10 day road trip in Slovenia - Soca Valley

Slovenia Road Trip: A Perfect 10-Day Slovenia Itinerary

Slovenia was a surprise to us. We went there for a festival and ending up falling in love with this deeply underrated country. It’s a small place that packs in a lot of delights – from a lively, picture-perfect capital city to fairytale castles and magnificent nature at every turn. Add to that mountains, lakes, … Read more

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The Best European Road Trips – 21 Epic European Road Trips

There’s nothing like a road trip in Europe to make you appreciate the diversity of the continent – buy croissants and go for a walk on a French beach in the morning then sip a spritz beside an Italian lake by sunset. From mountains to coast to cute medieval villages – there’s something to suit … Read more

Things to do in Ljubljana: A Handpicked City Guide

Continuing with our “We love Slovenia” theme, here is a selection of photos from Ljubljana, a teeny weeny capital that cannot fail to enchant. It had all the quintessential ingredients of charm – cobbled streets, a medieval castle, colorful baroque architecture and a happy, relaxed vibe. We went for the Nights in Ljubljana Old Town … Read more

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10 day road trip in Slovenia - Lake Bled


Sometimes you hear about a place or see a photo of it and you know it’s calling your name. I had that with Barcelona, Berlin, the forests of Brazil, and most recently, Slovenia. It was a country I’d never considered. I’d barely heard its name until a couple of years ago when Never Ending Voyage … Read more

Nights in Ljubljana Old Town

The first time I understood the magic of a city festival was back in September 2007 on a chance visit to Aarhus in Denmark. A friend and I had picked the city from a £10 Ryan Air sale. We didn’t know where it was or what we’d do there, but by potluck we found ourselves … Read more

A tour of gourmet vegetarian Slovenia

We had two priorities for our road trip around Slovenia – beautiful nature and amazing food. The country outdid itself on both counts and this post is all about the vegetarian Slovenia. We’d heard that Slovenia was good for vegetarians, but we didn’t expect it to be quite as good as it was. It’s definitely has … Read more

10 day road trip in Slovenia - Soca Valley

Slovenia road trip: Soča Valley and Vršič Pass

In the last two posts, we’ve talked about the food and day one of our road trip in the Vipava Valley and Goriška Brda. This post covers day two when we left the wine valleys behind and entered the stunning Soča Valley, land of emerald waters and dizzying heights. We spent around three hours driving … Read more

Slovenia road trip: Vipava Valley and Goriška Brda

Our time in Slovenia was short but it seemed to stretch and what was only four days felt like much longer. I think it’s because we saw so much, but never felt rushed. The county’s compact size and quickly changing terrain means you can see a lot in a just a few days – from pretty cities … Read more

10 day road trip in Slovenia - Lake Bled

Slovenia road trip: Lake Bled

The final stop on our road trip in Slovenia was the fairytale Lake Bled. We’d been told that the nearby Lake Bohinj is a much less touristy, and some would argue better, option, but the first photo that ever captured our attention of Slovenia was one of Lake Bled, so we really wanted to visit. … Read more