Barcelona with a baby- Hotel Barcelona Catedral

How to meet people in Buenos Aires

How to meet people in Buenos Aires

Steve has been gone for a week now and there’s another four to go so I’ve been finding my feet in Buenos Aires alone. Most of the time I’m quite happy wandering the city and setting up camp in cafes with my iPad and a good smoothie, but sometimes I want some company. Travelling alone is rarely as lonely as it sounds so I thought I’d share my tips on going solo in the city – and not just hanging out with fellow travellers/ex-pats (although sometimes that’s lovely too).

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14 lessons learned from five years’ travel blogging

It’s been five years since I started this blog and its been a rocky ride. I’ve watched the rise and fall of peers – some lifting to stratospheric success and others slipping away – while I’ve bumbled along, sometimes giving it my all, and other times fading away. This isn’t a blog of dizzying success, … Read more

Our digital nomad life in Berlin

We saved Berlin for years, keeping it in our pocket as a place we knew we’d love to spend time. The expectations built up, and by the time we finally made it, we were somewhat afraid the city may not live up to the stories that had drawn us. Would it be the laidback, arty … Read more

Best Instagram places in London - Shoreditch street art

Success! I found my travel-work-life balance (for now)

There’s a classic trajectory for anyone who tries to mix a life of working plus travelling. It goes a little like this: 1. This is amazing! I can work while I’m travelling. I’m living the dream! My future is made of laptops and cocktails by the pool. 2. Dammit. To make this happen, I need … Read more