5-day Iceland itinerary - Gullfoss

Iceland packing list for women

After many years of travelling, I tend to pack without too much thought, but when it came to packing for Iceland, I found it somewhat daunting. I’m not used to travelling to really cold places and I also knew that the weather there is famed for being erratic. But I did my research and ended up … Read more

Eguisheim, France – Real-life fairytale village

How to choose a backpack

How to choose a backpack? Finding the right backpack is a challenge. If, like us, you’re going to be travelling with it for years, it needs to be comfortable. You’ll be thankful for it as you traipse around looking for accommodation in the pouring rain, or you trek up mountains. Other things you need to … Read more

How to pack a backpack for all seasons: our packing list

From all this to a backpack?
From all this to a backpack?

What to pack for our trip was a questions that puzzled me for weeks. It’s tricky enough when you’re going away for a couple of weeks, let alone when you have no fixed time and your journey is likely to traverse all seasons from -30 to 40 degrees. On top of that, I was really keen to keep my backpack light and ideally be able to take it on buses with me or even as hand luggage on flights. I searched everywhere for tips on how to pack a backpack.

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