at the gorgeous Village Above the Clouds

Balinese woman

…where we met this incredible woman.

Victoria on Balangan beach Bali

For our final weekend, we went to the southern beaches

Cocktail on Balangan beach

…and enjoyed some last licks of sun.

Coffee shop London

Following Bali, we decided it was time for a bath in the familiarity of England. We wanted to spend some time closer to home, spending quality time with friends and family. We started in London…

Victoria eating a biscuit

…and then set up home in Devon, where I returned to eating cake.

Victoria on lock bridge

But not before Steve surprised me with a trip to Paris for our five-year anniversary. We even saw The Lumineers.


Christmas was spent with family,

Saw Mill Cove

…and New Year’s with dearest friends.


We were in Devon for around four months, living a quaint life of pasties, cakes, baking, baths and beautiful open fires. We put our heads down and worked on our respective projects, taking breaks to walk along the wild coast. Devon has become another home.

Sea view from Kasnas Spa

We also went to Finland where we were enchanted by a land of snow, saunas and splendid people.

Snowy helsinki

Helsinki is now one of our favourite cities.

Steve making Planetary in Berlin

This takes us up to now and our new home, Berlin, where we arrived just yesterday. We’re excited to be back in a city and such a creative one at that. The next few months will be busy, especially for Steve whose deadline for Planetary is approaching. After this, who knows? If there’s one thing we’ve learnt in the last couple of years it’s that anything is possible and the only way to take it is day by day. Thank you for sharing in our journey! We’re so delighted to have you with us.

– Victoria and Steve

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28 thoughts on “Year two on the road in photos”

  1. What a wonderful look back at another year of travel! I’m so glad that Tony & I got to be a tiny part of it while you were blissing out in Bali. 🙂

    Will be interesting to see where this year takes you, though it already looks like it is off to an exciting start. To new adventures!

  2. Beautiful photos! I wish you all the best for year three on the road and cannot wait to read about your future adventures!

  3. Looks like you had a great year. Keep up the good work and hopefully this year gonna be even more awesome. 😉

    Take care,


  4. For me, reading your blog is somewhat like watching a travel movie. It takes me back to some of the places I’ve been and motivates me to continue seeking new adventures. Very inspirational!

    Looking forward to reading more about Berlin.

  5. It seems your year was filled with great experiences & memories 🙂

    The picture of the grandma is beautiful and I also read about your monkey experience, must have been scary!!

  6. What a great summary with fabulous pictures. I’m looking forward to carrying on reading about your adventures in Berlin! x

  7. What. A. Year. 🙂 Marvelous recap and a post brimming with “joie de vivre”! I’m not going to pick a particular favorite and keep marveling at this extraordinary “patchwork of moments”… 🙂
    Best wishes and enjoy Berlin!

  8. What an amazing look back with such beautiful photos! Congratulations guys 🙂 Also, I *may* be in Berlin sometime near Easter so if you’re around give me a bell!

  9. I love this. Can’t wait to see what this next year holds for you two. Must arrange a Berlin visit at some stage in the summer xx

  10. What an epic two years! A beautiful balance of achievements and adventure! We wish you all the best for the coming two years 🙂 And we hope our paths cross again.

  11. Hi Victoria and Steve,

    I have found myself drawn back to your website time and time again, always watching the hours fall away as I get sucked into scrolling through the images of your adventures together. I love your site! Its whimsical, charming and romantic, lots of fun. And reading about your travels and looking through your photos, I really enjoy it. Its obvious you two have a lot of fun and live an exciting life together.

    I too am a travel blogger. I moved to Europe from Boston, MA three years ago and haven’t looked back…yet. I have chronicled my own travels as I have gone and have had a ball doing so! Ive been all over Germany, to Portugal, France, Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands…I hope to continue growing that list 😉
    Your site is one of my favorites to look to for inspiration.

    That is my link, in case you might want to take a gander.

    Looking forward to continuing to read about where you guys will adventure to.

    With warmest regards,

    • Hi Brooke, Thanks so much for your kind words. Your website is lovely, and that little cupcake-shaped chocolate from the Frankfurt market hall looks amazing! Happy travels and good luck with everything! Victoria


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