Welcome to our crib: San Pancho style

Last updated on January 11, 2024

Our house San Pancho Mexico

Important note: We were in San Pancho in 2012 and I have heard that nowadays it’s a lot busier and more expensive. I’m also afraid I can’t help you with finding an apartment there. We found this place while simply walking around the town. Seeing as it’s so much busier now, I’m not sure it would be so easy to find a bargain, especially in the high season. Sorry not to be more useful!

Welcome to our new home in San Pancho, Mexico. You already know that we’ve fallen head over heels for the town with its enchanting mix of beach, jungle, cobbled stone streets and splendid people, so we thought it was about time we introduced you to our charming little home where we plan to stay until April. It’s the longest we’ve stayed anyone on our trip but, like I said, we’re in love with San Pancho and living in Mexico!

Our apartment costs $500 a month and includes hot water, internet and a weekly clean including fresh towels (we didn’t realise this until the first time it happened and were blown away by the luxury of it!). We found it through one of our friends in town who lives on the same road. There was no advertisement or sign, which is the case for most of the long-term rentals in town. To find somewhere, you simply have to walk around and ask. There’s a big divide between holiday rental prices and places, like ours, that rent by the month – some of the cheaper holiday places are $500 a week, and the expensive ones cost that a day! This is why you need to be in town to find a bargain.

Apartment in San Pancho outside

Our house is just one small block from the main street on a pretty, plant-lined, cobbled stone street. Our landlord, a friendly Mexican lady named Angela, lives downstairs, and we have the top floor, which is like a mini house in itself.

Staircase to apartment San pancho Mexico

It’s accessed via its own  stairway so we have plenty of privacy.

Mosaic tiles, San Pancho, Mexico

The tiled steps are particularly pretty.

Steve's office San Pancho Mexico

Inside, there is a little living room/office. Steve has now put a desk in here, which is where he does his editing.

Our bedroom San Pancho, Mexico

Behind that is the bedroom, complete with a dressing table, open wardrobe and en-suite bathroom.

Balcony San Pancho Mexico apartment

A balcony runs along the whole side of the house…

Balcony view San Pancho Mexico apartment

…with a view that reaches across the town to the jungled mountains yonder.

My office San pancho Mexio

My office is outside on the rooftop. This is also my ‘playpen’ where I practice yoga and hula-hooping.

My office San Pancho mexico

The door behind leads to the kitchen, which is open-air on one side.

Kitchen apartment San pancho Mexico

We were delighted when we saw that the kitchen had a blender, perfect for making smoothies. The only downfall is a lack of oven (which is the case for most rental places in South and Central America), but we’ve been amazed at what our little toaster oven can do. We also love the breakfast bar.

Garden San pancho Mexcio apartment

One of our favourite things is the amount of plants that grow on on terrace – from roses, to aloe vera, to herbs. The terrace also extends to the back, where Angela hangs her washing.

San Pancho fire sunset

All this is made extra wonderful by the fact the beach is only a few minutes walk away. We can hear the waves from our terrace, and love to walk down there each day for sunset. My yoga class, our friends, and tons of excellent restaurants are also just minutes away, and every day, different trucks drive by selling their wares – from watermelons, to mattresses to gas. We’ve never lived somewhere so convenient!

So there you have our house. Remember mi casa es su casa, so let us know if you’re passing through San Pancho. We’d love to see you!

A note for those looking for houses in San Pancho

Since writing this post, I’ve had a lot of emails asking for advice on how to find a place in San Pancho. I’m afraid all I can say is go there and ask around. That’s what we did and I don’t have any experience trying anything else. The only places I know of to look online are Air BnB and the website San Pancho Life.  I know that San Pancho Life tends to list vacation rentals so the prices are pretty high. Sorry not to be of more help!

90 thoughts on “Welcome to our crib: San Pancho style”

      • Me and my husband are wanting to move to Mexico possibly there, would you know of any rentals available? ? We’d like to move by the end of this year.

        • I’m afraid not. I can only recommend going there and asking around as that’s what we did. I also mention a website, San Pancho Life, that has listings at the end of the post above. That could be a good short-term option. Good luck!

      • Your place looks Fantastic! If u aren’t going to be renting it next year Oct, 2019 to Apr 2020, would Angela still be renting it? My husband and I are looking for 6 months of wonder and possibly for a number of years after. (We do have a dog so wud need to know he cud come too.) Enjoy your time in this wonderful place Terri

      • Your place looks Fantastic! If u aren’t going to be renting it next year Oct, 2019 to Apr 2020, would Angela still be renting it? My husband and I are looking for 6 months of wonder and possibly for a number of years after. (We do have a dog so wud need to know he cud come too.) Enjoy your time in this wonderful place.

