Dancers at La Catedral in Buenos Aires

Bohemian tango nights in La Catedral, Buenos Aires

Dancers at La Catedral in Buenos Aires

Steve and I aren’t very good tourists so sights or ‘must-dos’ are often an afterthought to our time in cities. We scan guidebooks and blogs for anything that stands out but mostly we focus on the restaurants and cafes, which give a good clue to the type of area they’re in. We prefer to explore rather than follow a trail of tick boxes. That said, we do sometimes find our interests cross paths with the beaten tourist track, and trying tango was one of them – especially at the gorgeous La Catedral.

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A whale comes near our boat, whale watching, Puerto Madryn

What’s worth 48 hours in a bus? How about whale watching in Puerto Madryn…

As with most of our Patagonia trip, to risk or not to risk was the question with Puerto Madryn. The southern right whales arrive around June, and we were going to be there at the end of May/first week of June. There was no guarantee they’d be there. This would have been an easy choice if it weren’t for the fact that El Chalten – Puerto Madryn – Mendoza (our next destination) involves two nearly 24-hour bus trips, and to fly to Mendoza would have cost the same. There was no way to know if our journey would be fruitless

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Monkey in Ubud

That time we got held hostage by monkeys in Ubud

“Why didn’t I like this house? It’s beautiful” “You said it felt like the type of place horror movies took place. I wasn’t going to argue with that.” “Ah, I was probably just tired. Let’s take it.” Those words were said the day before. Now, 15 minutes after moving in, we’re sitting in the upstairs … Read more

Otis Leif - six month update

Six months with Otis Leif and some thoughts on vulnerability

Tiny man, Oatcake, Otis Leif; we have many names for the little one who joined our lives six months ago. The cliches are true – it seems like forever ago that we first met eyes, but it’s also still so new. The love is intense and just as much so the vulnerability that comes with … Read more

Six month update

At the floating islands on Titicaca

Wow. Today I realised it’s exactly six months since we closed the door on our house in Peckham and set off on our adventure around the world.

When we left that day, we had no idea where our journey would take us – what we’d do or where we’d go beyond Brazil. We had proclaimed we were on a quest to find a way to live – to perhaps even find ourselves – but our views on that have changed since then. We’re already living the way we want to – bringing our careers on the road. We’re not aiming for a particular destination – geographically or mentally. We are digital nomads and we love it that way.

Here’s an update of what we’ve been doing during those six months and what we plan to do next.

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Aurora from Space - Overview the movie

A note on dreams from a very proud girlfriend…

Aurora from Space - Overview the movie

Today is the day that the dream comes true.

At 15, while I was reading Heat and worrying about the colour of my hair, Steve was delving into Buddhist philosophy, cosmic theories and anything he could get his hands on that might help him understand this world we live in.

That enquiry grew into a dream to share the things he read with the rest of the world – to bring those ideas to a wider audience and help us as a planet to better understand ourselves.

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Learning to live in the moment

Victoria in El Chalten

“I don’t feel thankful to the universe. It’s mean.” Yes, I actually said those words. I was in Buenos Aires, a city I dreamed of since playing ‘Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego’ as a child, and I was having a strop. Steve was in San Francisco talking about the splendour of the universe and I was metaphorically stamping my foot because I had no idea what to do with my life.

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Ardlui, Scotland

You only live once

The empty house chided me. “You shouldn’t be here. You’re needed elsewhere.” Steve had left that morning – set off for the States to release his first feature film. The stress leading up to that moment had been an immense pot of late nights, never-ending deadlines, and dreams turned to doing. The premiere at SXSW … Read more

Best of 2015 Bridges and Balloons

Highlights of 2015

2015 was a big year for us: we got married, Steve released his first feature film, and we made some big decisions for our life ahead. We also went on 11 trips, from weekends away to nearly a month in South Africa and Mauritius. Despite making London our homebase again, our wanderlust wasn’t hampered and … Read more