10 Beautiful Tel Aviv Airbnbs (and stylish alternatives)

Last updated on August 8, 2022

Stylish Tel Aviv Airbnb

Israel went full speed ahead with its vaccination programme, which has now made it one of the most enticing post-lockdown destinations. We’ve had our eye on a visit to Tel Aviv for years and it’s now looking more appealing than ever – would love to combine it with a trip to Jerusalem.

In preparation, we’ve been looking into Tel Aviv Airbnb options, as well as other stylish Tel Aviv apartment rentals. Plum Guide has an amazing selection in Tel Aviv, featuring everything from modern studios you can rent on a budget to the most luxurious Tel Aviv vacation rentals. It’s our favourite Airbnb alternative.

Plum Guide is like the Rolls Royce of Airbnb when it comes to style, only choosing the most beautiful homes (but not necessarily the most expensive – they have options for every budget). We’re big fans and they have excellent customer service too.

The best of Tel Aviv Airbnb and its stylish alternatives

Artistic loft in Old Jaffa

This tasteful, light and spacious two-storey Tel Aviv Airbnb comes complete with a secret rooftop terrace. The whole place is filled with character and cool bohemian touches.

It’s in the historic Old Jaffa neighbourhood, close to plenty of hip cafes, bars and restaurants, which is something we always look for when choosing an Airbnb (see our top 17 tips for choosing the perfect Airbnb.

Airbnb listing: Artistic loft in Old Jaffa

Price: From $125 per night

Sleeps: 2 people (1 bedroom)

The Long Weekend

The Long Weekend looks as if it’s been taken straight out of the pages of an interior design magazine (and that’s no surprise considering the owner is an interior designer). It has a beautiful combination of Ottoman architecture and bohemian furniture with fun and thoughtful pops of colour.

It’s in charming Old Jaffa, which is a maze of coffee shops, independent boutiques, restaurants and galleries, all alongside ancient archaeological excavation sites. It’s a world away from modern Tel Aviv.

Plum Guide listing: The Long Weekend

Price: From $204 per night

Sleeps: 2 people (1 bedrooms)

Floating Feather

Floating Feather is in the heart of arty Neve Tzedek, just moment’s from colourful cafes, fantastic restaurants and bohemian boutiques. The stylish apartment has beautiful parquet floors, luxurious bedding and a sweet little balcony with seating area.

Neve Tzedek is a great place to stay with a village-like feel and narrow streets lined with independent businesses. It’s close to the beach and has a calm, friendly vibe.

Plum Guide listing: Floating Feather

Price: From $195 per night

Sleeps: 2 people (1 bedroom)

The Groovy

The Groovy has a distinct 1970s feel with terrazzo flooring, stylish furniture, and plenty of plants, both inside and on the balcony. It’s a small space, made to feel bigger by the plentiful light.

It’s in Florentin, a hipster neighbourhood perfect fro the creative crowd. It’s buzzing in the evening with many bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Definitely one of the coolest places to stay in Tel Aviv.

Plum Guide listing: The Groovy

Price: From $189 per night

Sleeps: 4 people (1 bedroom)


The highlight of Brothers is the roof terrace, which is just as big as the indoor space and has great views of Metsitsim Beach. The small but functional space is an ideal beachy location in the Old North district of Tel Aviv.

Old North is a classy area with lots of high-end shops and sea-facing restaurants. The bars are affordable and it’s a popular drinking spot for Tel Avivians.

Plum Guide listing: Brothers

Price: From $120 per night

Sleeps: 3 people (1 bedroom)

Crown Jewels

I absolutely love the pink wall in the Crown Jewels apartment, which references the pink Bauhaus building it’s next to (considered one of Tel Aviv’s most beautiful buildings). The pastel hues, velvet seats and modern design touches create a stylish Art Deco abode

It’s next to Nachalat Binyamin, one of the city’s most colourful streets, lined with some of the city’s best cafes, restaurants, bars and shops. There’s a weekly arts and crafts market on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Plum Guide listing: Crown Jewels

Price: From $172 per night

Sleeps: 6 people (2 bedrooms)

The Big Splash

The aptly named uber luxurious Big Splash home is one to treat yourself with. The interiors are impeccably stylish and the terrace has epic views of the Mediterranean and Old Jaffa. There’s even a private hammam and outdoor jacuzzi.

It’s in the atmospheric Old Jaffa part of Tel Aviv, just outside the city centre.

Plum Guide listing: The Big Splash

Price: From $1146 per night

Sleeps: 2 people (1 bedroom)

Deer Diary

Deer Diary has a modern minimalist style with striking industrialist windows and bright cabinetry against a black and white background. There’s a small garden too for relaxing at the end of the day.

It’s in a charming neighbourhood within The Old North district of Tel Aviv, popular for its cocktail bars and fancy seafront bistros.

Plum Guide listing: Deer Diary

Price: From $302 per night

Sleeps: 4 people (2 bedrooms)

Twist and Shout

This characterful apartment in the Old North district of Tel Aviv has the feel of a hip restaurant/cafe with rustic wooden furniture, an open-plan kitchen and high ceilings. Most of the furniture at Twist and Shout is handmade by the owner himself.

Plum Guide listing: Twist and Shout

Price: From £200 per night

Sleeps: 8 people (3 bedrooms)

The Concrete Retreat

The contemporary Concrete Retreat is one of the most luxurious options on the list, and feels like a modern oasis in the suburbs of Tel Aviv. It blends industrial touches with bohemian-style furnishings, creating a contemporary and stylish abode. There’s also a gorgeous outdoor area and pool.

It’s in the suburbs of Tel Aviv about 20 minutes from the centre of Tel Aviv.

Plum Guide listing: The Concrete Retreat

Price: From $1720 per night

Sleeps: 7 people (5 bedrooms)

Soul’s Retreat

Soul’s Retreat delivers on its name with lots of artistic and bohemian flair. The open shelves filled with kitchenware add lots of character and the whole place is an inviting and charming space.

It’s in Neve Tzedek and perfect for people looking to explore a young, creative side of Tel Aviv.

Plum Guide listing: Soul’s Retreat

Price: From $190 per night

Sleeps: 3 people (1 bedroom)

All photos courtesy of Airbnb and Plum Guide.

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