Best travel bloggers to follow on Instagram

Last updated on January 11, 2024

The best travel bloggers on Instagram

I’m pretty late to the party, but over the past year I’ve fallen head over heels for Instagram. I was slow to embrace it as I couldn’t quite face the idea of yet another social network, but this one has become my favourite (closely followed by Pinterest). I mostly follow travellers so my feed is a beautiful stream of inspiring photos from around the world (interspersed with teacup pigs and pretty plates).

Beyond the big travel sites, such as Lonely Planet, National Geographic and Matador, it can be hard to know where to start – so this is a round-up of who I consider to be the best travel bloggers to follow on Instagram. Some are professional photographers, others are more organic – I like to follow a mix. Please leave any of your own recommendations in the comments. It’s always great to find new people to follow.

And if you’re an aspiring blogger, see this guide to the best cameras for bloggers.

The best travel bloggers on Instagram

Kirsten Alana | Aviators and a Camera | @kirstenalana

Best Travel Bloggers on Instagram | Kirsten Alana

Kirsten is my number one favourite blogger on Instagram. She’s a professional photographer based in New York who also travels a lot and blogs at Aviators and a Camera. Her stylish photos are evocative of an enviable lifestyle that inspires endless wanderlust.

Liz Carlson | Young Adventuress | @youngadventuress

Best Travel Bloggers on Instagram | Young Adventuress

If you’re not sure about going to New Zealand then following Liz will put it high on your wish list. She’s been living there for the past couple of years and has quickly become the queen of New Zealand instagrammers. Her colourful photos showcase her adventures around the country, as well as her trips elsewhere in the world. (Side note: Liz is also the first person I ever took a photo of on the Bridges and Balloons Instagram feed!)

Brooke Saward | World of Wanderlust | @worldwanderlust

Best Travel Bloggers on Instagram | World of Wanderlust

Sometimes I wander if Brooke is some sort of super human. She travels an astonishing amount, always looks immaculate, and has had a huge amount of success in a pretty small amount of time. Brooke has more than 140k followers on Instagram and her photos are always gorgeous. She mostly travels alone, tends towards a luxury style of travel, and is brilliant at what she does.

Brenna | This Battered Suitcase | @thisbatteredsuitcase

Best Travel Bloggers on Instagram | This Battered Suitcase

Canadian Brenna has great style and her Instagram feed reflects that. She’s based in London at the moment and I love seeing her perspective of my home city. Brenna also fits in a lot of trips abroad and always manages to find the most colourful elements of wherever she goes. I’m also a big fan of Brenna’s writing on her blog, This Battered Suitcase.

Candace Rose Rardon | The Great Affair | @candacerardon

Best Travel Bloggers on Instagram | Candace Rose Rardon

If you haven’t already seen some of Candace’s gorgeous travel sketches, I suggest you look at them now. Her blog is filled with beautifully crafted words and photos from a girl who clearly loves to explore the world, and her Instagram is the same. There’s something wonderfully honest and down to earth about everything Candace produces, which makes me a massive fan.

Daniel Noll | Uncornered Market | @uncornered_market

Best Travel Bloggers on Instagram | Uncornered market

The Uncornered Market blog has always been full of great photos from around the world and their Instagram feed is no different. Dan and Audrey have been travelling for more than seven years and tend to focus on less well-trodden destinations such as Ethiopia, Haiti and Rwanda. Their blog is filled with culturally insightful posts and their Instagram feed reflects that.

Katja Presnal | Skimbaco Lifestyle | @skimbaco

Best Travel Bloggers on Instagram | Skimbaco

Katja is the founder of the online travel-lifestyle magazine, Skimbaco, which is all about living a smart, stylish and sustainably happy lifestyle. She also founded #igtravelthursday, which showcases great travel photography every Thursday. Finnish-born Katja has been travelling for more than 17 years and her three children were all born in different countries!

Ivana and Gianni | Nomad is Beautiful | @nomadisbeautiful

Best Travel Bloggers on Instagram | Nomad is Beautiful

Ivana and Gianni are a digital nomad couple from Slovakia and Italy who are in search of places where you can “replenish your spirit, take good care of your body, and eat and drink decent, healthy, local food and beverages.” Their Instgram feed is full of brightly coloured photos from their travels, mostly in South-East Asia.

