Savasana at yoga teacher training

What is a yoga teacher training course really like?

Before I started my yoga teacher training course, I really didn’t know what to expect. I’d read the syllabus, the schedule and the description, but there were plenty of gaps that couldn’t be filled. What would my fellow students be like? Why would they be doing the course? Would I be the least proficient? How … Read more

Our house San Pancho Mexico

Welcome to our crib: San Pancho style

Important note: We were in San Pancho in 2012 and I have heard that nowadays it’s a lot busier and more expensive. I’m also afraid I can’t help you with finding an apartment there. We found this place while simply walking around the town. Seeing as it’s so much busier now, I’m not sure it … Read more

Condesa architecture

16 reasons to love La Condesa / Roma, Mexico City

Our time in Mexico was cut short, but certainly wasn’t wasted. We spent two beautiful weeks in Mexico City, a place that stole our hearts and made us realise our love for Mexico goes beyond the village of San Pancho. The laid-back pace of Mexico suits us and despite being one of the world’s largest … Read more

The best hotels in Condesa: La Valise, Condesa, Mexico City

The Best Hip Boutique Hotels: Condesa, Mexico City

I fell in love with La Condesa in Mexico City. Alongside its neighbour La Roma, it’s part of what is known as the Roma-Condesa cultural corridor, which is one of the most hip areas of the city, filled with independent and creative boutiques, restaurants and cafes. It’s also not far from the centre, making it … Read more

Comparison is the thief of Joy Roosevelt

Comparison is the thief of joy, and other stories

An elfin-like girl perches on a chair, slicing her bow expertly across the strings as she winks and smiles at the dreadlocked guitarist. He’s the kind of man I can’t imagine ever not being topless. The singer sways with stoned, sparkling eyes, and the crowd dances wildly to the klezmer mix. I sit to the … Read more

Acro yoga on San pancho beach

Time to stop. A new life in San Pancho

I’m writing this from the roof terrace of my new home, surrounded by palms, fuchsia pink flora and the sounds of tropical birds. Later, I’ll walk three minutes to the beach to watch the sunset as surfers catch waves in the evening light, and volunteers release baby turtles into the ocean. On my way I’ll … Read more

How do you up one on paradise? Discovering Yelapa…

Every year I take Steve somewhere special for his birthday – a Kasbah in Morocco, a surprise Joanna Newsom gig in Budapest, a medieval turret in Tallin – somewhere that makes him say wow. Back in London, it was easy – with Europe on the doorstep and a never-ending urge to escape the city, the … Read more

Planetary premiere at SXSW

Life-changing moments, and a film you need to see…

‘Life-changing’ is mega high acclaim in my books. Of course, the pedant in me could argue that everything is life-changing, but when I use it, I’m referring to those memorable moments of awakening that shift your consciousness and alter your path perceptibly. The day I watched The Constant Gardner was one of those moments. I … Read more

Steve at Selva Azul, San Pancho

Why I’ve been distracted…

There’s something I can’t get off my mind. I return to my ‘blog post ideas’ list but nothing takes my fancy. How to couchsurf safely, why animo is such an awesome word, and an ever-growing list of why we love San Pancho. They’ll come one day, but it’s hard to focus on anything else when … Read more