Longtail boats, Had Thien

The Sanctuary Thailand: A yoga holiday on Koh Phangan

The first time I went to The Sanctuary ten years ago, I felt a little like I was cheating. It wasn’t something backpackers my age did. They stayed in the most basic places they could find and ate the cheapest food. Choosing The Sanctuary was splashing out. It was a choice in ease, convenience and … Read more

Savasana at yoga teacher training

What is a yoga teacher training course really like?

Before I started my yoga teacher training course, I really didn’t know what to expect. I’d read the syllabus, the schedule and the description, but there were plenty of gaps that couldn’t be filled. What would my fellow students be like? Why would they be doing the course? Would I be the least proficient? How … Read more

Sea and Forest yoga mat, Trindade

I’m doing a yoga teacher training course – but why?

My heels hover above the ground in downward dog, I wobble in tree and tortoise looks like a distant dream, yet in a few days time I start a month-long yoga teacher training course. This might sound akin to someone rubbish at gymnastics becoming a gym coach, but there are a few differences. Firstly, I’m … Read more