When friends come to visit…

Last updated on October 22, 2021

Steve and I chatting on beach

When friends come to visit, it’s not the time to write.

Walking to Sari Organik

It’s time to explore,

Choosing food in Ubud

…share your favourite restaurants,

Sarah and smoothie at Sari Organik

…drink colourful drinks,

Face in the wall Ubud

…and spot faces in walls.

Seniman coffee shop Ubud

It’s a time to drink fancy coffee,

Going to the Sang spa in Ubud

…take a trip (or three) to the spa,

Monkey in monkey forest Ubud

brave the monkey forest,

wood carving in ubud ws studio

…and then learn to wood carve when it rains.

Sailing to the Gilis

When friends come to visit, you want to adventure to pastures new…

Arriving in Gili paradise

…like tiny paradise islands.

Standing in the Gili sea

Everyone can take some time off…

Cocktails on Gili Air

…to drink cocktails in the afternoon sun,

Tom and Steve watching the sunset on Gili Air

…and watch sunsets on the beach.

Sunset for Gus

When friends come to visit, you share special moments. You remember Sarah’s brother, Gus, who traveled to the Gilis a few years ago. He said it was the most beautiful place he’d ever visited and encouraged Sarah to visit too. You wish he was here to see her now, and then you realise he is there – in Sarah, in the sun, and in the glitters of the sea. She lays to rest his ashes as the sun sets over the waves and you can’t imagine a moment more poetic.

When friends come to visit, you remember everything that makes us one.

Tom and Sarah cheesy postcard pictures

I’m going to miss these faces.

Some useful info on the Gilis

The islands are a diving paradise, so check out this post for plenty of info on diving adventures in Gili.

We went to Gili Air via a boat from Padang Bai. We hired scooters in Ubud to make the journey to Padang Bai, which took about an hour and a half and is well sign posted. There are some horror stories of boats sinking/getting damaged en-route to the Gilis, but we had no problems with our company Gili Gili. Our only advice would be to sit inside. We sat on the roof to begin with and got soaked within a few minutes and had to come down as the sea was dangerously choppy. We went back up after reaching calmer waters. It took an hour and a half to get there via Lombok. Our boat cost $120 for a return journey, You can get cheaper tickets if you take the slow ferry or go with a less reputable firm (the journey is notoriously choppy so we didn’t think it worth the risk).

27 thoughts on “When friends come to visit…”

  1. So beautiful Victoria – my heart goes out to your friend and I am so sorry for her loss. It looks like you all shared a very special experience. And you certainly took them to all the best places! Sari Organik is my favourite too 🙂

  2. Sarah is my lovely niece, and Tom is jar old friend from school. I am so glad she has had that holiday and to see her smile again after the loss of our Darling Angus. Thank you for having her to stay. Looking forward to seeing her and hearing all her stories and seeing photos.

    • Thanks for commenting Miranda. It was an honour to be with Sarah here in Bali, and especially on the Gilis. We all had a beautiful time, and could definitely feel Gus’s presence.

  3. I’m so jealous of everyone that has friends come join their travels. Glad you enjoyed your time together and you were able to honor Sarah’s brother in such a special way.

    • I know how you feel. This was the first time that someone has come to visit from home and it was so, so exciting!

  4. Got to love Bali & the Gilis. Did you get a chance to visit the 13 secret Gilis? Not to many people have heard of them. They are off the cost of South Lombok and they are beautiful.


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