Panda in Beco do Batman, Sao Paulo

Writing on the wall: street art and graffiti in Sao Paulo

The walls in Brazil are completely alive with street art. From the winding murals of Santa Teresa in Rio, to the hyper-glyphs and psychedelic pandas of Sao Paulo’s backstreets, you can sometimes hardly turn a corner without seeing a piece of finely crafted visual madness. The current mayor of Sao Paulo banned advertising above a … Read more

Panda in Beco do Batman, Sao Paulo

What to do in São Paulo the concrete forest

The trip to São Paulo started and ended in tears. The first for the jungle and the latter for the new friends we will miss. It’s a concrete forest of a city – a sprawl of never-ending skyscrapers and dense traffic – but within that madness, a medley of fascinating culture abounds, including some of … Read more

Purple trees dot the green

Saudade for the forest

The last post I wrote was a little melancholic (as an aside, I’m feeling much more up-beat now and very much looking forward to spending six weeks in Buenos Aires). One of the factors I didn’t mention that contributed to that mindset was the journey to Sao Paulo. It was an 8-hour trip from Paraty … Read more