Victoria on thin ice in Finland

Walking on ice

“Never lick the metal” There are things you mustn’t do at -12 degrees. But the things that surprised me are the things you can. You can swim in the sea without your heart stopping. You can walk on an ice rink wearing no more than plastic bags to stop you slipping. And you can skate … Read more

Bridge to Kimitoon

Kimitoön Archipelago: a photo story

We were enchanted from the moment we stepped onto Finland, the snow tickling a childlike glee. Helsinki was enough to delight us, but it was our trip down to the Kimitoön archipelago that really revealed Finland’s magnificent nature. Here’s a photo journey through our visit. We woke up to a dark morning at 8am in … Read more

river at forest village finland

The Texture of Finland

Looking back through our photos of Finland, I’m struck by the texture of the images.It’s a cliché to say that no two snowflakes are the same, or to talk of winter wonderlands, but the reasons behind those tropes come alive in these photos. It’s a mesmerizing sight to see the shape of each individual fleck … Read more