Travel theme nursery

How to create a travel-themed nursery

My passions are opposite. On one hand I love to travel and be free, and on the other I love homemaking and creating a place to call my own. Recently, I brought the two together for the decoration of our travel-themed nursery. Not only does it have a travel theme, but it also draws on … Read more

Christmas gifts for travel lovers - Travel book

Stylish gift ideas for travel lovers

Last year I made a Christmas gift guide for travel lovers and now here’s part two. It’s filled with things that travel lovers – from digital nomads to the armchair variety – will enjoy. All the ideas on the first list still stand, so do have a look at that too. 1. The gift of … Read more

On having a baby without your parents

The pregnancy books like to tell me that this is a time when my Mum and I will enjoy a new closeness as we bond over being mothers – at which point I tend to throw the book, cry or simply sigh the unending grief of living without her.  My Mum was a midwife, a … Read more

How to plan a babymoon

Pregnancy update: The second trimester

This week I say hello to the third trimester of pregnancy. Time has flown and it’s hard to believe we’ll be meeting our baby in less than three month’s time. This post is a little update on how the pregnancy has been so far. I know it won’t be so interesting for all of you … Read more

Gender Reveal Cake (Hidden Word Cake)

It’s a…gender reveal cake!

From day one I’ve been convinced I’m having a girl. Steve too. We talked for hours about names and barely touched on the boy’s list, while the girl’s list grew and grew. So when we went to our 17-week gender scan, we were fairly confident we knew the answer. “Baby’s not playing ball,” said the … Read more

Pregnancy and anxiety

Some thoughts on pregnancy and anxiety

Last week, I was sitting round a table with a group of fellow mums-to-be, relieved to hear that I’m not alone in the thoughts that have been running through my head these past few months of pregnancy. Is the baby still there? Is the baby okay? And how oh how do you get past worrying … Read more

Tell me what you think! Win a £30 gift voucher

I’m in mega planning mode, trying to get everything in order before this little creature wriggling around inside of me makes their way into the world. One of the things I’m working on is the direction of this blog. Bridges and Balloons has always been as much about my personal journey as travel, filled with … Read more

Victoria pregnant

Big news! We’re having a baby!

I have big news! This little family is becoming three! On 26 January 2018, Steve and I are expecting a baby! As readers of this blog will know, it’s taken a while to get here – 18 months in fact – but patience paid off and after months of hospital appointments, scans and uncertainty, we … Read more

Victoria walking in Ashton Court

A little update from Bristol

I know many of you read this blog for the travel tips, so perhaps you’ll want to skip this one, but I know I love bloggers’ posts that give an update on their life lately. It’s like a getting a little letter from one of my friends. So I thought it’s about time I write … Read more