Leman Locke- Hipster hotel in London

The six most hipster hotels in London: London’s best boutique hotels

Until recently, I’d never stayed in London as anything other than a resident with my own bed to return to. But now we’ve made the move to Bristol, I’ve had the opportunity to explore some of London’s hotels. As always, I was on the hunt for some place special – creative hotels with unique design, stylish touches … Read more

Huts in the Hills hot tub Wales, glamping

Video: Off-grid glamping at The Huts in the Hills, Wales

Sitting in a wood-fired hot tub, surrounded by trees, and with a glass of prosecco in my hand – is there any better way to spend a rainy day? We’d dreamed of sunshine, but Wales delivered rain, and while reclining in that hot tub – warm, relaxed and invigorated – I realised it didn’t matter. … Read more

Stay in a yurt, New Zealand

Sampling the paleo lifestyle in a New Zealand yurt

High in the hills of Motueka, just a short drive from the magnificent Abel Tasman National Park is an idyllic little eco-village, home to a community of people who have made the wilderness their home. We went to visit for a night, staying in a yurt that one of the families rents out. It was … Read more

Special Stay: A treehouse in the Coromandel Peninsula

I’m a little obsessed with what I call “tree seas” – a stretch of forest where you can gaze across the treetops and get lost in the expanse of green. It was a scene like that which inspired my trip to Brazil, and I was reminded of it again in New Zealand in the hills of Coromandel. In … Read more

Hotel de WIndeketel - a unique hotel in Amsterdam

Special Stays: Hotel de Windketel, Amsterdam

When we talk about the places we call ‘special stays’, we mean those places that fill you with as much excitement as the actual location you’re travelling to. That was the case with Hotel de Windketel. I was already looking forward to returning to Amsterdam after more than a decade away from the city I’d … Read more

Victoria and Steve at Makanyi Safari Lodge, South Africa

Special Stays: Makanyi Safari Lodge, South Africa

Tales from our visit to Makanyi Safari Lodge, Timbavati, Kruger Park, South Africa Wrapped in fleece blankets with a hot water bottle on my lap and the crisp air of the African bush gently waking my senses, I smiled at Steve – this was the honeymoon we’d dreamed of. Going on safari topped our list … Read more

Honeymoon hotel in Cape Winelands

Special Stays: Babylonstoren, Cape Winelands, South Africa

I dreamt of Babylonstoren before I got there and I’ve been dreaming of it since I got back. It’s the kind of place that makes you want to pack up your life and move to the countryside, buy some chickens and grow all your own food. Everything at this special places to say in the … Read more

The best houseboat in Kerala!

The best houseboat in Alleppey, Kerala

Cruising on a houseboat around the backwaters of Alleppey is a quintessential Kerala experience and one we looked forward to from the moment we booked our trip. We spent a lot of time choosing a houseboat in Alleppey and it didn’t disappoint. The trip went down as one of the highlights of our time in … Read more

Luxury Cottage, Eden Garden, Varkala

Special Places: Eden Garden Ayurvedic Resort, Varkala

Continuing with our Special Places series, here’s a review of our stay at Eden Garden Ayurvedic Resort in Varkala.  Varkala was the first stop on our Kerala adventure and we wanted to begin the holiday with a treat, which is what led us Eden Garden. It’s a peaceful Ayurvedic resort at the south end of Varkala, about 15 … Read more