The magic of Devonshire light

Last updated on March 18, 2022

Snapes point Salcombe

When the sky turns lilac, I know my day is nearly done. The trees fade into the horizon and make way for the nighttime sky. I’ll miss the stars when we move to the city. Four months worth of days have passed at this window from Autumn into Winter sun. People say England is grey. In Devon, it’s kaleidoscopic.

A hail storm gives way to a brilliant blue sky, cotton wool clouds speeding from the winds of sea. The sky is never still.

I love the rustles, the whistles and the roar of the breeze, making its music through the leaves.

But most of all, it’s the light. A song across the landscape, shining notes of magic on all it sees – the gold of honey, the sharpness of white, the mute of when it hides.

“Why be in England for Winter?”, people say. This is why. The sea, the sky, the wind, the light and the magic it creates day by day.

Here are some photos from around our tiny town. They were taken on a walk from our hamlet, Batson, to Snape’s Point, which looks out over our local town of Salcombe

Boat house batson devon
Light on boat at Batson slipway devon
Dog walk salcombe snapes point
view of ferry from Snape's point
Salcombe farmers field
On Snape's Point, Salcombe
View of Salcombe from Snape's point
Salcombe snaps point


Visiting the south-west of England

We love the south-west of England with its gorgeous countryside and magical light. It’s filled with cute villages and feels a world away from London. Although we’ve spent more time in Devon, we’re also big fans of its neighbour, Cornwall. It’s even where we chose to get married.

If you go to Cornwall and you’re looking for somewhere special to stay, I highly recommend the Siphon, a converted railway carriage, which offers a cool glamping option near St.Austell. We also have a post with photos and inspiration of things to do near St.Austell. Highlights include visiting the Lost Gardens of Heligan and the Eden Project. In Devon, our favourite town is Totnes. It’s somewhere we’ve considered moving to – it could happen yet!

20 thoughts on “The magic of Devonshire light”

  1. Wow, this looks absolutely beautiful. So often when I leave London I go to another country, but I really should take the time to explore the rest of England, too…

  2. I love your anecdote – I can almost feel the warm afternoon sun in my face as I read through your post. Ah! People hate winter, but I actually love it. Maybe not, love, but I’d certainly prefer winter than summer. I think Winter is often understated, but it carries with it a certain kind of rare beauty! SIGH.

    P.s. Beautiful pictures!

    • Thank you Pauline. I’m so pleased you enjoyed the post. I always thought I was a summer girl, but I have really enjoyed this winter.

  3. A wonderful celebration of “magic”!! A post as crisp as a sunny winter day and some fantastic kaleidoscopictures as well… 😉
    Btw, I love how the lone word sits at the end of the post like one of the last autumn leaves clinging to the branch. Magic indeed! 🙂

  4. Even if I lived in the UK for almost 7 yeas, I still have to see Devon, it looks like I have missed out, next time I’m in the country I shall make sure I go.

  5. Pure poetry! I’ve only been to London and then Dover to catch the ferry, but know there is so much more to England. This makes me want to pull on my Wellies and go for a long walk in the countryside!


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