Europe Road Trip - Santa Margherita Ligure

My London

I moved here at 19, exhilarated and starry eyed after a year travelling the world by myself. While friends headed out across the width and breadth of England, for me it had always been London. I grew up just a 30-minute train ride from the city in a suburban Surrey town. We’d save our money … Read more

Oh my! We made a video for Lonely Planet!

I’ve been a mega fan of Lonely Planet since I took my first solo trip abroad more than 14 years ago. I can remember pouring over the books as I planned my trip around the world. They came to symbolise adventure, and I still get a thrill every time I buy one now. We used one … Read more

Roald Dahl quote

Remember to say thank you

My aunt doesn’t read this blog but she knows everything that I write on it because her best friend Diane calls her and reads each post verbatim. Diane has been this blog’s biggest supporter from as soon as I started it in 2012. She leaves comments telling me how wonderful she thinks it is, and … Read more

Glowing Adventures Waitomo

Surfing panic and dealing with claustrophobia

Somewhere between New Plymouth and Waitomo I lost my shit. I was looking up the directions for our boat trip into some caves when I saw the line “No need to bring anything, we provide all the necessary gear”. Gear? I thought I was headed to a leisurely boat ride into a cave filled with … Read more

Empty Aeromexico flight (the one they wouldn't let us change to)

Trapped in Mexico City –AeroMexico and Zika

Last time I wrote here, Steve and I were in the midst of a little crisis. Our dreams of San Pancho had been thwarted by Zika and we were stuck in Mexico City with an £800 price tag on our only way out. Our original plan had been to spend two and a half months … Read more

Image by James Gathany via Flickr and Creative Commons

Why we’re changing our travel plans because of Zika

We’re supposed to be in San Pancho. We’ve been imagining the moment of our return for months – what it would feel like to drive down the main street and see our beloved town again ­– to recognise the similarities and spot the inevitable changes. We’ve been counting down with our friends, getting excited for … Read more

Victoria and Steve in San Pancho

Guess where we’re going back to?!

Oh my, I can’t keep this in any longer. We’re going back to San Pancho! YES! Anyone who read this blog back in 2012-2013 will know that Steve and I fell head over heels for this tiny little town on Mexico’s Pacific coast. We spent six months there and loved it so much we nearly … Read more

Bourganvila Koh Phangan

Being back

When I told people I was returning to Thailand, it brought a smile. They said words like “closure”, “going full circle”, “facing the past”. It was considered a brave journey, fitting neatly into the narrative of how best to heal one’s wounds – to go through the fire and come out lighter and brighter on … Read more

2014: A Year in Review

We started the year with an Om. Eight friends in the midst of a 17-course feast. A scene that set the tone for a year about coming home. January was spent in Devon, a land of rolling hills, craggy cliffs and clouds that move on high-speed. We ate a lot of pasties. We also went … Read more

Victoria and Steve photo booth

He does. I do. We do.

We were surrounded by naked people – something that’s come to be expected on sunny German days in the wilderness. We’ve moved past the red-faced, eyes-darting discomfort that our English heritage provides and have come to appreciate this natural abandon.  But not today, it seemed. We’d come to Berlin’s forest, the Grunewald, for a picnic. … Read more