The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Ubud, Bali

Last updated on March 6, 2024

Best vegetarian restaurants Ubud - Kantin

Ubud is a definite contender for best vegetarian destination in Asia. The name Ubud itself means medicine and the town is a magnet for all things health-related. Yoga-lovers and spiritual seekers flock to the town in droves and the restaurants have perfected the menus to serve them. From raw food to Ayurveda to macrobiotics ­– whatever system you’re following ­– you’re likely to find it in Ubud. It has some of the best vegetarian restaurants we’ve ever been to and we were spoiled for choice when we lived there. And it’s not just all local cuisine, you’ll find food from all over the world, from Mexican to Indian to Italian.

Here’s a selection of some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Ubud, including exclusively vegetarian/vegan options, and places that are vegetarian-friendly, serving meat too.

Update: I’ve updated this post since we were in Ubud as some of the original restaurants are now closed. I’ve also added some new ones that friends have recommended.

The best vegetarian restaurants in Ubud


Raw vegetarian food at Kafe, Ubud, one of Ubud's best veggie restaurants

Partners with famous The Yoga Barn, Kafe Ubud is also an Ubud institution and definitely one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Ubud. Locals ex-pats may be put off by the spiritual-seeking tourists, but you can’t fault the food, which includes a varied international selection. The Thai green curry is delicious, as well as the Indian platter, Mexican selection and hearty soups. Upstairs is a good spot to get some wi-fi time along with all the other Apple-toting crowd. There are plenty of vegan options.

Cuisine: International health food

Atmosphere: Casual; social; co-working

Address: 44B Jalan Hanoman, Ubud 80571

Cost for a main dish: 50,000-80,000 IDR

We recommend: Thai green curry and Indian platter

Website: Kafe


Raw juice menu at Alchemy, Ubud

Alchemy gets a lot of flak from local ex-pats for its sky-high juice prices, but the food is quite reasonable. It’s also very tasty, including the extensive salad bar, which you can pick and choose from. The absolute highlight is the raw chocolate deserts — possibly the best we’ve ever tasted. With Alchemy nearby, being vegan would be made easy. Tucked out of the main tourist hub in sleepy Penastanan, Alchemy is a relaxed place to hang out and people watch the local ex-pats, praying over their food. The smoothies are also amazing – be sure to try the PB and J! This is also probably the best vegan restaurant in Ubud.

Cuisine: Juices; Raw vegan

Atmosphere: Casual; social; co-working

Address: 75 Jalan Raya Penestanan

Cost for a main dish: 45,000 IDR

We recommend: PB and J smoothie

Website: Alchemy

Bali Buda

Ubud's best vegetarian restaurants - Mixed vegetarian plate at Bali Buda, Ubud,

One of the original vegetarian restaurants in Ubud, Bali Buda has retained it’s seat as one of the best. It’s strength lies in its options — various breads including red-rice and a wide selection of milks — meaning it caters for almost every diet. The rice-flour wraps are a delicious option, as well as the pizzas on various bases. It also caters for more junky urges like tofu burgers and chips. The partnering shop downstairs has a fantastic selection of baked good including some decadent cinnamon rolls. It’s a favourite Ubud vegetarian hangout.

Cuisine: International and international health food (meat and vegetarian)

Atmosphere: Casual; cosy

Address: 1 Jalan Jembawan

Cost for a main dish: 40,000-65,000 IDR

We recommend: Rice flour wraps

Website: Bali Buda


Vegetarian japanese food at Vespa, Ubud

The cosy Cafe Vespa away from the crowds is a great place to while away some time getting lost in your book or laptop. The menu includes some Ayurveda-inspired dishes such as a vegetarian curry plate and dhal breakfast. Some consider it to serve the best kombucha in town (strawberry and apple flavour). And it’s also big on its coffee.

Cuisine: International and Indian-inspired cuisine

Atmosphere: Laid-back; cafe-style

Address: Jalan Raya Penestanan Kaja, Sayan

Cost for a main dish: 45,000-80,000 IDR

We recommend: Dosas

Website: Cafe Vespa

Yellow Flower Cafe

Hidden in the rice fields of Penastanan, the Yellow Flower Cafe is worth visiting for the walk alone. The peaceful little cafe where guests speak with instinctively hushed voices is a small retreat from the crowds of Ubud. Featuring mostly Indonesian food with a healthy twist, the cafe caters to health-conscious ex-pats and passers by. The Sunday evening vegetarian buffet is popular.

