10 Fun International Cooking Classes to Do from Home

Last updated on March 8, 2024

Best online cooking classes

Last week I shared some of the best online Airbnb experiences. But a big gap in that was the amazing cooking classes that are on offer – there are so many, it deserved it’s own post.

So here’s my round-up of the top 10 online cooking classes on Airbnb experiences. They offer a perfect form of armchair travel.

They all follow a similar format, taking you through recipes step by step in an interactive, small group environment. You get told the ingredients you need beforehand, but most are also happy to improvise if you were unable to get your hands on something or don’t have the required equipment.

It’s a really fun way to learn something new and get a taste of travel from your own home – plus you might make some friends along the way as your group will made up of participants from around the world. Let me know which ones you try!

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10 Best Online International Cooking Classes

Cooking with a Moroccan Family

Moroccan cooking class

Find yourself transported to Morocco in this online cooking class live from Brahim and Sana’s family home in Marrakech. You’ll learn to cook a chicken tagine with vegetables and fresh Moroccan salad, although you can also request other favourite Moroccan dishes if you prefer.

What the guests say: “Such an immersive experience! For an hour and a half I was transported to another time and place completely. It was such an escape from the quarantine life! Brahim and Sana are so charming and lovely. I’m not a very good cook so the class was a bit fast paced for me but I managed to keep up. They provided me with personalized tips and checked in often before moving on to the next step. It was a very small group and attention was paid to everyone. I genuinely enjoyed the experience and can’t wait to feast on my tajine!”

AirBnB listing: Cooking with a Moroccan Family

Price: From $14 per person

Duration: 1.5 hour

Class size: Up to 5 people

Location: Marrakech, Morocco

Learn to Cook Mexican Salsas

Online Mexican cooking class

Natalia has over 450 top reviews for her in-person cooking class in Mexico City, and now you can do it online too live from Natalia’s home. Learn how to make three different salsas in three traditional ways: roasted, raw and fried. These are some amazing condiments to have in your back pocket.

What the guests say: “This was my first online experience and it was wonderful. It was simple to follow along and Natalia was an engaging, warm and friendly host. It was also lovely in this time where my travelling shoes are well grounded to be able to connect with others from all over the world.”

AirBnB listing: Learn to Cook Mexican Salsas

Price: From $11 per person

Duration: 1.5 hour

Class size: Up to 10 people

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Luca & Lorenzo, Our Family Pasta Recipe

Online pasta making class

Join Luca and Lorenzo in this pasta-making class, live from Italy. The duo will teach you how to make three different flat pasta shapes, plus a butter and sage ravioli dish. It’s the recipe their Nonnas taught them.

Other past making classes include: The Great Grandma Pasta Journey and Pasta and Live Opera in the Kitchen.

What the guests say: “Luca and Lorenzo’s pasta course was an amazing experience. They spread joy, kindness and passion and even though we were all at home on our own kitchen, only connected via Zoom, they made it possible to make us feel like we are in Tuscany. For me it was my first time ever to make pasta myself and it was delicious ! So mille grazie Luca and Lorenz for this very special evening.

AirBnB listing: Luca & Lorenzo, Our Family Pasta Recipe

Price: From $28 per person

Duration: 2 hours

Class size: Up to 5 people

Location: Lastra A Signa, Italy

Make the Perfect Chinese Steamed Bun

Steamed buns cooking class online

Learn how to make the perfect steamed bun live from Singapore. Karni has lived in Southeast Asia for over 10 years and will teach you the best tips for cooking authentic Asian food at home. You’ll also learn some recipes for the fillings. And Karni is happy to improvise based on the ingredients and equipment you have.

What the guests say: “We enjoyed cooking with Karni, it felt like we were right in the kitchen with her! One of my favorite parts was that Karni was able to improvise based on what we had in our kitchens and showed us how she was improvising herself (in Covid times it is difficult to get exactly what you need from the grocery store).”

AirBnB listing: Make the Perfect Chinese Steamed Bun

Price: From $25 per person

Duration: 1.5 hours

Class size: Up to 10 people

Location: Singapore

Make Swedish Pastries with a Pro Baker

Online Swedish cooking class

Learn how to make delicious cinnamon and cardamon buns with Lhea in Stockholm during this fun online baking class. If you don’t have the ingredients, she’ll suggest alternatives. Also leant about Swedish family life as Lhea is happy to answers questions as you bake.

What the guests say: “What a wonderful experience this was. In this time of isolation I got to see faces from all over the world! And the rolls were easy to make and delicious! Lhea is wonderful and makes sure everyone is keeping up with eachother, checking you have the right consistency etc. What a wonderful experience!”

