Best brunch in Bristol - Ceres

Handpicked Guide: The Best Brunch in Bristol

Going for brunch is up there with my favourite things and in Bristol we’re spoiled for choice. There’s even a cafe inspired by the king of brunch, Melbourne, and it’s as good as the ones you find there. From cosy little farm-style kitchens to more polished affairs, there’s plenty of styles on offer, and I’ve … Read more

Things to do in Bristol - Colourful houses in Clifton, Bristol

The 89 Best Things to Do in Bristol: A Handpicked City Guide

Bristol is well-known as one of the UK’s most creative and exciting cities. It often tops the charts of the best places to live in England and, after moving here in 2016, I have to agree. Londoners like me flock to Bristol, tired of the pace of the capital but still keen to have all … Read more

Barcelona with a baby- Hotel Barcelona Catedral

It was always in the title

In France, there’s a saying for a time when you “have your head in the handlebars” focused on your career and building a settled life. It’s a time that lacks moments to stop, look around and think about the track you’re on. Five years ago, with my head firmly in those handlebars, I finally took … Read more