When hunger strikes: cheap vegetarian fast food in Palermo, Buenos Aires

Finding vegetarian food in Palermo is easy, but finding a cheap vegetarian snack is quite a bit harder. I spent a few evenings not wanting to cook at home nor fork out for a full meal, walking the streets and struggling to find an option. Hopefully this list will help you if you find yourself in a similar situation. This is my run-down of the best vegetarian fast food in Buenos Aires.

1. Virtudes de la Tierra

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In a city with high grocery prices as well as high restaurant costs, Virtudes de la Tierra was my saviour. It’s a pay-per-kilo restaurant with a huge selection of dishes. As well as the usual buffet staples – salad, noodles, tofu and rice – there are also tarts, burgers, grilled vegetables with cheese, and raviolis. I was consistently pleasantly surprised by the quality and selection. Best of all, I could eat a big lunch for less than 10 pesos – amazing! There are buffets like this all over Argentina but they vary by taste and selection. This was one of the better ones.

2. The Green Monster (now closed)

Green Monster take away boxDuring our last week in Buenos Aires, we discovered Buenos Aires Delivery, a site like Hungry House in the UK that lists local delivery options. We had pans to get pizza but were intrigued by the ‘natural’ tab and then astonished to find a vegetarian burger specialist called The Green Monster. The delivery-only  venture includes more than 10  types of veggie burger, as well as side orders and salads. Unfortunately the burgers weren’t quite as tasty as we had hoped but they were good and we’d certainly have gone back had we discovered it earlier.

3. Pekin bar de pizzas y empanadas

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There’s no shortage of empanadas in Buenos Aires but most are filled with meat. This restaurant/bar on a Palermo Soho corner serves a menu with a good selection of vegetarian options. Our favourites were the roquefort, cheese and onion and caprice. You can get take-aways but it’s also a good place to sit outside, with lots of outdoor heaters.

4. Kentucky pizza

Fitz Roy y Costa Rica

Kentcuky Pizza

Despite not being huge fans of thick crust pizza, we did occasionally enjoy a slice from Kentucky, a chain of good-value Buenos Aires pizza restaurants. Most of the pizzas hide meat underneath but there’s a simple margarita, as well as a spinach and soft cheese option, which are definitely meat-free. The faina, which is a type of potato bread traditionally served with pizza in Buenos Aires, is also good. It’s fantastic value at about 8 pesos for a big slice of pizza, and regular meal deals that make it even cheaper.

5. La Fábrica del Taco

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A meal in La Fabrica del Taco isn’t particularly cheap but a snack of tacos is. There’s just one vegg option but it’s very tasty and is a welcome injection of spice (Argentines tend to avoid anything at all picante). The tacos comes with three little pots of varying strength salsa. They also offer delivery.

That’s all for now. Do you have any other suggestions?

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