Special Stays: Casa Isabel, Yelapa

Last updated on January 11, 2024

Private beach at Casa Isabel


Casa Isabel, Yelapa, Mexico


From $35 for a single room, and $70 for a double. Three night minimum stay.

Canopy Camp Casa Isabel Yelapa

In a nutshell…

In their words: “A peaceful retreat for the enjoyment of nature and rejuvenation of the human spirit”. Probably the most characterful and sustainable place you can stay in Yelapa, Mexico’s road-less jungle beach town.

Jade Casa Isabel Yelapa

The people

Without a doubt, the owners of Casa Isabel are one of the highlights of a stay there. Beverly and Chris are wonderfully friendly and interesting people who can regale you with their tales of living off-grid in Alaska, as well as the story of Casa Isabel.

Casa Isabel Camp kitchen Yelapa

Vegetarian friendly?

Each cabin has its own fully-equipped kitchenette, and the town is nearby so it’s super easy to self cater.

View from our Canopy Camp Casa Isabel Yelapa

Yelapa itself is a stunning location. There’s one cumbersome road that leads to it, so the vast majority of people arrive by boat. The town is tiny and Casa Isabel is a ten-minute walk from the centre, and about 20 minutes from the main beach. It also has its own beach directly outside, which the boat can drop you off at if you ask. The property is situated on a big hill full of gorgeous trees, a waterfall and the ocean in view – you couldn’t really get a better location!

Passion Palace Casa Isabel Yelapa

The rooms

This is another area where Casa Isabel shines. Each of the houses has been individually designed with beautiful attention to detail such as recycled glass mosaics and inventive concrete sculptures.

Most are open-air and all have ocean views. We stayed in Canopy Camp which is 100% open-air and has a bed which hangs beneath one of the most beautiful trees we’ve ever seen.

We woke each morning to the sight of the tree above and the ocean out in front – utter bliss.

Some of the beds, including the one at Canopy Camp, hang above the ground, inviting a gentle sway to your sleep. This is probably a ‘love it or hate it’ feature so check before you choose your room.

Casa Isabel also tries to be as sustainable as possible so much use is made of recycled materials, waste water and compost toilets.

Paragliding Yelapa Casa Isabel


Aside from simply sitting back and enjoying being immersed in nature, you can also delve into the onsite, well-stocked library, or take it up a notch and go paragliding! Chris is the resident expert and we felt super-comfortable in his hands.

There are two launch points at different heights above Yelapa and both offer stunning views across the jungle and ocean. It’s a peaceful, exhilarating and addictive.

Acupressure Massage at Casa Isabel

If you fancy something a little mellower, Beverly offers incredible acupressure massages. She’s a self-taught master of bodywork, and it’s something that shouldn’t be missed during a stay at Casa Isabel.

What could be improved

This isn’t something that can be improved nor should it be, but people who are squeamish about being up close and personal with nature probably wouldn’t enjoy a stay at Casa Isabel. There are scorpions (although we didn’t see any) so you must be aware of your surroundings. You are, after all ,in the jungle, which for us was part of the adventure.

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View above head at Canopy Camp Casa Isabel

The towel test

Yay! Towels were provided.

Beach house Casa isabel Yelapa
Digital nomadism

Despite its remote location, Casa Isabel does have internet at a decent speed.

Disclosure: We were invited to stay at Casa Isabel for two nights. Thank you Beverly for inviting us. As always, all opinion are very much our own.

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