Lower McCloud Falls

32 epic bucket list family vacation ideas

We love all sorts of family travel – from annual holidays in classic seaside towns to epic bucket list trips that broaden everyone’s horizons. For this post, we’re focussing on the latter. We asked expert family travel bloggers to help us put together an ultimate round-up of bucket list family vacation ideas. From African safaris … Read more

Alaya at Sol y Luna Coroico

A year on the road in photos…

It’s 365 days since we stepped out of our empty London home onto the early morning streets of Peckham and made our way to Rio. Twelve months and twelve countries later, we’re in Mexico with no intention of stopping our travels. It’s been an epic year and, short of reading the blog in its entirety, … Read more

Alaya, Sol y Luna, Coroico, Bolivia

Top 15 South America highlights: our year in pictures

This time last year, our journey was still a dream. I had another couple of months at work, we needed to find tenants for our house and the number 2012 was still synonymous with the Olympics. Now, twelve months later, that number has come to symbolize the year the dream came true. Choosing to travel … Read more

Review: Bauhouse Hostel and Bar, Cuenca

Details Bauhouse Hostel and Bar, Benigno Malo10-31, Cuenca, Ecuador Price $10 for a dorm and $32 for a double. In a nutshell Sleekly designed hipster party hostel and bar for the nocturnal. We loved it the first two nights, but hated it the day we left after being kept awake until the early hours by a party. … Read more

Vilcabamba view from Izhcayluma

Welcome to Vilcabamba, land of conspiracy theorists…

“There’s a lot of that going round – loads of panic attacks,” said the long-haired, wiry Californian. His wild-eyed companion peered around nervously before speculating: “They must be interfering again.” I wondered who the ‘they’ were that they referred to – a mysterious force causing endemic panic attacks. It sounded like something out of a … Read more

Barcelona with a baby- Hotel Barcelona Catedral

Time for a digital detox…

Travelling in the olden days, by which I mean 10 years ago, used to mean guaranteed internet-free periods. You’d have to seek out a fluorescent-lit hole filled with god-forsaken PCs struggling along on Windows 98. Nowadays, a laptop is almost as common as Imodium on every traveller’s packing list. A hostel without wi-fi is like … Read more

Steve and the view at Izhcayluma

Review: Izhcayluma Hosteria and Spa, Vilcabamba

Details Izhcayluma Hosteria and Spa, Vilcabamba, Ecuador Price  $10 for a dorm; $25-45 for a double In a nutshell… In their spot-on words “the luxury of a resort priced for backpackers”. It’s an affordable spa hotel that doesn’t cut corners on style or quality – and the views are incredible. It’s one of our favourite … Read more