Baraka gnocci, best vegetarian restaurants in Buenos Aires

Six of the Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Buenos Aires

People often ask us how we coped as vegetarians in Buenos Aires, land of meat lovers, and the truth is, it was one of the best cities we have ever been in for vegetarian restaurants.   This is a list of our top six best vegetarian restaurants in Buenos Aires. Not all are 100 per cent vegetarian … Read more

Streets of Palermo, Buenos Aires

A quick guide to Buenos Aires’ barrios

Like every major city, Buenos Aires is split into different areas, each with a distinct character. Here is a guide to the ones we managed to visit during our time there. Palermo I lived in Palermo for six weeks while in Buenos Aires and barely left the area. I was aware I was living in … Read more

Palermo soho

Top 10 cafés in Palermo, Buenos Aires

Tea and cake in a good cafe is one of my favourite things, and during my time in trendy Palermo in Buenos Aires there was no shortage of options to choose from. This is a round-up of my favourite 10 cafes in Palermo in no particular order. All have wi-fi and vegetarian options. I’m focused … Read more

Dancers at La Catedral in Buenos Aires

Bohemian tango nights in La Catedral, Buenos Aires

Dancers at La Catedral in Buenos Aires

Steve and I aren’t very good tourists so sights or ‘must-dos’ are often an afterthought to our time in cities. We scan guidebooks and blogs for anything that stands out but mostly we focus on the restaurants and cafes, which give a good clue to the type of area they’re in. We prefer to explore rather than follow a trail of tick boxes. That said, we do sometimes find our interests cross paths with the beaten tourist track, and trying tango was one of them – especially at the gorgeous La Catedral.

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Jueves a la mesa, Buenos Aires

Vegetarian puerta cerradas in Buenos Aires

guests at vegetarian puerta cerrada in Buenos Aires

We love food and meeting people so were instantly taken by the idea of puerta cerradas where someone opens their own home as a restaurant, kind of like a public dinner party. The concept is really popular in Buenos Aires and features some of the city’s best dining. Unfortunately, most are meat-heavy affairs, but we were delighted to find some incredible vegetarian options. We visited two while in the city – Casa Felix and Jueves a la Mesa.

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Books and wine at Abulafia bookshop, Buenos Aires

The best bookshops in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a wonderland for book lovers. Borges’ hometown has bookshops on practically every street. Best of all, many of them have cafes where you can while away a day surrounded by beautiful books while drinking tea and eating medialunas. Cafes in bookshops are one of my favourite things and Buenos Aires’ bookshop cafes are some … Read more

Barcelona with a baby- Hotel Barcelona Catedral

How to meet people in Buenos Aires

Steve has been gone for a week now and there’s another four to go so I’ve been finding my feet in Buenos Aires alone. Most of the time I’m quite happy wandering the city and setting up camp in cafes with my iPad and a good smoothie, but sometimes I want some company. Travelling alone … Read more

Iguazu Falls: excellent splendour of the universe

Our visit to Iguazu Falls gave birth to a new catchphrase: ‘Exxxxcellent splennndoooooourrrrrrrrr of the universssssse’. This has to be shouted in a mighty way as if a superhero, preferably with one joyous hand thrust into the air. Why visit Iquazu falls? At the end of out trip, we had a tiredness that reminded us … Read more