Noticeboard and motorbike in Ubud

The conundrum of the eat-pray-lovers

There are people here who pray as they eat. Palms upturned beatifically, and beaming orgasmically with every bite. These people aren’t Balinese but a different breed of Ubudian — the spiritual seekers, here to find themselves in what has become a magnet for the esoteric. You see these people in the bounty of health food … Read more

Monkey in Ubud

That time we got held hostage by monkeys in Ubud

“Why didn’t I like this house? It’s beautiful” “You said it felt like the type of place horror movies took place. I wasn’t going to argue with that.” “Ah, I was probably just tired. Let’s take it.” Those words were said the day before. Now, 15 minutes after moving in, we’re sitting in the upstairs … Read more