Top 10 cafés in Palermo, Buenos Aires

Last updated on January 11, 2024

Natural Deli cappuchino, Buenos Aires

Tea and cake in a good cafe is one of my favourite things, and during my time in trendy Palermo in Buenos Aires there was no shortage of options to choose from. This is a round-up of my favourite 10 cafes in Palermo in no particular order. All have wi-fi and vegetarian options. I’m focused on cafes in Palermo because that’s where I lived, but I also think it’s definitely home to the best cafes in Buenos Aires.

The best cafes in Buenos Aires’ Palermo District

1. Bartola

Nicaragua 5935, Palermo Hollywood  and Gurruchaga 1795, Palermo Soho

Outside Bartola cafe, Buenos Aires

Bartola is delightfully kitsch with bunting, mismatched furniture and a pastel palette. There are cakes, teas and juices and a good breakfast/brunch menu, as well as sandwiches and pizza.

Bartola cafe, Buenos Aires

There are two branches – a small, cosy one with lovely outdoor seating on one of Palermo Soho’s most pretty roads; and another in Recoleta.

2. bBlue Deli and Natural Bar

Armenia 1692, Palermo Soho

Meal at bBlue Buenos Aires

bBlue was my favourite post-yoga stop for a healthy smoothie or salad. The light filled, yet cosy, place is owned by a blueberry farmer and serves a delicious crumble. The breakfasts are huge, and there’s also a great tea menu. it’s the kind of place you tend to leave feeling refreshed.

3. Oui Oui

Nicaragua 6068, Palermo Hollywood

Oui Oui hot chocolate, Buenos Aires

Steve and I were looking for a good brunch and Oui Oui perfectly delivered. This charming cafe seems made for weekend mornings. It’s the ideal pace to enjoy a breakfast of eggs and coffee amid the bustling Palermo streets. It served the best submarine (a glass of hot milk with chocolate to melt into it) that I tasted in the city, with lots of crumbly chocolate so you could make it just right. Definitely one of Palermo’s best cafes.

4. Pani

Nicaragua 6044, Palermo Hollywood

Pani cakes, Buenos Aires

Pani is a girly delight, full of pretty crockery, and even prettier cakes. The pink lemonade even comes in a pink jug in the shape of a penguin. You probably shouldn’t go there without trying something sweet like one of the tempting macaroons.

Pink lemonade at Pani, Buenos Aires

There is also a menu of savoury dishes such as pizza, wraps and salad. There’s an outdoor courtyard as well as plenty of seats inside beside shelves full of cute teapots.

5. Voltaire

1946 Carranza, Palermo Hollywood

Voltaire cafe, Buenos Aires

Sitting here on a sunny day is a wonderful way to appreciate Palermo’s charms. Outside the cafe, the lamp posts, signs and trees are wrapped in colourful crochet and inside is cosy and inviting. Whenever I went to Voltaire it always had a bustle to it and was a great place to while away some time working. Unlike most places in Buenos Aires, it’s possible to get a light lunch rather than a portion fit for two. It gets very busy at the weekends.

6. Libros del Pasaje

Thames 1762, Palermo Soho

From the balcony at Libros del Pasaje

I’ve already raved about this in my post on Buenos Aires best bookshops, but it has to be included on this list too as the cafe is one of the best parts. It’s at the back of the bookshop, next to a small music section so you can sit surrounded by books and music. It’s wonderfully cosy and possibly my favourite place to sit and read in the city. I miss it, writing about it now.

 7. Eterna Cadencia

Honduras 5574, Palermo Hollywood

Cafe in Eterna cadencia, Buenos Aires

If I’m including Libros del Pasaje then Eterna Cadencia deserves a mention too. It’s a more classical bookstore than Libros del Pasaje and the cafe feels rather more grand with high ceilings and a glass roof. My favourite place to sit was at the back on the sofas where you could peek into the bookshop or stare up to the sky.  You can see more pictures in my Buenos Aires bookshops post.

