A day in Puglia…

Last updated on January 11, 2024

Things to do in Salento: Explore Lecce

We recently went to an awesomely psychedelic light festival in Italy called Notte delle Luci in Scorrano. We’ve shared some photos from the event itself and we also made our first Bridges and Balloons video about the festival. As it’s a nighttime festival, here we have some suggestions for things you might like to do in Puglia during the day. Puglia is a wonderfully relaxing part of Italy with amazing food and charming architecture. You’re sure to be enchanted.

The only way to start a day in Italy is with coffee.

Things to do in Puglia: Walking through Otranto

The night’s festivities won’t kick off until around 7pm so you have a whole day to explore the surroundings.

Town plaza in Lecce

You could go to pretty Lecce, filled with Baroque architecture and sometimes known as “the Florence of the South”.

Things to do in Puglia: Visit the Ampitheatre in Lecce

Don’t miss the historic sunken amphitheatre from Roman times, a setting fit to impress.

Lecce Ampitheatre

If you’re lucky, you might catch an event.

Gelato in Otranto

Whatever you do, make sure it involves gelato.

Otranto boulevard is a gorgeous sight in Puglia

If you’re in the mood for the seaside then Puglia has plenty of it. Try charming Otranto…

Otranto seafront

…where you can wander along the promenade and…

Otranto seafront

… marvel at the sea’s bluest of blues.

Streets of Otranto

Or simply wander the streets and…

Otranto church

…and see what treats you’re able to find as alleyways open to plazas.

Victoria eating gelato

And of course, remember gelato.

Pizza in Otranto

And pizza.

Bruschetta in Lecce

And brushetta. And any food you can get your hands on. Nothing beats Italian food. (See this post on vegetarian food in Puglia for some great recommendations).

Notte delle Luci pyramid unlit

And then when daytime starts to fall, head back to Scorrano to prepare for the nighttime lights.

Watch our film of Notte delle Luci festival to see what happens next…

Info on how to get to Puglia

We flew to Brindisi airport, which is the closest airport to Scorrano (one hour by car), but you can also fly to Bari airport in Puglia, which is two hours from Scorrano by car. It’s pretty easy to drive around Puglia although we have found that the reputation Italians have for driving crazily can be true! Just be sure to have your wits about you and drive carefully. It’s definitely a beautiful way to explore the region as you have total freedom to explore for yourself.

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  1. Hi Victoria…these travel photos are exceptional. They capture that very sought after in-between place of not being too amateur and not being over-the-top professional to the point of looking plastic. These really are what “sell” travel. In fact, I would buy a couple if you sold them through one of the premier photo resellers, like ShutterStock, IStock or GettyImages. Your photos of the Mediterranean are so perfect…so vivid I feel like I am there…the warm sun…intoxicated with the smell of the salty ocean breeze….okay, back to Earth! Inspiring Exploration! …your slogan fits you perfectly!

    Since I am new to your blog, I will say I am very impressed with the originality and genuine flavor of your articles. I am considering putting Puglia on our “to go list!” Keep up the great work!! Many Regards, Roman T.


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