Five weeks to go! Love, love, love!

Last updated on March 18, 2022

Five weeks to go! We’re getting married in five weeks time! It’s filling most of my moments with thoughts of flowers, seating plans, dresses and all the other things that weddings are made of. But of course the biggest ingredient is love. It’s what I keep coming back to every moment that something stresses me out in the madness that is wedding planning. All of this is for love – a mega celebration of love.

[Update: See photos from our travel-inspired wedding here]

So please accept my apologies if the blog is a little quiet over the coming weeks. There are so many things to prepare. So excited! YAY!

In the meantime, here are some photos from a practice shoot we did with our wedding photographer, Sarah London. Isn’t she brilliant?! We can’t wait to see what she produces on the day! All the photos here were all taken in Richmond Park in London – it’s such a gorgeous place, especially the Isabella Plantation where all the flower-filled photos were shot.

And we have finally decided on a honeymoon. We’ll let you know more on that soon. It’s mega!

Big love, Victoria

P.S. Check out my beautiful engagement ring. It was made by my super talented friend, Duffy. I love it!


We found Sarah London through the blog Festival Brides, which also featured this photoshoot and some more details about our wedding. I highly recommend it to anyone who is planning an outdoor wedding in the UK. It’s filled with gorgeous inspiration and great advice, and is a good way to source people to help with your wedding – from photographers to caterers to florists.

Most of all though, I found it useful for inspiration on the overall look and feel of the wedding, especially all the little details, which have been one of my favourite things to plan. 

I’ve been collating all my best finds on Pinterest, which I’m also finding very useful (and highly addictive) for wedding planning. You can follow my wedding inspiration boards here. And, of course, I’ll be sharing all the details of our actual wedding once we’re back from our honeymoon in September. Oh my, so excited! Yay! Love!

13 thoughts on “Five weeks to go! Love, love, love!”

  1. photos are gorgeous! can’t wait to hear more about your wedding soon.
    have fun during the preparation and don’t be a bridezilla 😉

  2. Can’t believe you only have 5 weeks left to go! Seems like you are still having fun with it all and aren’t getting too stressed out with the wedding planning, which is good to see. I didn’t realize that people did practice photo shoots prior to the actual day, but I can see how it would make sense and it’s a nice little souvenir for you to look back on… one final memento of your pre-married life! Congrats again on the upcoming nuptials and I hope you’ll share photos from your big day which draws ever near!

  3. What gorgeous photos! I can only imagine how beautiful the ones from the actual day will look! Russ and I are sending lots of love from Siem Reap. You both look so happy and in your groove! Huge hugs and all the very best for your magical day. <3

  4. Big congrats to you both! Richmond Park is a perfect place for a test run. It’s just so massive that you’re bound to find nooks and crannies (and a tent made of sticks!) there! Can’t wait to see where your honeymoon takes you!

  5. Congratulations! Looks like you found the perfect photographer, these photos are stunning. They also made me want to visit England just to go to Richmond Park! As soon as I saw your first flower-filled I got as close to the screen as I could trying to determine if they were real or not, so lovely!


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