8. Full City Coffee House

Thames 1535, Palermo Soho

Full City Coffee House, Buenos Aires

Run by a Colombian-British couple, Full City Coffehouse serves its own blend of Colombian coffee, plus lots of reasonably priced snacks, such as arepas, burgers and salads.

9. Birkin

Nicaragua 6025

Birkin, Buenos Aires

You know how much we love Portland, and this hip vintage cafe, Birkin, was inspired by the city’s Stumptown Coffee Roasters, and it would certainly look at home in the Pacific Northwest. If you like this, also read our guide to what to do in Portland, plus our round up of Portland’s best vegetarian-friendly restaurants.


LattenTe, Buenos Aires

The coffee and cookies come highly recommended in LATTEnTE. It wasn’t open when I visited Buenos Aires, but from the looks of its Instagram and the reviews on TripAdvisor, it does a mean flat white and the interiors are hip and inviting.

Best cafes in Palermo, Buenos Aires

I also have a post on the best vegetarian restaurants in Buenos Aires. Many of the restaurants double as cafes, including Natural Deli, which is where I took the photo at the top of the page. Let me know if there are any you think I’ve left out.

And if you’re planning a trip anytime soon, be sure to check out our travel planning resources, which are full of heaps of tips and advice for saving time and money, and getting the most out of your trip. 

The best cafes in Palermo, Buenos Aires

23 thoughts on “Top 10 cafés in Palermo, Buenos Aires”

  1. I can’t wait until August 26th, when I land in BA. The best part? OPTIONS. After 2 years in rural South Korea, I think my head is going to explode!

    • I loved it in there. It was the perfect place to cosy up and read or write when the skies turned grey in BA. The cakes are great too!

  2. This is an excellent post – we will totally refer to this when we finally get to Buenos Aires! They all look gorgeous and we can’t wait to explore Buenos Aires!

    • Thanks Dani! Buenos Aies is amazing for excellent cafes and vegetarian food. You’ll have an awesome time. We can’t wait to get Central America to try the fruits you talked about!

  3. These cafes are seems great. I’ve never been in Buenos Aires before in-fact never visited any countries in Latin America. Whatever I’ll visit Argentina hopefully such information of cafes will give me helpful vibe. Thanks.

  4. I settled recently in Palermo Soho and your posts are just the golden guide to me (after the GuiaTe of course) Photos are also perfectly representative, muchas gracias!

    • Excellent! So pleased they are useful to you. I’d love to be able to teleport to Palermo right now for a coffee in one of those cafes!

    • Sorry Marion, I’m afraid I’m not sure of all the cafés opening times. I think the best thing would be to check their websites. Have a great time!

  5. The next time you have to know Punto Letra! Is in Palermo Soho, is new and they have the best patisserie i´ve tasted!!! you have to taste the banana cheesecake! OMG!

  6. thank you so much for the wonderfull detailed lists of cafe’s and especially the vegetarian one’s…have a trip planned this december.

  7. Buenos Aires food is, on average, terrible. I hope those of you coming here aren’t expecting a culinary experience. You’ll get one alright .. But one that you can only file under A – for Awful.
    Great trip but worst food experience of my life so far.

    • Like any big city, Buenos Aires has its share of bad restaurants but they also have great restaurants. For a visit, do some homework, go to TripAdvisor and read the forums for Buenos Aires.. ask questions, get a good guidebook .
      We don’t eat meat and we still had great food every time we ate out. and I lived there for 7 years .

  8. Good afternoon,
    We are a young Colombia-Argentine couple with coffee roots that has just oppened a new coffee store in Palermo, Buenos Aires.
    We learnt barism in Colombia and we offer gourmet coffee from different areas of the country and we are pleased to have this delicious drink for argentine people and foreingners.
    As we understand, it is no easy to find this sort of coffee in Buenos Aires, that’s why we invite you all to come and try it. You will not regret it.

  9. My favourite coffee store in Buenos Aires is Vive Café. Is a new coffee store but the coffee there is really delicious in a cozy and welcoming space. It is placed in Costa Rica 5722 Palermo.


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