43 photos to inspire your trip to Iceland

Last updated on January 22, 2024

5-day Iceland itinerary - Reykjavik

Otherworldly, epic, dramatic, enthralling and magnificent are words that come to mind when I think of Iceland. It’s one of the most incredible places I’ve ever been, and somewhere I’d recommend to anyone, regardless of their taste. In my mind, it’s a country that can’t fail to impress.

From black beaches covered in giant diamonds of glacier ice, to waterfalls that make your jaw drop, it’s a country of constant awe-inspiring delight.

I’ve written a detailed 5-day Iceland itinerary, and a guide to Iceland’s ice caves, but here’s a post that’s all about the photos. If you’re not already convinced, here’s some visual inspiration to get you dreaming of Iceland too.

43 photos to inspire your trip to Iceland

Reykjavik is a city backed by mountains…

Iceland in winter - Reykjavik

…where modern architecture sits with glorious nature…

Iceland photo inspiration – Reykjavik

….and shimmers in a golden light.

Iceland photo inspiration – Reykjavik

There are jewels in the sky…

Iceland photo inspiration – Reykjavik

…a cathedral in the shape of a spaceship…

Five days in Iceland itinerary - Laundromat Cafe

…cafes to get cosy in…
Svarta Kaffid - 5 day Iceland itinerary

….and soup in a bowl of bread. (Iceland isn’t great for vegetarians, but if you’re a meat or fish eater, here’s a guide to local Icelandic food)

Step outside the city to find lands of vibrant shades…

Blue Lagoon - 5 day Iceland itinerary

…where you can bathe in a Blue Lagoon.

Iceland inspiration - Golden Circle

The Golden Circle takes you on a journey to otherworldly lands…

Iceland inspiration – Golden Circle – Geyser

…where the earth bubbles…

Iceland inspiration – Golden Circle – Geyser

….and sprays…

…and you can’t help but be mesmerised…

Iceland itinerary 5 days - Gullfoss

…by the magnificence of the land.

Big ice calls for mega trucks…

Iceland inspiration – Golden Circle – Snowmobiling

…that scramble across glaciers to remote camps amid the snow.

Iceland inspiration – Golden Circle – Snowmobiling

Snowmobiles await…

Iceland inspiration – Golden Circle – Snowmobiling

…for your own icy adventure…

Iceland inspiration - Snowmobiling

…to a mountain that commands great awe.

Instagram Inspiration - Glacier

You’ll feel like an astronaut.

And, at night, cosy up in the cutest guesthouse in all of Iceland.
Iceland road trip itinerary - Sad cars

Road trips in Iceland are extreme…

…and filled with glorious sights…

…from inspiring waterfalls (see these quotes about waterfalls to get the idea)…

Iceland inspiration – Vik

…to snow-tipped towns.

Iceland photo inspiration – Jokulsarlon

When you think it can’t get better, you find a lake filled with jewels…

Iceland photo inspiration – Jokulsarlon

….of glacier ice…

Iceland photo inspiration – Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon

…in shades of every blue.

Iceland photo inspiration – Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon

It’s a place for dreaming…

Iceland photoIceland photo inspiration – Jokulsarlon Diamond Beach

…and exploring…

…on Icelandic black sand beaches filled with ice.
5-day Iceland itinerary - Diamond Beach

Pick a favourite if you can.

Ice Cave tour in Vatnajökull

Then it’s time to look below…

Ice Cave tour - Vatnajökull, Iceland

…and find a cave made of ice…

Vatnajökull, Iceland Ice Cave

…and magic…

Ice Cave Iceland, Vatnajökull

…and blue.

Iceland photo inspiration – Northern Lights

And, if you’re feeling lucky, turn your eyes to the sky at night…

Iceland photo inspiration – Northern Lights

…where auroras dance across the sky.

Iceland photo inspiration

Even without the lights, Iceland is magic to behold…

Iceland photo inspiration

…with a light like no other…

…and magnificence at every turn.

Iceland tips and advice

Iceland photo inspiration – No.51 Apartment Hotel, Reykjavik
We stayed at 41–A Townhouse Hotel in Reykjavik, which costs from £150 for a double room.
Iceland photo inspiration – The Swan House, Reykjavik
We also stayed at The Swan House, which cost from £150 per night.

43 photos to inspire your trip to Iceland

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  1. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Iceland is at the top of my ‘Must Travel’ list, and I can’t wait to one day see all of this beautiful nature with my own eyes. Fingers crossed I won’t have to wait for too long! 🙂

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  2. Dreaming of Iceland! Can’t decide when to go, keep holding back because of budget and high prices out there. These photos are gorgeous and I wonder after seeing so many photoblogs of Iceland if you can even take a bad photo of Iceland. Thanks for continuing to stir up our wanderlust! See you soon Iceland.

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