      • My husband and I live in La Cruz which is the next small town to Bucerias. Rents have gone crazy in the last few years and affordable places are hard to find for snowbirds. Long term you’ll get a better deal but you really need to travel to the town, stay in a cheap hostel and walk the streets asking everyone you meet. Agave Azul in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle is a good place to start.

  1. Goodness gracious, I want to pack my bags right now! Just 10 months 6 days 5 hours 13 minutes 12 seconds until me and my girlfriend start our long term traveling, not that I am counting… Keep the posts coming very inspiring 🙂

  2. That place is adorable! Love the tiled steps. I’ve got a month long rental in Colombia for now and have also had to learn to live without an oven.

    Hope you guys enjoy your time there!

    • Yep, this whole no oven thing is a challenge but we’re getting used to it. Hope you’re having an awesome time in Colombia.

  3. Love, love, love Mexico! Love it!!! Having lived in San Miguel de Allende and Ajijic for about 6 months in all, as well as driven from the U.S. border to the border of El Salvador, I think I know this marvelous country fairly well. This happy international house sitter totally gets it!

  4. Heading back to Mexico in March and we’re looking for somewhere to base ourselves for a while as we travel around. I’ve never heard of this area, but it looks so pretty and the house is lovely!

    • We’ll be here until April so perhaps we’ll cross paths! The off-season when it’s very humid and rainy (but also cheaper) starts around then. Keep in touch!

  5. could you email the address of the apartment in san pancho me and my girlfriend should be moving that way next winter fingers crossed

    • Hi Jose,
      I don’t think our owner has an email. It’s more of a ‘show up and ask’ kind of place. I will ask though, just in case. There ar eplenty of houses here so I’m pretty sure you’ll find something. Enjoy San Pancho! It’s a great place!

  6. Wow! This looks amazing! My boyfriend and I are researching spots to settle for a bit and do some volunteering in Mexico. We’ve never been too far north of Mexico City, but your photos of San Pancho are giving us new ideas! Just wondering, we’re on a pretty tight budget. Did you come across other rental options for much cheaper? Something more like a room in a house or building? Thanks!

    • Hi Christine, it is possible to find cheaper places to live, but do bear in mind that the town is tiny so the options are limited. Shannon at alittleadrift.com wrote a good blog piece on the cost of living in San Pancho. As did, Simon and Erin at Never Ending Voyage. I recommend looking at both of their blogs. And Steph and Mike of Twenty-Something Travel and Art of Backpacking have just moved to the town next door (Sayulita) so they may also have some good advice. Hope that helps!

  7. What a charming little house! I am in San Poncho in March, and doing a little research for an upcoming book, would love to have an opportunity to ask more questions if you have some time?

  8. Greetings!

    My girlfriend and I are looking to be in San Pancho this winter for a month. Any advice for finding an affordable apartment?

    Is showing up and asking around a pretty decent bet?

    (price range would be cheap-700 USD)


    • Hi Michael, I’m afraid the only advice I can give is to show up and ask around. It can get busy during the high season, but you should be able to find something. If not, you’ll almost definitely find something in Sayulita. Good luck!

  9. Hello,

    Thanks a lot for so many informations and positive vibes. My daughter and I are planning to move to San Pancho july 2016. I am a YogaNidra teacher, my daughter will be then 15. In case some one living there all year long would have informations concerning school there at this age, I would be extremely grateful. It would be so helpful. We are going there for 10 days in October.

    I am French, I ve been traveling a lot with my daughter till she got 8 years old, Thailand, Malaisia, Guadeloup then settle down in South France when she got 8 years old. We both miss it so much now. So she would love to finish her study in San Pancho…

    Thanks a lot in advance for any advice.


  10. Hi there!

    Great post, the casita looks really nice.
    I am coming down to Mexico next week and am interested in renting a place. Could you please let me know who I should be in contact with.
    Much appreciated.


  11. Hi there!

    We are living in Sayulita and looking to move to San Pancho in Feb so let me know if you hear of a place for rent… we are having some trouble finding a place so there could be yummy dinner in your future for some help! 😉

    A little about us… we are a Canadian family who drove down (>5000kms) to escape the Canadian winter while we are on Mat/Pat leave thanks to our 4 month old daughter. We are a total of four including my 3 year old beach bum son.


