Time for a holiday!

Steve and I chatting on beach

When I tell people we’re off on holiday, it generally raises an eyebrow. “Aren’t you always on holiday?” they say. It can certainly look like that, I know. But on nearly all our travels for the past few years, we have had our computers and workloads in tow. Wi-fi has always been a must. I’ve had a few breaks for my yoga teacher training and when I went to Thailand and Singapore this year, but Steve has barely stopped at all. And for the past four months he’s been working almost every waking hour as he rushed to finish Planetary, a film he’s been working on full-time for the past three years. Finally the end is in sight. The edit is done and it’s time for the finishing touches. Luckily these don’t require Steve’s presence, so before it all kicks off again for the release next year, we’ve decided to take a break. A break with no laptops, no deadlines, no promotional trips, no need for wifi – nothing to do with work.

As you can imagine, deciding where to go on such a trip was a pretty tricky choice. Places we had intended to go while in South and Central America, but had never quite reached were tempting – places like Colombia, Guatemala, San Cristobel de las Casas and North Brazil. A huge part of us wanted to return to San Pancho. Another part had its sights set on Japan, New Zealand or South Africa. And then there was Nepal, Laos and India. Cost and seasonal constraints eventually narrowed it down to three: Guatemala, Mexico or India. We spent a morning in Stanfords, a bookshop dedicated to travel, and pored over the travel guides seeing what pulled us most.

Where we’re going to next

Eventually the answer was clear. While Steve had been there before, I hadn’t and it’s a country that has called my name for years. I’m not a big believer in “must dos” and “must-sees”, but for me this is one of those things. It’s a place I long to visit and on that Steve longs to share with me, so finally the time has come.

We are going to India!

More precisely, we are going to Kerala and Goa. When we started to think about things we wanted from our trip, the clearest thing was relaxation. We’re not looking for a whirlwind tour of the sites or for arduous journeys to far-off places. We want a vacation rather than a backpacking trip – a time to re-coup while enjoying the nature and culture around us. Kerala and Goa seem to offer just that. They are compact enough for the journeys to be short, there is miles of gorgeous coastline, wonderful food, yoga, Ayurveda, jungle, tea plantations, houseboats and a reputation as one of India’s most relaxing destinations. It sounds like our dream.

So we leave on the 2 December, just five days from now. We fly to Mumbai where we’ll spend a few days before getting a flight down to the south. From there we’ll work our way up the coast to Goa. We’re away for four weeks in total.

It hasn’t sunk in just yet. The past few weeks have been a dizzying mix of deadlines, moving home, vaccinations, visas, parties and other preparations for our trip. I guess we’ll feel it when we finally touch down, our laptops far behind us and a month of holiday time stretched in front. It’s sounds just like a dream.

21 thoughts on “Time for a holiday!”

  1. Sounds like Steve definitely deserves the break…but you’re really not taking any computers at all? Not even to be able to look up train times or restaurant recommendations? Wow. Also, you know, I used to work in Stanfords!

    • Ah, I should clarify that! We will have our iPads to read on so we can use them to check emails from time to time. The emphasis is on not doing any work!

  2. So exciting! India is at the top of my “must visit” place as well, not because I feel I should visit but because something is telling me, deep down, that I must visit it. I definitely understand that conflict between seeking out new destinations versus returning to ones you already know and love deeply, but hopefully this example of the former will soon turn into the latter!

    Enjoy your holiday. No matter what anyone else says, you definitely deserve it!

  3. OMG I soo envy you! My trip to Goa startedt exactly 1 year ago. It was by far the most amazing experience ever. Enjoy your holidays and wobble on.. 😉

  4. Kerala is the perfect place to relax! I adored Fort Cochin with its sleepy fishing town vibe. When going to Alleppey for a tour of the backwaters, I highly recommend taking a canoe ride- even if you also rent a houseboat. Canoes can navigate through the smaller canals which is where the real beauty is. It’s amazingly peaceful. This is not for self-promotional purposes at all, but if you want a taste, here’s my post on Kerala

  5. We’ve just returned home after a month and a half in India and we loved it, though we didn’t have the time to hit up Goa and Kerala (I SO wanted to do a houseboat on the backwaters…sigh – I guess that’ll be for next time). Have fun and soak it up!

  6. So, you are coming to India! Well, I’d say welcome. 🙂 I’m sure you will have a fabulous time, and we might bump into each other, as I will be in Goa in December. And Kerala is a paradise!

  7. Sounds nice. I haven’t been to Kerala or Southern India at all but it’s for sure on my list. If you have spare time, consider Andaman islands. Highly recommend those paradise islands, especially Neil Island and Long Island. Enjoy! 🙂

  8. HI there!
    You said on Instagram that you really enjoyed the places you stayed in Kerala, especially the homestay.. Would you be able to tell me where/ which places you stayed at in Kerala.. Planning a trip next christmas..

    • Hello! Sorry for the slow reply. We just got back. The homestay we stayed in was called Green Palms. You can see it here: https://greenpalmhomes.com/

      I’ll also be posting plenty more info on Kerala and Goa over the next few months. Hopefully that will help. We had a great time and I’m sure you will too!

  9. Hi there! Am planing a trip to Kerala/Goa next Xmas and would like some advice please. Seems like you had an amAzing time there and so was wondering wht you did and where you stayed? Especially the homestay before going on the backwaters? Thanks a lot !


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