Cuisine: Indonesian and international (meat and vegetarian)

Atmosphere: Peaceful; good views; intimate

Address: Penestanan/Capuhan Steps

Cost for a main dish: 38,000-50,000 IDR

We recommend: Thai green curry and Indian platter

Website: Yellow Flower Cafe

Melting Wok

Deservedly topping the charts of Trip Advisor, the Melting Wok Warung serves perhaps the best curry in town. With a menu of just two dishes, as well as two nightly specials, the French-owned restaurant gets everything perfectly right. The noodle curry with coconut milk is divine, and the chocolate deserts are some of the best you’ll ever taste. The service is also flawlessly friendly, making every guest feel special. They clearly love what they do. It’s not all vegetarian but they cater very well for veggies in Ubud. It’s one the very best restaurants in Ubud.

Cuisine: Indonesian (meat, fish and vegetarian)

Atmosphere: Sit-down restaurant; friendly; intimate

Address: 13 Jalan Gootama

Cost for a main dish: 47,000 IDR

We recommend: Noodle curry with coconut milk

Website: Melting Wok


Best vegetarian restaurants Ubud - Atman

The pad thai and the crusty ciabatta are two reasons enough to visit Atman for a veggie meal in Ubud. The small restaurant on Hanuman with comfy seats to lounge on, and a soundtrack of yogic sounds is a peaceful break from the busy town. Breakfast, juice, deserts and dinner are all good options here, and as a bonus there’s a partnering gelateria next door.

Cuisine: International health food (vegetarian, meat and fish)

Atmosphere: Casual; relaxed

Address: 38 Jalan Hanoman

Cost for a main dish: 35,000-65,000 IDR

We recommend: Avocado feta toastie

Website: Atman


Sari Organik is one of Ubud's best vegetarian restaurants

Hidden in the rice fields, a trip to Sari Organik is a great way to see some of the views that Bali is famous for. It’s only accessible by foot or motorcycle and is about a 15-minute walk from the main road. The restaurant serves produce from its own garden, mixed into healthy combinations that you can enjoy while overlooking the rice terraces. It’s one of the best views in Ubud.

Cuisine: Sustainable international and Indonesian (vegetarian, meat and fish)

Atmosphere: Outdoors; Casual; destination restaurant with amazing views

Address: Jalan Subak Sok Wayah

Cost for a main dish: 40,000-50,000 IDR

We recommend: The juices

Website: Sari Organik


Vegetarian food at Taksu, Ubud, one of Ubud's best vegetarian restuarants

The Taksu spa is tucked away behind Ubud’s main high streets and is a peaceful respite away from the hubub of the busy roads. It’s a reminder that despite the built-up area in the centre, Ubud is actually pure jungle – lush, verdant and green. Aside from the excellent spa and yoga, Taksu also has a good restaurant set among its gorgeous gardens with lots of vegetarian options.

Cuisine: Raw, vegan

Atmosphere: Lush garden views; sit-down restaurant

Address: Jalan Gootama

Cost for a main dish: 50,000-110,000 IDR

We recommend: Kaffir lime tart

Website: Taksu


Best vegetarian and vegan restaurants Ubud - Clear

With food from around the world, as well as Indonesian specials, a wide raw food selection and macrobiotic options, Clear Cafe is a vegetarian’s dream. The juices, drinks and smoothies are also brilliant, and you can substitute nut milk (or mylk as they call it) in all the dairy options. The cheese-filled majestic mushrooms are a decadent treat, and the raw lasagne a fine example of the genre done well.

Cuisine: International (meat and vegetarian)

Atmosphere: Stylish sit-down restaurant

Address: 8 Jalan Hanoman

Cost for a main dish: 55,000-65,000 IDR

We recommend: Majestic mushrooms and raw lasagne

Website: Clear Cafe

Dayu’s Warung

Local ex-pats rave about Dayu’s Warung for its cheap prices and delicious food. The large menu is certainly inventive and tempting but can sometimes lack taste. The purple sweet potatoes, a favourite ingredient on the menu, are definitely worth a try. There are plenty of vegan and gluten-free options on offer.

Cuisine: Indonesian and international (meat, fish and vegetarian)

Atmosphere: Casual; low-key

Address: 18 Jalan Sugriwa

Cost for a main dish: 35,000 IDR

We recommend: Purple sweet potatoes

Website: Dayu’s Warung

Secrets Gelato

Best vegetarian restaurants Ubud - Secrets gelato

If you’re fed up with all the health food then get your sugar kick at Secrets Gelato. It’s delicious!

Cuisine: Gelato

Atmosphere: Ice cream bar; limited seating

Address: There are two on Jalan Raya and another on Jalan Wenara Wara

Cost for a main dish: 33,000-89,000 IDR

We recommend: Passion fruit sorbet

Website: Secrets Gelato

Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia - best vegetarian pizza in Ubud

We would definitely award the best “normal” pizza place in Ubud award to Mamma Mia – this place is all about classic Italian goodness with no gluten-free substitutes in sight. There are two branches in town and both offer laid-back dining as well as delivery. Pizza Umah also comes highly recommended.

