Gate on Bali road trip

Road Trippin’ to Peace in Untouched Bali

A lot of people complain about the tourism in Bali, and it’s fair enough. The proliferation of guesthouses and villas that are quickly filling the rice fields and shorelines of the island is alarming and painful to watch – and the traffic is abominable. Ubud is one of the places that has been hit particularly … Read more

Rice Paddies in Ubud

Our digital nomad life in Ubud

“You don’t like it there, do you?” said my aunt on the phone one day. I can see why she thought it. My posts on Ubud have been a little heavy on the navel-gazing, which doesn’t always make for lighthearted stories. But our life here has been much more than all the “Don’t knock it … Read more

Village above the clouds bed

The words I needed to hear

When I first heard about Per, he sounded like an archetypal compulsive liar, full of the tallest of tales that would put to shame Frank Abagnale Jr. In a town like Ubud, you have to have your bullshit detector on. Then I met him, and the doubts were gone. This man, the youngest of ten … Read more

Cocktail on Balangan beach

Venting frustration

I woke up that morning, fed up and tired with this journey. The rats had returned to the ceiling, causing another disrupted night’s sleep while they played gymnastics above our heads, the thin plaster amplifying their patter to the sound of elephants’ hooves. Tonight we’d have to re-plug in the sonic repeller, pushing aside any … Read more

A weekend in Isle of Mull and Oban and Ardlui: Tobermory

DKITYTI: Radical Inquiry and The Way of Mastery

You may be starting to wonder if I’m going to come across something I don’t enjoy in this series  – well here’s the first one. It started badly with a gaze that lasted too long. You know the type. You say your hellos and then they proceed to look deep into your eyes, nodding their head … Read more

Fairy spirits above Victoria's head

DKITYTI: The John of God crystal light bed

Update: In 2018 (after this post was originally written),  John of God turned himself in to the police after over 600 accusations of sexual abuse. In December 2019, he was sentenced to 19 years and four months for the rapes of four different women. This kind of story is all too familiar in the world … Read more

AUM meditation at Radiantly Alive in Ubud

DKITYTI: AUM meditation and the sexy dance

“Oh god, what have I got myself into?” “I thought it was a meditation.” “So did I, but I just watched a video about it on YouTube and they said something about a sexy dance and shouting.” “You said you wanted to come out of your shell.” Steve was right, I did say that, and … Read more

Fairy spirits above Victoria's head

DKITYTI: Channelling spirit guides in Ubud

“We are delighted to be invited here today,” says a small Indian woman who reminds me of the witch in Brave. She’s mischievous, and even though her eyes are closed, I can sense the twinkle behind her lids. This woman doesn’t exist in physical form. The voice is coming from an American lady, sitting cross … Read more

Bali offering in Ubud

Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it: Energy 101

Auras on the beach

“I don’t think I’ll go tomorrow. I’m not sure I can bear it. It sounds like exactly the sort of thing that’ll be full of people who annoy me.”

“Why do you want to go at all?”

“I’m curious.”

The workshop is question was “Energy 101 —Join us in this 2 day experiential workshop to explore everything you want to know about your energy, including identifying, shielding, grounding and running energy. Use this knowledge in your daily life to support your life force and maintain vitality!”

Read more

Tom and Steve watching the sunset on Gili Air

When friends come to visit…

When friends come to visit, it’s not the time to write. It’s time to explore, …share your favourite restaurants, …drink colourful drinks, …and spot faces in walls. It’s a time to drink fancy coffee, …take a trip (or three) to the spa, …brave the monkey forest, …and then learn to wood carve when it rains. … Read more