Butter Mandalas and flowers with nine lives

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Smiling flower

It was disorientating enough, arriving back in England after 14 months away – and matters were intensified by the fact it felt more like November than Spring. The trees were bare and the air had a frosty bite. One week later, and it looks like things are brightening with buds on trees and sun in the sky. I’ve even ventured out of my duffle coat. But that’s enough of the weather report (I am after all English), and after that little interlude, what better excuse for a reminiscing display of San Pancho’s finest flowers. Now that place knows how to do Spring!

We’re not sure of their names so we’ve taken the liberty of assigning our own, including the splendid Peekaboo Player above.

Red tree flower

Milky Fire-Blossoms begin to bloom on Calle Chile

Decaying flower

 The crispy crown of a wayward Purple Inkfish

Franjipan 2

Succulent jazz-blossoms in a silky glow

Hyper orange rose

The crumpled face of Jeronimo, a blushing pug-rose


Symbols of enlightenment shooting like slow fireworks from the filth of a local pond

Ornage trumpets

A superb bunch of sensuous War Trumpets herald something occurring somewhere…

Peach rose

The pink tissue paper of a Sunset Cabbage Flower in the early evening

Pink roses

 The Flower With Nine Lives has very few dreams

Purple pom pom flower

 Jimmy Thistles (known for their outrageous morning musk)

Yellow rose

 Butter mandalas, the demi-queens of the garden

Yellow wreath flower

 Peering into the fractal face of the Humming Drop

Purple flower

 Geoffrey Chaucer’s Elbow stands guard over his lair

Red and yellow flower

A delicate Infinite Gorilla

Purple flower

And lastly, the reckless Bungee Ballerina.

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6 thoughts on “Butter Mandalas and flowers with nine lives”

  1. Beautiful photos! I too arrived back in the UK recently and after 7 months travelling it feels like I’ve come down to earth with a thud. Are you off on another adventure soon or are you basing yourself in the UK for a while?

    • Tnanks Jennifer! we’re here for about six weeks (with a couple of weeks in Italy/Spain) and then off to Bali! I think it we were here long term, it would ave felt like more of a thud, but actually it’s been quite lovely, if not a little disorientating.

  2. Wow, these photos are all so beautiful – and your names for the flowers brought a smile to my face – I just love the Bungee Ballerina! I hope you are enjoying being back home for a while – we’re going back for three weeks in September. I am already craving a pub roast and a pint of Guinness!

    • Thank you! We enjoyed making them up 🙂 Being home has been wonderful in many ways but we’re also pretty keen to get going again. It’s very disorientating!

  3. Such beautiful colours. Scotland is lacking any colour except yellow at the moment, the Daffodils and Gorse are in full bloom. But I think I may have spotted a red Tulip in the garden this morning. Hooray!


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