AUM meditation at Radiantly Alive in Ubud

DKITYTI: AUM meditation and the sexy dance

“Oh god, what have I got myself into?” “I thought it was a meditation.” “So did I, but I just watched a video about it on YouTube and they said something about a sexy dance and shouting.” “You said you wanted to come out of your shell.” Steve was right, I did say that, and … Read more

Fairy spirits above Victoria's head

DKITYTI: Channelling spirit guides in Ubud

“We are delighted to be invited here today,” says a small Indian woman who reminds me of the witch in Brave. She’s mischievous, and even though her eyes are closed, I can sense the twinkle behind her lids. This woman doesn’t exist in physical form. The voice is coming from an American lady, sitting cross … Read more

Bali offering in Ubud

Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it: Energy 101

Auras on the beach

“I don’t think I’ll go tomorrow. I’m not sure I can bear it. It sounds like exactly the sort of thing that’ll be full of people who annoy me.”

“Why do you want to go at all?”

“I’m curious.”

The workshop is question was “Energy 101 —Join us in this 2 day experiential workshop to explore everything you want to know about your energy, including identifying, shielding, grounding and running energy. Use this knowledge in your daily life to support your life force and maintain vitality!”

Read moreDon’t knock it til you’ve tried it: Energy 101

Tom and Steve watching the sunset on Gili Air

When friends come to visit…

When friends come to visit, it’s not the time to write. It’s time to explore, …share your favourite restaurants, …drink colourful drinks, …and spot faces in walls. It’s a time to drink fancy coffee, …take a trip (or three) to the spa, …brave the monkey forest, …and then learn to wood carve when it rains. … Read more

Noticeboard and motorbike in Ubud

The conundrum of the eat-pray-lovers

There are people here who pray as they eat. Palms upturned beatifically, and beaming orgasmically with every bite. These people aren’t Balinese but a different breed of Ubudian — the spiritual seekers, here to find themselves in what has become a magnet for the esoteric. You see these people in the bounty of health food … Read more

Monkey in Ubud

That time we got held hostage by monkeys in Ubud

“Why didn’t I like this house? It’s beautiful” “You said it felt like the type of place horror movies took place. I wasn’t going to argue with that.” “Ah, I was probably just tired. Let’s take it.” Those words were said the day before. Now, 15 minutes after moving in, we’re sitting in the upstairs … Read more