Couchsurfing, Buenos Aires

Our favourite five things to do in Buenos Aires

Couchsurfing with RobertoWe’ve waved goodbye to Buenos Aires and are rounding up our posts on the city that became home for nearly two months. With Steve filming in California, I lived with an Argentinian girl and mostly spent my days learning Spanish, practising yoga, writing and working on a project that I’ll be launching sometime soon. I barely left Palermo, enjoying my temporary life as a local in the tree-lined barrio.

My impressions of Buenos Aires were complicated as I missed Steve, and struggled with ‘what the hell am I doing with my life?’ questions. I also yearned for nature and found the pace of city life a little too reminiscent of my home in London. That said, and preponderance of dog poo aside, Buenos Aires won us over. Aside from our friends, such as the wonderful Roberto pictured above, these are our top five favourite things about the city. Also see this Buenos Aires photo tour for some of the more classic things to do in the city.

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Pena at the Casona del Molino 1

Video: Folklorico at La Casona del Molino, Salta

Salta is famous for its peñas, venues where musicians come together to play traditional folk music. Most of these have been turned into touristy nightmares with an organised sit-down dinner and staged show. We avoided these but were luckily told about one that retains its authenticity – La Casona del Molino. The casona is a … Read more

Teens from Barrio Solidaridad in Salta

The selfishness of teens: volunteering with Cloudhead in Salta

Teenagers are obnoxious, right? Rude, selfish, little creatures that think they know everything better than everyone. This is what the British right-wing papers would certainly have you believe. While I can’t vouch for UK teenagers (although they seem pretty harmless on the whole to me), I can say that the Argentinian teenagers we met blew … Read more

Barcelona with a baby- Hotel Barcelona Catedral

Cafayate wine: a charming alternative to Mendoza

After a slightly treacherous but splendid time in Mendoza, we were intrigued to hear about Cafayate – a smaller wine region in Argentina, most famous for its Torrontes white wine. As a bigger fan of white than red, this peaked my interest even further and we decided to take a look. What greeted us was … Read more

Building a garden in a Wichi village, Argentina

Working with the Wichi people in Salta

Have you ever heard of the Wichi people? We hadn’t until we went to Jueves a la Mesa, a vegetarian puerta cerrada in Buenos Aires. A couple from New York – Leigh and Noah – were holding an exhibition there of photos taken by Wichi children. They had given kids in the community digital cameras … Read more

Victoria horseriding in Capilla del Monte

On facing fears

I was in a tunnel 15 feet under the ground, only just big enough to crouch and crawl through. The lights had blown a few moments earlier, just in time to see a bat skim the crown of my head. I peered through the darkness, uneasiness setting in as the earthen walls crumbled beneath my … Read more