AirBnB listing: Make Swedish Pastries with a Pro Baker

Price: From $13 per person

Duration: 1.5 hours

Class size: Up to 10 people

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Portuguese Tapas Class

Portugese tapas online class

Join Joana to learn the secrets of Portuguese tapas. Recipes you’ll learn include her famous tuna pate and tradiotional açorda alentejana soup. The class is also a great introduction to the history of Portugal, from its food to its culture to its wines. You’ll get a booklet of the recipes at the end.

What the guests say: “Joana’s online tapas experience was so much fun- her warmth, thoughtfulness and great instruction made it a blast. I also loved the stories and connections between the recipes and Portuguese history. I did the experience with my family across locations and it was a magical way to connect. Highly recommended!”

AirBnB listing: Portuguese Tapas Class

Price: From $17 per person

Duration: 1.5 hours

Class size: Up to 6 people

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Ricotta Cheesemaking in Sonoma

Ricotta cooking class online

Learn how to turn simple ingredients into restaurant-worthy dishes in this online class straight from Sonoma, California. You’ll learn how to make ricotta cheese, plus a tartine and grown-up mac and cheese, using that ricotta. You’ll also be treated to a virtual tour of Juli’s garden, filled with herbs and edible flowers. And even learn how to use the whey. Finally, if wouldn’t be a Sonoma class if you didn’t learn a little about wine, so Juli will talk about wine matching and life in wine country.

What the guests say: “My friends and I had such a wonderful time with Juli! She is a great teacher and so passionate about cheese, cooking, and Sonoma. We not only got to make two batches of ricotta, we even got to use it in some delicious recipes during the class while learning more about different herbs. She engaged everyone in the class and was also very accommodating. A couple of my friends were missing some tools or ingredients from their kitchen and she was so quick to offer clever substitution ideas. Would highly recommend this experience for people of all ages. Thanks so much Juli!”

AirBnB listing: Ricotta Cheesemaking in Sonoma

Price: From $12 per person

Duration: 1.5 hours

Class size: Up to 10 people

Location: Sonoma, USA

Savour Spain from the Comfort of Home

How to make spanish tortilla online

Naomi is one of three Spaniards who came together to open La Feria restaurant in Detroit. In this class you can learn to make La Feria and Spanish favourites, Spanish tortilla and gambas al ajillo. You’ll also learn some Spanish history and culture along the way. If you can’t do the class and you’re vegetarian like this, you could also try some of these vegetarian tapas recipes.

What the guests say: “Great experience. Naomi also shared a lot of history about Spain. Ate what we had for dinner after and the family loved it!”

AirBnB listing: Savour Spain from the Comfort of Home

Price: From $25 per person

Duration: 1.5 hours

Class size: Up to 10 people

Location: Detroit, USA

Coffee Masterclass with National Judge

Ricardo is a judge in Mexico’s national coffee competitions and the founder of Borola Café, one of the most famous specialty coffee shops in Mexico City. In this coffee masterclass, join him to learn about the world of coffee, how to taste it and how to brew the perfect cup. This includes some basic concepts about the neuroscience of flavour and a discussion of what’s considered a great cup of coffee.

What the guests say: “Ricardo was a great host! The experience is very well organized, with a clear structure and a set of activities that keep us engaged. Ricardo knows a lot about coffee and he is happy to share his knowledge with you. Also, he found a way to create an online experience that involves our five senses, which is amazing. More than a coffee masterclass, this is a true experience and that’s why I recommend it to everyone!”

AirBnB listing: Coffee Masterclass with National Judge

Price: From $4 per person

Duration: 1 hour

Class size: Up to 10 people

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Wine Class with a Wine Expert

Wine masterclass in Porto

Learn the basics of wine tasting and buying in this fun wine masterclass from Rafa in Porto. He’ll teach you how wines are made, the main varieties of grape and how to choose the perfect wine to enjoy at home. You’ll also learn how to match wine and food. It’s recommended you have some sauvingnon blanc/chardonnay and pinot noir/cabernet to hand, plus some cheese.

What the guests say: “Rafa was an amazing host, very personable and engaging. He definitely made everyone feel welcome and catered his knowledge to the expertise of the class. I learned so much about the different types of wines and how to select the right wine. He made it easy to understand and it will for sure alter the way I choose wines in the store from now on. Thanks for a great experience while we are all at home!”

AirBnB listing: Wine Class with a Wine Expert

Price: From $15 per person

Duration: 1 hour

Class size: Up to 6 people

Location: Porto, Portugal

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