The best hotels in Condesa: La Valise, Condesa, Mexico City

The Best Hip Boutique Hotels: Condesa, Mexico City

I fell in love with La Condesa in Mexico City. Alongside its neighbour La Roma, it’s part of what is known as the Roma-Condesa cultural corridor, which is one of the most hip areas of the city, filled with independent and creative boutiques, restaurants and cafes. It’s also not far from the centre, making it … Read more

Condesa architecture

16 reasons to love La Condesa / Roma, Mexico City

Mexico City is a place that stole our hearts and made us realise our love for Mexico goes beyond the village of San Pancho. The laidback pace of Mexico suits us and despite being one of the world’s largest cities, we found Mexico City both manageable and charming. This was largely due to where we … Read more

Eguisheim, France – Real-life fairytale village

Frida and Diego: a photo story in Mexico City

Ever since reading The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver, I’ve been fascinated by Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Their love story captivated me and I was enthralled by their passion, art and political involvement. It’s the first piece of historical fiction I’ve ever read that made me desperate to know more of the lives depicted. When earlier … Read more