Ilha Grande: paradise island

Stunning, amazing, beautiful and breathtaking are all words you’ll hear people use to describe Ilha Grande. It’s a paradise island, dense with Mata Atlantica rainforest and surrounded by incredible beaches and clear lagoons. There are places to surf or snorkel, and with so many beaches, it’s not hard to find a spot for yourself. Most … Read more

The best vegetarian food in Rio de Janeiro

Everyone told us Brazil was terrible for vegetarians and, on the whole, they’re not wrong. Expect to see a lot of cheese, bread and deep fried everything. However, there are a number of saving graces, such as per-kilo restaurants, excellent fruit and palmito. We were also delighted to find some excellent vegetarian options in Rio. … Read more

Five of the best things to do in Rio de Janeiro

There’s only one word to describe Rio and that is mega. A mega Jesus, mega landscape, mega juices, mega nightlife. In Portuguese, there’s a word, saudade, which describes a sense of longing for something in the past, and that’s how Steve and I feel about Rio now. We were only there for two weeks but … Read more