The Best Italy Road Trips – 8 Beautiful Italian Adventures

A road trip in Italy ticks all the boxes of epic drives, amazing food, friendly people, beautiful culture and some of Europe’s most gorgeous sights. It’s one of our favourite places to road trip, not least because of the food. We return again and again and are always re-intoxicated by its charms. We’ve done a … Read more

Cross of lights at Notte delle Luci

A psychedelic festival of lights in Italy

Here begins the story of Notte delle Luci, an Italian festival of lights. Once upon a time, in the year 1600, there was a small town that was saved from the plague. The town was called Scorrano and its saviour was Santa Domenica. Santa Domenica became the town’s patron saint and each year, on her … Read more

A day in Puglia…

We recently went to an awesomely psychedelic light festival in Italy called Notte delle Luci in Scorrano. We’ve shared some photos from the event itself and we also made our first Bridges and Balloons video about the festival. As it’s a nighttime festival, here we have some suggestions for things you might like to do in Puglia during … Read more

Notte delle Luci cross of lights

A video from Notte delle Luci festival of lights

Remember the psychedelic festival of lights we went to in Italy last year? Well, it was so visually stunning that it demanded to be put on film. So here is our very first Bridges and Balloons video. We hope you like it! And the credit most certainly goes to Steve (I mainly just had to smile, … Read more