Stylish, ethical baby gifts

Last updated on January 22, 2024

Stylish, ethical baby gifts – Natural Baby Shower

I used to think baby stuff was all garish colours and noisy, plastic toys, but shopping for our little one has opened my eyes to a whole world of beautifully designed items. I’ve become obsessed, especially with the Scandinavian style, which I first admired when visiting Copenhagen. I’m going to write a post soon about my favourite, stylish baby brands, but before I do that I want to share a list of some of my most coveted items. If you know someone with a baby on the way or you’re going to a baby shower, it might give you some inspiration. I’ve chosen all these items (aside from the jumpsuit) from the Natural Baby Shower, which focuses on ethical, natural products and stocks most of my favourite baby brands. You can buy online and they also have an actual shop in Bagshot, Surrey. In the spirit of full disclosure, they gifted me a few of these items, but I picked them out, so the recommendations are genuine. You might also be interested in my list of stylish gifts for travel lovers.

Natural Baby Shower - Sleepsuits

1. Baby outfit

I’ve been told to expect a lot of newborn baby clothing as gifts, and I can see why – having an excuse to buy a tiny outfit is kind of hard to pass by. Perhaps try to mix it up by buying something bigger than newborn, so they have something to grow into, and a sleep suit is a good option as they’re practical and babies can wear these night and day. Some of my favourite brands so far are Finn + Emma, Mori, and Aden & Anais. I have this little stylish gifts for travel lovers, which also comes with a matching blanket. They also do a good range of hats and bibs. Natural Baby Shower is the only UK shop where I’ve been able to find Finn + Emma products. I also recommend stylish gifts for travel lovers as it’s made of bamboo and is the softest I’ve come across. Cardigans are another good option for a clothing gift, like this sweet Nurtured by Nature merino one, which is suitable year round.

Stylish baby gifts - Natural Baby Shower - Blankets

2. Blanket

Little blankets have so many uses that I think they’re bound to be a much-appreciated gift. We have the Finn + Emma elephant blanket, but there are tons of lovely options on the Natural Baby Shower website. This one by Little Green Sheep looks very cosy.

Stylish baby gifts - Natural Baby Shower - Muslins and Swaddles

3. Muslins and swaddles

People say that muslin cloths are never a bad present as you end up using so many of them. You can get really cheap ones, but a good gift would be a pack of really beautiful ones, like these from Aden & Anais. They do loads of lovely designs,which also come in larger sizes for swaddling. I have these muslins and this midnight swaddle.

Stylish baby gifts - Natural Baby Shower - Merino Kids Cocooi Sleeping Bag

4. Sleeping bag

Baby sleeping bags are an easier option than swaddling while still keeping babies feeling snug like they were in the womb. You use them instead of blankets and they come in  variety of different togs for different times of year. Natural Baby Shower has a great range, including this Merino Kids Cocooi newborn sleeping bag, made from natural merino. We have one and it’s so wonderfully soft, I wish I could sleep in it myself!

Stylish baby gifts - Natural Baby Shower - SnuzKot

5. Cot sheets

If you can find out what size cot or crib the people you’re buying or intend to use, then some bedding would be a lovely gift. We have a SnüzPod and a SnüzKot, so we’ll be using Snüz sheets, which come in lots of fun designs. Little Green Sheep also has some lovely, organic sheets and mattress protectors, which we intend to buy.

Stylish baby gifts - Natural Baby Shower - Plan Toys

6. Wooden toys

I love wooden toys and there’s a company called Plan Toys that does a particularly nice range. I’ve added these stacking rings to my wish list.

Stylish baby gifts - Natural Baby Shower - Teething necklace

7. Teething necklace

I love the style and practicality of teething necklaces, so I was delighted to receive this one by Little Magpies. They come in loads of different colours and styles, so you can easily pick the perfect one for the parent you’re buying for.

Stylish baby gifts - Natural Baby Shower - Finn + Emma stroller toys

8. Pram toys

Little toys to keep babies occupied in a pram are a sweet gift and Finn + Emma do some really beautiful ones, like this little zebra and natural teething toy made from Indian hardwood.

Stylish baby gifts - Natural Baby Shower - Sleepyhead

9. Sleepyhead

Every mother I know has recommended the Sleepyhead for helping babies to sleep. It mimics the cosiness of the womb and is easily portable from room to room or for when visiting friends and family. I’ll be sure to write a review of mine once I start using it. There’s a range of covers to choose from, as well as a toy arch you can add.

Stylish baby gifts - Natural Baby Shower - Mum-to-be toiletires

10. Mum-to-be toiletries

Finally, not all pregnancy gifts have to be for babies. Growing a human is tiring, so don’t forget the mum! I have really appreciated all the pampering I can get while pregnant, from massages to lovely warm baths with gorgeous-smelling oils. I’m a fan of Love Boo, and the Natural Baby Shower stocks the Natural Birthing Company toiletries, including this body spritz, which I have my eye on.

Beyond Nine jumpsuit 11. Maternity clothes

Another good present for mums is some stylish maternity/nursing wear. My absolute favourite item of maternity wear I have is my Beyond Nine jumpsuit, which I rarely want to take off. It’ll last beyond pregnancy and is also ideal for nursing. Currently, it can only be bought through the Beyond Nine website.

Stylish, ethical baby gifts

These are the items I was gifted from Natural Baby Shower: Finn + Emma footie, blanket and bib; Aden & Anais swaddle; Snuz sheets; Nurtured by Nature cardigan; Merino Kids sleeping bag; Little Magpies teething necklace. Read my policy on gifts and sponsorship here.

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