The best hotels in Condesa: La Valise, Condesa, Mexico City

The Best Hip Boutique Hotels: Condesa, Mexico City

I fell in love with La Condesa in Mexico City. Alongside its neighbour La Roma, it’s part of what is known as the Roma-Condesa cultural corridor, which is one of the most hip areas of the city, filled with independent and creative boutiques, restaurants and cafes. It’s also not far from the centre, making it … Read more

Fun things to do in Santa Cruz

Five special trips to take in 2019

Have you got any adventures planned for 2019? We have our eyes on New England for a road trip, a return to New York, and some English travels to Cornwall. And I also have some ideas for you, based on the best trips we’ve taken in the past few years. From afternoon teas in London … Read more

Me and Lydia Cacho

Lydia Cacho: Children are men and women in the making

Outside of Bridges and Balloons, I also freelance as a writer and editor. This is an interview I had published in Oh Comely magazine with one of my heros, Lydia Cacho, a leading investigative journalist and women’s rights campaigner in Mexico.  “I’ve escaped mafias and now it’s a monkey that finally got me.” With a … Read more

Condesa architecture

16 reasons to love La Condesa / Roma, Mexico City

Mexico City is a place that stole our hearts and made us realise our love for Mexico goes beyond the village of San Pancho. The laidback pace of Mexico suits us and despite being one of the world’s largest cities, we found Mexico City both manageable and charming. This was largely due to where we … Read more

Image by James Gathany via Flickr and Creative Commons

Why we’re changing our travel plans because of Zika

We’re supposed to be in San Pancho. We’ve been imagining the moment of our return for months – what it would feel like to drive down the main street and see our beloved town again ­– to recognise the similarities and spot the inevitable changes. We’ve been counting down with our friends, getting excited for … Read more

Victoria and Steve in San Pancho

Guess where we’re going back to?!

Oh my, I can’t keep this in any longer. We’re going back to San Pancho! YES! Anyone who read this blog back in 2012-2013 will know that Steve and I fell head over heels for this tiny little town on Mexico’s Pacific coast. We spent six months there and loved it so much we nearly … Read more

San Pancho fire sunset

Year two on the road in photos

“How long are you off for?” “Maybe 2-5 years, who knows?” said Steve 730 days ago at our party to say goodbye. It was an answer said half-jokingly. We had no idea what this journey would look like or how long it would last for. We still don’t know where it’s going, but we do … Read more

Eguisheim, France – Real-life fairytale village

Frida and Diego: a photo story in Mexico City

Ever since reading The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver, I’ve been fascinated by Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Their love story captivated me and I was enthralled by their passion, art and political involvement. It’s the first piece of historical fiction I’ve ever read that made me desperate to know more of the lives depicted. When earlier … Read more


The Best Cafes and Restaurants in San Pancho, Mexico

One of the joys of San Pancho, Mexico is its food. After six months there, I never got bored of it and still miss it to this day. Here’s our round-up of the best San Pancho restaurants. I’ve updated it for 2021 with some help from friends who still live in San Pancho who have … Read more