Cuisine: Italian

Atmosphere: Casual sit-down restaurant

Address: 36 Jalan Hanoman and Jalan Pengosekan

Cost for a main dish: 50,000-80,000 IDR

We recommend: Pizza

Website: Mamma Mia

The Elephant

Best vegetarian restaurants Ubud - The Elephant

The Elephant Ubud opened just as we were leaving Ubud, so we only got to try it once, but it’s now become one of Ubud’s most popular vegetarian restaurants. They serve inventive vegetarian fare, including a range of excellent Italian dishes, such as pasta and gnocchi. Plus it’s overlooking the Camphuan Ridge, offering gorgeous views across the valley. Their new sister restaurant, DUMBO, also sounds brilliant, serving wood-fired Italian food.

Cuisine: International vegetarian

Atmosphere: Casual; social; co-working

Address: Hotel Taman Indrakila, Jalan Raya Sanggingan

Cost for a main dish: 60,000-80,000 IDR

We recommend: Gnocchi (although that is all we tried!)

Website: The Elephant


Best vegetarian restaurants Ubud - Sage

Sage our friends Erin and Simons’ favourite restaurant in Ubud, serving California-style vegan cuisine, including lots of Mexican-inspired dishes. Their top recommendations are the tempeh tacos and cauliflower fritas, and they also highly rate the cakes and breakfasts. It’s the first place I’ll be headed to next time we’re in Ubud. Read Simon and Erin’s vegetarian Ubud guide here.

Cuisine: International health food

Atmosphere: Casual; social; co-working

Address: 44B Jalan Hanoman, Ubud 80571

Cost for a main dish: 50,000-80,000 IDR

We recommend: Thai green curry and Indian platter

Website: Kafe


Where to eat in Ubud, vegetarian - Kantin

If you’re in Ubud as a digital nomad, you’ll no doubt come across the popular Hubud working co-space. Kantin is the on-site cafe, situated on a pretty patio with a beautiful view across a rice field. It used to be a vegan restaurant but has no expanded to offer a wide international menu.

Cuisine: International and Indonesian (vegetarian, meat and fish)

Atmosphere: Outdoors, casual cafe; social; co-working

Address: Hubud, 88 Monkey Forest Road

Cost for a main dish: 20,000-40,000 IDR

Website: Kantin

Taco Casa

Best restaurants in Ubud - Taco Casa

There were no good Mexican options when we lived in Ubud, so I was very excited to hear about the popular Taco Casa, which serves hearty Tex-Mex food, including nachos, burritos and tacos. It also serves meat, so is a a good option if you’re out in a group.

Cuisine: Tex-Mex (meat and vegetarian)

Atmosphere: Casual; social; co-working

Address: Jalan Pengosekan

Cost for a main dish: 50,000-70,000 IDR

We recommend: Thai green curry and Indian platter

Website: Taco Casa


Bali vegetarian food - Moksa

Serving food that promises to “love you back”, Moksa Ubud is a vegan restaurant serving locally sourced food from their own permaculture garden. And there’s an on-site yoga studio too.

Cuisine: Locally sourced vegan

Atmosphere: Peaceful, outdoor, casual

Address: Puskesmas Ubud II

Cost for a main dish: 60,000-85,000 IDR

Website: Moksa

Prima Warung

Vali local vegetarian restaurants - Prima Warung

The little Prima Warung serves only one dish – nasi campur – and as such has it down to perfection.  It’s a good option for trying a simple, friendly warung.

Cuisine: Indonesian (vegan)

Atmosphere: Simple, casual

Address: Jalan Raya Penestanan

Cost for a main dish: 30,000 IDR

Website: Prima Warung

More Ubud restaurant recommendations

For some more tips, do check out our friends’ Simon and Erins comprehensive guide to vegetarian food in Ubud. They tried even more places than us! And here’s a guide to affordable places to eat in Ubud, which also includes meaty options.

And if you’re looking for guides that aren’t exclusively vegetarian, check out our friends Amber and Eric’s food and travel blog, With Husband in Tow. They were in Bali at the same time as us.

We’ve also written about our digital nomad life in Ubud, and a guide to things to do in Ubud. If you’re travelling elsewhere in Bali, you can see all our Bali posts here.

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The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Ubud

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  2. A new place which I’ve become actually obsessed with is Pizza Cult in Ubud. Amazing food, great service, such a cute venue and really affordable. Also a great place to bring your laptop and work from!


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