Victoria horseriding in Capilla del Monte

On facing fears

I was in a tunnel 15 feet under the ground, only just big enough to crouch and crawl through. The lights had blown a few moments earlier, just in time to see a bat skim the crown of my head. I peered through the darkness, uneasiness setting in as the earthen walls crumbled beneath my … Read more

Alien shop in Capilla del Monte

When you’re done with the city, go hunt for UFOs: magic in Capilla del Monte

Prayer to Pachamama in Capilla del Monte

“I can’t wait to get back to the mountains” I said, as we trundled down a hill in Cordoba city on the way to a new hostel. Steve agreed. We’d been in the city for a few days and liked it – there were next to no tourists and it had a spritely bustle that had been a novelty after weeks in Patagonia – but the yearning for nature had soon kicked in. As our words registered, we leapt to the same conclusion: “What are we doing then? Let’s go,” and we hailed a taxi to the bus station.

Our chosen destination was Capilla del Monte, a small town about three hours outside of Cordoba, which our couchsurfing host had told us about. It’s famed for UFO sightings and has an abundance of vegetarian food – enough to sate both Steve’s and my curiosity.

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Wax Freud

Why are so many Argentines in therapy?

I started to notice it in Buenos Aires. Friends would meet me a drink “after therapy”, my Spanish teacher would fit me in around her sessions, and everyone would pepper conversations with “my therapist says…”. I soon realised that nearly every Argentine I met was either in, or had been in, therapy – but more … Read more

Tea, cakes and Welsh cowboys in Gaiman, Patagonia

A rare post written by Steve! Growing up in the south-west of England, a short drive across the Severn bridge to Wales, I was always both fascinated and amused to hear about ‘Welsh cowboys’ lurking somewhere down in the wild and unforgiving landscape of southern Argentina, half a world away from the green and pleasant … Read more

Perito Moreno Glacier

Perito Moreno glacier and a dash of whiskey: a photo essay

Seeing the Perito Moreno glacier was one of the most hyped moments we dreamed of when planning this trip – so much so that as the day approached we started to panic that we may have built it up a little too much. We needn’t have worried as the ice giant went beyond expectations. While … Read more

Couchsurfing, Buenos Aires

Our favourite five things to do in Buenos Aires

We’ve waved goodbye to Buenos Aires and are rounding up our posts on the city that became home for nearly two months. With Steve filming in California, I lived with an Argentinian girl and mostly spent my days learning Spanish, practising yoga, writing and working on a project that I’ll be launching sometime soon. I … Read more

Learning to live in the moment

“I don’t feel thankful to the universe. It’s mean.” Yes, I actually said those words. I was in Buenos Aires, a city I dreamed of since playing ‘Where in the World is Carmen San Diego’ as a child, and I was having a strop. Steve was in San Francisco talking about the splendour of the universe and … Read more