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A few months ago I met Lionel Shriver. She believes that enjoyment lies in anticipation, and experience is always a disappointment in comparison to what we imagined. When she said this she was talking about food. The pizzas we lust after and the foreign food we long to return to. I took objection to her stance. While sometimes things don’t live up to memory or expectation, sometimes they are even better.

For many years, I was wary of going to Barcelona. Everyone told me I’d love it. I suspected they may be right and I held it up as a jewel – a city I’d one day go to and fall in love with – a place I’d feel I belonged. I finally got there, aged 23, fresh from a difficult break-up and ready for renewal.

I found myself lost upon arrival, walking down a darkened street – Carrer rather than Ronda Santa Pau. That one word difference providing an unfortunate entrance,  with prostitutes in the doorways and the seedy stares of passersby. It wasn’t the city I’d imagined.

Ten days later and I was in love. Beyond my arrival, the city had revealed every reason I’d been led to desire it. The characterful independent bars, the evocative winding streets, the beach and the joy de vivre of the summer evenings. Most important, I made friends. I had planned to stay for a month but I doubled that and returned to live there within the year. Though I no longer call it home, the love affair is still going strong. I return whenever I can.

Now Berlin is my new Barcelona. For years I’ve intended to visit. For years, I’ve been told I must. The art, the independent culture, the cafes, the buzz of a city filled with start-ups. It has all the ingredients of a place I’d surely love. But in all my years in London, I never managed to make it. I was saving it like an orange smartie. I wanted to give it time.

That time is now upon us. For the next few months, Steve and I need to be in Europe – logistical reasons for the film. We toyed with Barcelona, Lisbon, even London, but our minds are finally made up. We are moving to Berlin.

We went there for a weekend to confirm – to taste the city and make sure we didn’t somehow hate it. We stayed in Kreuzberg, we drank in local bars, we had dinner with friends, and we wandered the art-filled streets. Despite falling down with food poisoning, we also started to fall in love. There was no taste of disappointment.

Berlin, we are ready for you.

See you on 1st March.

Where we stayed in Berlin

GoWithOh Berlin apartmentFor our three-night trip to Berlin, we stayed in Kreuzberg in an apartment through GoWithOh. It was a great location, in walking distance from the bars of Oranienstrasse, but far away enough not to be noisy. It was also a 20 minute walk from the centre of Berlin and the famous TV Tower. Moreover, it was beautiful and wonderfully spacious. Thank you GoWithOh for inviting us to stay there. All opinions are our own, and we’d most definitely recommend it. From £31 per night, it’s a bargain.

22 thoughts on “Berlin, it’s time.”

  1. Sounds amazing! I’m sure you guys will love Berlin. It’s probably not the city which is embracing you “at first glance”. I think one needs to dig a bit deeper and get to know each other a bit more and it can be the start of a wonderful friendship indeed… 🙂
    Interesting city list btw! I adore Barcelona (lived there for about a year too) and would love to live in Lisbon for a little while at some point as well as Amsterdam. Only London seems to be too massive for me.
    Wish you all the best for your time in Berlin! Maybe also a good way to give the Vöner a second chance!?? 😉

  2. Yes! So exciting! We’re so looking forward to making Berlin our homebase soon, starting around the same time as you guys! See you there!

    Also, I love the simile of the orange smartie: clearly the superior smartie.

  3. Wow, how exciting! I’m the same about Berlin as you, I’ve never been, always wanted to go, and often told I’d love it. Just waiting for the right opportunity.. Looking forward to reading more posts about your living in Berlin 🙂

  4. What a great new adventure for you guys! I’ve been reading a lot of great things about this city as a hub for location independent people, and I am confident you’ll have a great time there!

    I think I tend to side with Shriver on the expectation vs reality debate. That’s not to say that sometimes real life doesn’t outshine our expectations, because it absolutely can, but I am someone who seriously revels in the planning and reaming phases of an experience. When it’s all in your head, you’re never disappointed!

  5. I’ve just found your blog and absolutely adore it already! What an inspiring pair 🙂 Best of luck to you in your move to Berlin!

  6. I’m really excited to hear all about your adventures in Barcelona. I’m envious of the way you travel… Brian and I keep trying to get there though we aren’t quite there yet.

  7. Yes! Berlin is one of the most artistic, most stimulating, most challenging cities in the world…and I would honestly move there in a second if I weren’t afraid I’d never leave. Have fun and live it up! 🙂

  8. Man, oh, man, Victoria, you are an impressive writer. I love your style. I was sucked in to your description of your love affair with Barcelona when arriving there for the first time, freshly heartbroken and 10 days later, newly in love 😉 (with the city). What a romantic way to describe your first time there.

    I too LOVED Berlin. I love the electric buzz I felt there. The artsy, edgy feel to the city. Its such a funky, intriguing place.

    Here are the photos from my adventures there:

    Did you ever make it to Roamers for brunch? One of the very best brunches of my life. Next time you are in Berlin, you must make a point to go there 😉

  9. Sounds like you had lot’s of fun in Berlin. Thank you for the beautiful writing I love it! As a family father we are planning to go there soon! Is there any place would you recommend us in Oranienstrasse area? Thanks ! =) And thank you again for the beautiful post!


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