Adeline | Voyages etc | @voyagesetc

Voayages etc

Adeline has an eye for the whimsical and her Instagram feed is full of lovely muted tones and pretty details. She’s based in Paris but travels often. Her blog is also filled with great photos (sadly I don’t speak French so I can’t read it).

Inma and Jose | A world to travel | @aworldtotravel

Best Travel Bloggers on Instagram | A World to Travel

Inma and Jose are both talented photographers who travel far and often. I met Inma in Finland and saw firsthand how passionate she is about photos and travel. It’s obvious from the A World to Travel Instagram feed which is an endless source of wanderlust.

Daniel Nahabedian | Canvas of Light | @canvasoflight

Best Travel Bloggers on Instagram | Canvas of Light

Daniel is a professional travel photographer who also teaches on the subject. His Instagram feed is a great showcase of his work and you can read his blog for lots of useful photography tips.

Nella | Kaukokaipuu Matkablogi | @nellahelsinki

Best Travel Bloggers on Instagram | Nella Helsinki

Nella is a Finnish blogger who takes gorgeous photos of her homeland. I love her dreamy, somewhat hipster style. Nella is also a talented artist and her feed often includes photos of her work.

Julie Falconer | A lady in London | @aladyinlondon

Best Travel Bloggers on Instagram | A Lady in London

Julie is a expat Californian who has been living in London for the past eight years. She’s also an avid traveller and has been to more than 100 countries. Julie is the BBC’s chosen localite Instagrammmer for London and her feed is filled with lots of beautiful photos of the capital, as well as tips to go with them.

Victoria and Steve | Bridges and Balloons | @bridgesballoons

Best Travel Bloggers on Instagram | Bridges and Balloons

Ha! I know it’s cheeky to include our own Instagram feed but there’s no room for false modesty here! I love posting to Instagram as much as I do looking at it. The photos are taken by both Steve and me and it’s one of the key ways we blog about our travels and our life in London. We also include lots of tips, including special restaurants, cafes, bars and other finds from along our way.

Hope you like all these as much as I do! Remember to let us know your recommendations in the comments.

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  1. Great selection.
    I already follow some of them, but got to know other interesting profiles!

    Thanks for putting this together 🙂
    From @bruno_mb

  2. Wow, what a lovely surprise! Thanks a lot for the mention, Victoria. We’re truly happy to be in such a great company of fellow travel bloggers!

  3. I’m *extremely* late to the Instagram party, but I’m so glad I finally jumped on the bandwagon – there are some truly amazing photographers on there. Thanks for sharing these – I’ll be checking them out and adding dozens of places to the travel wishlist within minutes, no doubt!

  4. I was also very late to discover Instagram, but totally grew to love it as a place to connect with like minded people. Cheers Dorothée

  5. You are so kind to include me in this list with some of my personal favorites. Thank you!!

    And you should check out @Landlopers and @JustTravelous on Instagram as well.

  6. Cool list of some really impressive instagram …It always is a pleasure to discover such gems ……

  7. I just love Instagram. You get glimpses of daily life from all over the world. My favourite travel account to follow is @dawnjorgensen who blogs at The Incidental Tourist. Follow her for her adventures in South Africa, Africa and beyond.

  8. If you’re digging’ these people, you’ll definitely love The Blonde Abroad, Alex in Wonderland, and Adventurous Kate!

    • Oh yes, there is a female majority. I hadn’t realised that! I guess it just goes to show that girls really are better than boys! 😉

      However, there is more than one man on the list. Uncornered Market’s photos are taken by Dan, José is the chief photographer for A World to Travel, and Gianni takes the photos for Nomad is Beautiful.

      4/13 – the men are doing okay.

  9. I found a couple of new people to follow here! I haven’t heard of Nella Helsinki before or Canvas of Light. Looking forward to getting to look through their feeds. Thanks!

  10. Thank you so much for sharing – I found some great inspiratational feeds! While I have a website for nearly 20 years, I am pretty new to instagram, so always keen to learn:-) If I may recommend me photos:

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