Lower McCloud Falls

32 epic bucket list family vacation ideas

We love all sorts of family travel – from annual holidays in classic seaside towns to epic bucket list trips that broaden everyone’s horizons. For this post, we’re focussing on the latter. We asked expert family travel bloggers to help us put together an ultimate round-up of bucket list family vacation ideas. From African safaris … Read more

Iceland itinerary 5 days - Gullfoss

Five cosy holidays to get you excited for winter

Some of the best trips we’ve ever done have been in winter – and not to sunny climes, but to full-on wintry landscapes where you can embrace the coldest season. One of my favourite things is to get cosy and there’s no better time for it. If snowy scenes and cuddling up with a hot … Read more

Lapland vacation tips - Jaakola reindeer farm

31 photos to inspire your trip to Lapland

This was the year I fell in love with winter: not the grey, drizzly days, but the brilliant whites, blues and golden light of a true winter landscape. We saw it in Iceland, but it was Lapland that felt like the winter of fairytales. The snow was soft, the air crisp, and the presence of … Read more

Lapland vacation tips - Jaakola reindeer farm

How to get the best out of four nights in Lapland

Visiting Lapland in wintertime is like stepping into a fairytale, filled with beautiful creatures amid an endless snowy forest. From riding in a sleigh drawn by reindeers to speeding round the trees on snowmobiles, there are many adventures to be had. We went to Finland, like many people do, in hope of seeing the Northern … Read more

Northern Lights Lapland Finland

A moment of awe in Lapland

Steve’s beard is made of ice again. And we’re staring at the sky. There’s a smudge upon the horizon, but is that just a cloud? And smudges aren’t what we’re after. We’re hoping for a show. In Iceland, it showed its face, but only in shades of grey. Please fire up tonight. I lay back … Read more

Victoria on thin ice in Finland

Walking on ice

“Never lick the metal” There are things you mustn’t do at -12 degrees. But the things that surprised me are the things you can. You can swim in the sea without your heart stopping. You can walk on an ice rink wearing no more than plastic bags to stop you slipping. And you can skate … Read more

Bridge to Kimitoon

Kimitoön Archipelago: a photo story

We were enchanted from the moment we stepped onto Finland, the snow tickling a childlike glee. Helsinki was enough to delight us, but it was our trip down to the Kimitoön archipelago that really revealed Finland’s magnificent nature. Here’s a photo journey through our visit. We woke up to a dark morning at 8am in … Read more

San Pancho fire sunset

Year two on the road in photos

“How long are you off for?” “Maybe 2-5 years, who knows?” said Steve 730 days ago at our party to say goodbye. It was an answer said half-jokingly. We had no idea what this journey would look like or how long it would last for. We still don’t know where it’s going, but we do … Read more

river at forest village finland

The Texture of Finland

Looking back through our photos of Finland, I’m struck by the texture of the images.It’s a cliché to say that no two snowflakes are the same, or to talk of winter wonderlands, but the reasons behind those tropes come alive in these photos. It’s a mesmerizing sight to see the shape of each individual fleck … Read more

Snowy helsinki

17 reasons to love Helsinki

Sometimes places inspire a picture painted with words. Helsinki in its winter dress did plenty to provoke poetry, but now is time for some more practical prose. Our reasons to love Helsinki First, this image of how it made us feel: An unlikely Tango The Finns love to Tango, so much so that they have … Read more