A Special Kerala Homestay in Alleppey’s Backwaters

I’d been sitting with Anneena for an hour discussing everything from Frozen to the dangers of hiking drunk. She also told me she hopes to be a paediatrician when she grows up, but not a politician as they have a tendency to get shot. T he whole conversation was in English (including the word paediatrician) and at … Read more

How to wash your clothes in a river

When I was told to use the “Indian washing machine” at Greenpalm Homestay, I envisioned an ancient machine rusting in a corner. Then Thomas’ wife handed me a bucket and announced we were going to the river. When I later recounted the tale to others, some screwed up their nose in distaste at the river … Read more

Wayanad photo essay : 50 shades of green

In our Kerala itinerary post, we mentioned how we’d ummed and ahhed about whether to go to Munnar or Wayanad. People kept telling us how beautiful Munnar was, but we liked the idea of Wayanad being a quiet, less touristy alternative – plus it was much more convenient for our route.  The main thing we … Read more

Colourful streets, Cochin

Kochi, Kerala photo essay

One of my most snap-happy days in India was spent wandering the streets of Kochi (or Cochin) in Kerala. The city is known as a centre for Kerala’s art scene and the Kochi Biennale was taking place while we were there. We spent a gorgeous day simply wandering around the city and stopping every few steps … Read more

The best houseboat in Kerala!

The best houseboat in Alleppey, Kerala

Cruising on a houseboat around the backwaters of Alleppey is a quintessential Kerala experience and one we looked forward to from the moment we booked our trip. We spent a lot of time choosing a houseboat in Alleppey and it didn’t disappoint. The trip went down as one of the highlights of our time in … Read more

Kerala backwaters: a photo essay

The backwaters of Kerala are the thing we dreamed of as looked forward to our India trip, and they’re the thing we look back on with smiles and a warm glow of memories that we’ll keep with us forever. We’ve posted about our Kerala itinerary, but here’s a simple feast for the eyes – a little … Read more

Luxury Cottage, Eden Garden, Varkala

Special Stays review: Eden Garden Ayurvedic Resort, Varkala

Varkala was the first stop on our Kerala adventure and we wanted to begin the holiday with a treat, which is what led us Eden Garden. It’s a peaceful Ayurvedic resort at the south end of Varkala, about 15 minutes away from the party and backpacker-heavy north cliffs. It’s a perfect choice if you’re looking for a quiet … Read more

View from Alcover resort, Vaggator, Goa

The best way to spend a month in Kerala and Goa

Our trip to Kerala and Goa was a dream – the first time in years that we could truly switch off our computers and simply explore. As such, I put a lot of effort into crafting the perfect Kerala and Goa itinerary. As readers of this site know, we always prioritise finding special things to … Read more

Mirrored palm trees in Kerala backwaters

Instagramming India

Our trip to India may have been a holiday but that didn’t stop me from posting to Instagram as much as possible. Perhaps you followed along, but if not here are some of the highlights. It gives a good overview of the trip and the details I’ll cover over the next few weeks. And if … Read more