A tour of gourmet vegetarian Slovenia

We had two priorities for our road trip around Slovenia – beautiful nature and amazing food. The country outdid itself on both counts and this post is all about the vegetarian Slovenia. We’d heard that Slovenia was good for vegetarians, but we didn’t expect it to be quite as good as it was. It’s definitely has … Read more

Maltese breads by Matty Cremona

A taste of vegetarian Malta

I thought I’d treat you to a little food porn this Wednesday with a taste of Maltese cuisine. On my recent trip there, I was lucky enough to be cooked for by Matty Cremona, a Maltese food historian, who is also a talented chef. She and her husband Sam (also known as “The Godfather of … Read more

Barcelona with a baby- Hotel Barcelona Catedral

The vöner

In Berlin we achieved something extraordinary. It centers around a kebab. Döners are a staple of British life, normally ingested around 1am with a side order of cheesy chips, and an after-effect of sickness. Whether the nausea comes from the meat itself or its concoction with copious alcohol is hard to define, but the term … Read more

Baraka gnocci, best vegetarian restaurants in Buenos Aires

Six of the Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Buenos Aires

People often ask us how we coped as vegetarians in Buenos Aires, land of meat lovers, and the truth is, it was one of the best cities we have ever been in for vegetarian restaurants.   This is a list of our top six best vegetarian restaurants in Buenos Aires. Not all are 100 per cent vegetarian … Read more

Palermo soho

Top 10 cafés in Palermo, Buenos Aires

Tea and cake in a good cafe is one of my favourite things, and during my time in trendy Palermo in Buenos Aires there was no shortage of options to choose from. This is a round-up of my favourite 10 cafes in Palermo in no particular order. All have wi-fi and vegetarian options. I’m focused … Read more

Jueves a la mesa, Buenos Aires

Vegetarian puerta cerradas in Buenos Aires

guests at vegetarian puerta cerrada in Buenos Aires

We love food and meeting people so were instantly taken by the idea of puerta cerradas where someone opens their own home as a restaurant, kind of like a public dinner party. The concept is really popular in Buenos Aires and features some of the city’s best dining. Unfortunately, most are meat-heavy affairs, but we were delighted to find some incredible vegetarian options. We visited two while in the city – Casa Felix and Jueves a la Mesa.

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The best vegetarian food in Rio de Janeiro

Everyone told us Brazil was terrible for vegetarians and, on the whole, they’re not wrong. Expect to see a lot of cheese, bread and deep fried everything. However, there are a number of saving graces, such as per-kilo restaurants, excellent fruit and palmito. We were also delighted to find some excellent vegetarian options in Rio. … Read more