Special Stays: Mas Can Batlle, La Garrotxa

Last updated on January 11, 2024

Mas Can Battle lounge

Mas Can Batlle in Santa Pau, Catalonia was one of the most special places we’ve ever stayed. It’s the product of a young couple’s dream and for that reason it was something we could relate to.

For the past nine years, Albert and Cristina have been transforming what was an abandoned farmhouse into a designer guesthouse that skillfully retains the charming character of the building’s history.

Best of all, neither of the couple have any formal training in architecture or design, but what they’ve produced is worthy of designer accolades, and is testament to their vision, dedication and stunning attention to detail.

We went there for the night prior to our hot air balloon flight, and it was truly is one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever stayed. Here are the photos to prove it. 

Mas can Battle entrance

To get to Mas Can Batlle, you drive up a small winding road through woodland and past a waterfall,  until you reach the historic farmhouse. It is even said that a claimant to the throne of Spain stayed here in the 1870s.

Mas Can Battle Suite 134

Our room, Suite number 134, was beautifully plush with the type of bed you never want to leave.

Mas Can Battle Suite 134 other room

The bedroom wasn’t the only part of Suite 134 to love. There was also a living area complete with open fire and bunkbeds, and a bathroom that took my breath away (there’s nothing like a roll-top bath to keep a traveller happy).

Mas Can Battle Suite 134 balcony

The balcony from our suite revealed the sweeping views of Garrotxa, a natural reserve and volcanic zone full of wooded hills. I was amazed to find this scenery just an hour and a half from Barcelona.

Mas Can Battle corridor

No space is neglected in Mas Can Batlle and there are stylish details everywhere. In the corridor from the entrance, Albert and Cristina decided to keep the house’s old chapel intact. The faded wallpaper whispers of the place’s history and helps set the tone for the vintage decor.

Mas Can Battle dining area

Downstairs is the dining area where breakfast and dinner are served. The cosy open fire and colourful vintage details epitomise the style that makes Mas Can Batlle so special.

Mas Can Battle kitchen

The kitchen looked like a page out of a vintage magazine, and had the added bonus of a fabulously-stocked mini-bar. It’s done on a trust basis and guests are free to make our own cocktails. In the future, Albert has plans to create a more formal bar.

Mas Can Battle library montage

One of our favourite elements was the library, a beautiful place that made one tempted to start a novel. Who can resist a typewriter like that?

Mas Can Battle lounge area montage

On the lower ground floor, leading out to the garden was a wonderfully light and airy conservatory space. Albert sees it as a place where meetings could be held, or simply as a place for guests to relax.

Mas Can battle Suite 70 2

We had the chance to snoop around the rest of the suites including number 70, which had a headboard I may just steal the idea for one day.

Mas Can battle suite 74

Suite 74 delighted us with a homemade poster of a quote from one of our favourite songs – Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes.

Mas Can Battle Suite 30

The highlight of Suite 31 had to be the homemade garden outside on the balcony – that’s real grass on the daybed!

Mas Can Battle garden details

As with everything else, the garden was full of enchanting detail and also included a pool and plenty of seating to take in the views…

Garden view green

…which you would definitely want to do.

So there it is – Mas Can Batlle – a place that both surprised and delighted us, and also showed us that with a little (or lot of) hard work, dreams do come true. The hotel is relatively new so I’d get there soon before a design magazine finds it and catapults it to wild popularity.

Leila the dog at Mas Can Bat

P.S. They also have an awesome dog named Leila.

Thank you to Mas Can Batlle for inviting us to stay. It was an absolute pleasure.

Useful information on Garratoxa and Catalonia

To get to Santa Pau, we decided to hire a car in Barcelona. It took about an hour a half to get there, and was a pretty easy drive (saying that, we did take a few wrong turnings on the highway as the massive junctions can be confusing, but that was easily fixed). Other nearby places worth visiting are Olot and Besalu. For things to do in Barcelona, read our posts: Things to do in Barcelona and Where to eat, drink and go out in Barcelona.

21 thoughts on “Special Stays: Mas Can Batlle, La Garrotxa”

  1. This place is simply amazing! The library would also be one of our favorite rooms too.
    Leila looks adorable like the style and design they chose. Cheers for sharing!

  2. We are going to Mas Can Batlle in October. We are so excited, I can’t wait! Thank you so much for the preview. BTW, we love San Pancho too!

  3. We were very happy with your visit! Having you here and having the opportunity to share some thoughts was a pleasure. But after reading the post and watching your great pictures we are even happier. You really got the feeling of the place!

    As you said this is “a project” and we are just at the beginning so come back whenever you want to check on the improvements!

    And a really heartful and sincere thank you for taking the time to write and compose this post!

  4. You guys!! This is awesome! I am so excited about this website and a full and beautiful blog about Mas Can Batlle!!
    As is said above (by Albert I presume), you totally captured it in the pictures which I found almost impossible!! We stayed in the same suite after you (end July beginning Aug) and have to say it again:” this is the best place we have ever stayed in!” I am so privileged to have been here! Have you also been in the ice cold waterfall water? :p

    Walking around the place is pure joy, every detail is just as beautiful! The warm and friendly (and often wonderfully humorous) approach of Albert and the lovely cuisine by Cristina made this holiday PERFECT!

    BTW: a young American boy found a lost treasure in the library! 😀


  5. I can only second every single word said on this site. I am so glad you captured all these photos (because I didn’t)! We had rooms 70 and 74 and not only enjoyed the beautiful rooms and comfy beds, but also the public spaces and swimming pool. Breakfasts were simply superb with freshly baked goods and organic fruit. We’ll definitely be back one day.

    Minzi, the young American boy still tells everyone about his find in the library of Mas Can Batlle :-).



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