    • Once we’re there in February, we can ask around but I’m afraid even we found it difficult to find a place this time despite lots of people on the ground looking for us! I’m afraid accommodation appears to be in short supply. That said, I imagine you’ll find somewhere once you get there and simply ask around. We’ll let you know if we hear of anything. And see you there!

      • Rental secured! Not as cheap as we had hoped but vacancy is pretty low so we are happy with the house we found. Let me know if you want to come by for drinks after the kids are asleep, we can swap travel stories.

      • Rental secured! Not as cheap as we had hoped but vacancy is pretty low so we are happy with the house we found. Let me know if you want to come by for drinks after the kids are asleep, we can swap travel stories 😉

  12. Hi!

    I have just moved to San Pancho with my boyfriend, and we are staying long-term (years). We’re finding that it’s very difficult to find an affordable, long-term rental. Would you ming putting me in touch with the person you rented from? Or would you happen to have any advice on finding a good rental? My email address is [email protected]. Thank you so much in advance for any help you can provide!



    • As you’re there, I would recommend just going to the house and asking for Angela. It’s on the corner of Chile and America Latina. We know it can be difficult, but I think you’ll have more luck from the end of April when the season ends. Good luck!

  13. If I was to convert my van to a makeshift, but comfortable, mini-appartment, drive down and look for a house is there places to park and stay while searching?

  14. I have an 89-year-old friend (who is not Internet savvy) in San Pancho who would like to rent his charming and fully furnished place from June 10 to near the end of October (during the months that he returns to the states). If you contact him right away and pay him before he flies back I’m pretty sure he would give you a good deal. His phone numbers H: 311-258-4144 and C: 322-889-1445. His name is John. Tell him that his friend, Pat, placed this notice for him.

  15. Your personal San Pancho style crib sounds like a dream. It’s great that there’s plenty of room for work and your play time as well.

  16. From the nearby Yoga class, nearby beach, kitchen complete with holistic self-nurturing features, like a blender, your current career mode, and additional free time activities, this little retreat certainly does sound like a dream come to life.

  17. I’m pretty late to this post but read it before going to Sayulita and San Pancho. Very helpful We were looking for a vacation home that we could retire to and bought property in San Pancho. We have a one bedroom and two bedroom home a block from the beach in the Costa Azul area.

    We will be renting them out as vacation units until we can move there full time in a few years. It is not the bargain price monthly rental you got but is something that meets our goal of a very special place to spend our future in.

  18. Visiting Mexico has long been on my bucket list, wish to visit one of the pretty places there and possibly stay in old Spanish colonial villas. San Pancho seems to be a nice place with forest and beach, let me google a bit and find out the history of it. But your house is really great, with perfect view and a dream office space.

  19. Lovely blog. I’m staying in the area for 7 weeks in November/December 2018 and the house apparently has really slow satellite wifi because it’s outside of town a bit. What do you use? I work online too and i’m very concerned, plus i use laptop for entertainment.

    I currently live in Ajijic, MX (Lake Chapala)- really charming town, full of expats, art, spirituality, nature, performing arts- perfect weather year round on the biggest lake in MX and surrounded by green mountains, 30 minutes from airport and 45 minutes south of Guadalajara. . Definitely should visit and you might love living here too!… tons of info online.

    • Hi! I’m afraid I’m not sure as i haven’t been in the area for about five years. Ahijic sounds great! Will have to check it out when I return!

  20. Wow, what a great article! Thank you for reminding us of the excitement of getting out of our comfort zones and showing us such a different place. I’ve really enjoyed reading it throughout. Thanks

  21. Hello Victoria,

    We recently bought a large lot nested in a jungled hill in San Pancho with ocean and jungle views, 3 minutes walk to the beach and 15 minutes walk to the village center. We are in the process of building our dream retirement home and expect to have it completed by the end of 2019.

    We may be willing at certain times to rent it for longer periods of time on month-to-month basis, depending on the time of year. We are in the process of trying to figure the way of managing this. We will certainly first stay ourselves there and invite friends at the beginning, to make sure the home is appropriately ready for long term rental.

    I have recently started maintaining a blog in which I document the building progress and process of finding and purchasing property in the surrounding areas, based on our experiences. I am not a professional journalist like yourself and it’s evident in my writing, but I am trying! 🙂 If you think your readers might find my writings useful, the address is https://www.SelvaSuites.com/blog

    Thank you

  22. My husband and I are recently retired and looking for a place to rent in Mexico for 3 to 4 months of the winter. Dec/Jan/Feb/Mar starting in 2020. I came across San Poncho and your blog and wondered what is the best way to find a good and reasonable rental?


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